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He Gives Me Fever by India T. Norfleet

He Gives Me Fever

Lillian Michaels hasn't been in a serious relationship since her Michigan State days six years ago, and all the meaningless encounters since have only encouraged her to keep her single status as well as a fully-stocked supply of Duracell batteries. But all that changes when she meets Officer Collin Wright. She quickly finds out that he is the only man that can quench her thirst and give her fever like nobody's business. For a while, that's all Lillian cares about until she falls hard for him and finds herself having to choose between her hatred for the badge he wears to protect and serve and true love...

After receiving a Dear John letter from his now ex-wife, Officer Collin Wright doesn't want anything to do with another woman unless it’s to talk about how quickly she can undress, please him, and then disappear. But when he meets Lillian Michaels, he quickly discovers that he could have a million one night stands with Lillian and still never get enough of the woman she is. So he sets out to make sure that after all the cat and mouse is done, Lillian not only ends up naked in his bed, but also fully clothed in his heart...

Read an excerpt:

In the thunder and rain, you stare into my eyes I can feel your hand, movin’ up my thighs Skirt around my waist, wall against my face I can feel your lips…”
Janet Jackson seductively flowed through Lillian's room from her Bose speaker system atop her cherry oak armoire. She sat at the bottom of her king-sized bed, lotioning her body and watching the heavy rain fall from the open doors of her balcony.
There was just something about the rain and a slow jam from the nineties that relaxed her body and really put her in the mood. She welcomed the relaxing state, but she despised the thirsty way her body begged to be caressed and kissed, especially when she didn't have a man to quench that thirst.

After recapping the almost empty bottle of Jergens shea butter lotion, Lillian sighed, lit her Gifts from a Virgo sugar-scented candles that sat on either side of her radio, and went to close her balcony doors. Suddenly, she felt the presence of someone standing behind her. Slowly, she turned around and saw a 6’5” tall man with a goatee and a chiseled body. He had a smile so bright and sexy that panties dissolved in his presence.

He stood leaning just inside of her bedroom door with his arms crossed over his massive chest and one muscular leg propped in front of the other. Lillian stood there wondering if he could tell that she had no panties on under her hot pink baby doll nightie instead of wondering how this man got into her home in the first place.

“Hello, beautiful.”
“You're looking exceptionally sexy tonight.”
“Thank you.”
“Do your panties match your nightgown?”
“No, not today.”
“Oh, okay. Well, what color are they?”
“I'm not wearing any?”
“Oh.” He shifted his stance to hide the growing bulge in his in his boxer shorts. “Show me.” Lillian slowly slid up her nightie, just enough for her second set of lips began to peek through, then quickly let the dress fall back into place.

“So you're going to play with my emotions, huh?” he asked as he pushed off the door frame. He walked over to the recliner that sat by the door and took a seat.

“Excuse me? I'm not playing with anything.”
“You could be, and so could I. Come here.”
Unknowingly, Lillian stayed on the same beat as the music as she crossed her room to the man who had just materialized into her home.
“Stop. That’s good right there.” Lillian stopped just a few feet away from where he sat.
“Now, take that thing off… slowly.” Lillian did as she was told.

It didn't take long at all for her to slip the straps from her shoulders and shimmy out of the thin satin material. She now stood before him completely nude. Standing, he walked over to Lillian and gently caressed her nipples with his strong, rough hands while placing kisses down her neck and across her collarbone.

“Damn, woman, you smell so good.” “I know.”
“Do you taste as good as you smell?”
“You tell me.”
“You’re right. Come sit on my face and let me see for myself.”

Lillian jerked awake in her king-sized bed. Quickly, she looked around her room then tossed back her covers to see if she was nude.

“Damn, it was just a dream. Lillian, it was just a dream, girl,” she said as she fell back into her pillow and exhaled. “What in the hell was that about? And what was Officer Wright doing in my dream, telling me to sit on his face?”

About India T. Norfleet

Detroit Born and raised India Tasheena Norfleet became an avid reader at a young age and eventually was never seen without a book. While India begin reading a wide array of books of many different genres, it was during the late nineties that India was introduced to African American fiction and fell completely in love with stories from the African American perspective. Romance very quickly became her favorite genre. By the time she entered high school, India had no other dream bigger than becoming a bestselling romance author and poet.

As years progressed to adulthood, dreams of becoming a writer fell by the wayside as doubt consumed her and the real world set in, but writing romance never left her heart. Family and friends, as well as some of her favorite authors continued to encourage her to never give up on something she was so passionate about. So in the summer of 2010, India finally sat down to pen what would become her first novel, Playing For Keeps. India has fourteen books to date (romance & erotica) and is currently signed to Danielle Marcus Presents! India lives in suburban Michigan and is hard at work on her next novel!



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Twitter: @Msinnocentndya

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