Saturday, April 9, 2016

#99cent sale! Fascinated by Leigh Taylor


Vanessa Warren is a quiet, IT professional working for a prestigious sports management group. After experiencing a humiliating breakup with her long-time boyfriend, she begins a journey of self-discovery. When the opportunity arises for her to go on an all-expense paid cruise to paradise, she is hesitate. After all, she doesn’t quite fit in with a ship full of beautiful women, professional athletes and their fast-talking sports agents, including Vincent Iolani. 

Vincent Iolani is a former professional defensive tackle, now a successful sports agent. Smart, handsome and charming, he had never paid attention to the nerdy girl in IT, only that that she was the foster sister of his friend and colleague. But Vanessa is full of surprises. It turns out that the timid Vanessa is a beautiful and fascinating woman. Suddenly, Vincent is determined to learn all there is about Vanessa and whiling breaking down her inhibitions in the process.
99-cent sale through April 15th!

About Leigh Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor writes under the pseudonym Leigh Taylor. She started reading historical romance when she was a teenager after raiding her mother's bookshelf. Over the years, she expanded her reading to other subgenres of the romance novel like contemporary, fantasy, science fiction and, most recently, erotica. Almost thirty years later after picking up her first romance, she took both her husband and best friend's advice and wrote her first novella, Fascinated. The tittle of her first book is in honor of her own fascination with the romance genre and the creative ideas of her favorite romance novelists.

A former active duty United States Marine, Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Master of Science in Project Management. When she is not jotting down her ideas and creating outlines for future projects, Leigh is a wife, mother of four kids and full-time database project manager for a global information and measurement company.

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