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Brothers (Brotherhood of Souls I) by KC Falls

Brothers (Brotherhood of Souls)

Brothers. Souls. Boys. Men.

Two families meet and collide in the heat of Carolina Low Country in this steamy beginning to the Brotherhood of Souls Series. This free book introduces you to their world.

Beauville is a town that's late to the 21st century. The Covingtons don't color out of the lines. The Souls don't have any lines.

Darren and his brothers are fixtures in the lives of Sarah Covington. From the day he rode up her driveway when she was just a girl to the horrible day he left her at eighteen, Darren's marks on Sarah's life fill her coming of age with passion, desire and the frustration that comes from wanting someone you cannot have.

The quartet of wild boys each have their own set of devils to conquer. In Brothers, you are introduced to the world of the Souls and the girls who will be tangled up in the saga of rebellion and adventure as their lives unfold.

Meant for adult readers, this steamy coming of age novel is five flames in heat and raw language.

The Brotherhood of Souls Series:

This series is composed of five interconnected stand-alone novels that tell the stories of Grayson, Wyatt, Darren and Noah Soul as well as their cousins Harlen and Holly . Brothers is the introduction to their world. Darren and Grayson and Wyatt are available now, and Noah released January 20! Holly and Harlan are coming soon.

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Read an excerpt:

"You hear anything about Darren Soul these days?" I asked as casually as I could.
"He touches base with me once in a while. And of course, Jasper and Becky brag on him every time we run into one another."
"What do they brag about?"
"Apparently he's doing phenomenally in school. He's something of a mathematical genius."
I laughed out loud. "Darren is a mathematical genius? I think Noah said he was good at figures or something of the sort, but I just chalked that up to brotherly bragging."
"Good at figures is an understatement. He's on a fast track to complete his degree. The government is already using him as a consultant."
"What kind of consultant?" I was intrigued that Darren had a side I never knew existed. It added a layer of complexity to him that I found, predictably, only added to my fascination with him.
"I'm not real sure. I don't think Jasper and Becky are either. Maybe it's all hush-hush."
"Maybe he's a spy." I said.
"Maybe," agreed Daddy with a chuckle. "You aren't still taken with that kid, are you?"
"Daddy, I was never 'taken' with him."
This time my father snorted loud enough to stir Sophie in the back seat. "Sweetheart, I used to wonder why in the world a kid like you would pine and get all moony over a grease monkey in our garage."
"How can you say that? I dated Lonnie Baumgardner all the time!"
"But you didn't shed one tear over him or gossip on the phone about him or worry that he wouldn't call, now did you?"
"Well, no."
"Your Momma and I aren't blind, you know. It's okay. Maybe your instincts were telling you that Darren Soul would turn out to be a diamond in the rough."
A diamond in the rough, indeed. Nice of him—or anybody—to fill me in on what he'd been doing in the two years between a kiss in the barn to a roll in the hay. I can't say it would have made much difference one way or the other but it would have been nice to know.
The approach to Chapel Hill was stunning and I was happy to be back at school. Daddy dropped us off in front of our dorm and turned around to go straight home. I knew he'd stop and pick up our favorite BBQ on the return trip and make Momma happy.
He was a sweet man like that. He was considerate of his wife, appreciated all that she did for him and still found her beautiful. I would bet my last nickel that my father was always faithful to my mother. I know he told her loved her every day and more than once.
As I watched him drive away, I wondered if there was a man like Daddy out there for me. Not a man without faults. Daddy had a few and I'd rather my man have a different set of them, that much I will admit. Daddy could be pompous and stubborn and had that lawyerly tendency to lecture.
Lonnie had taught me a little bit about what I didn't want. I didn't want a frat boy. Lonnie tended to be needy about things I wasn't willing to give. And I don't just mean physical stuff. Lonnie needed a lot more ego stroking and reassurance than I could provide. He stuck with me (more or less) because I looked good with him and had the right pedigree, not because I fulfilled his wildest dreams.
And therein was the crux of my problems.
Somewhere in South Carolina, there was a dark haired man, possibly some sort of genius, who insulted me ruthlessly on our last encounter, took my virginity and disappeared. My wildest dreams wore his face.

About K.C. Falls

The 'C' in my name stands for Cheyenne. Although you wouldn't know it by looking at me, I have a great grandparent who was a member of that Native American Tribe. Her people once lived in the very southeastern corner of Montana where I now make my home. I didn't always live in such a wide open space, though. I grew up in New York City. Much as I love the city and admire what it takes to live there, I met a kindred spirit at Columbia University and together, we found a way to take our lives from the Big Apple to the Big Sky. We haven't regretted a moment.

We've got a smallish ranch where we raise cattle and keep a menagerie of other animals, too. Once or twice a year, we hire a 'ranch sitter' and take an urban vacation somewhere hitting all the restaurants, plays, museums and musical performances we can squeeze in. Then it's back to the wide open.

A writer finds creativity flourishes in solitude. My fantasy world is full of characters and stories lined up and waiting for me to bring them to life. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

K.C. Falls is a native of New York who traded the Big Apple for Big Sky country. Her Montana ranch is home to a menagerie of animals including one human male she shamelessly uses for inspiration. Her tales are sharp-edged stories with strong sexy heroes and the women they can't resist.

K.C. finds time to feed the chickens, study Native Americana (she's part Cheyenne--that's what the 'C' stands for) and cook incredible food because there isn't a restaurant around for many miles. She writes in between bites.

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