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Review of 'Just Desserts (A Perfect Dish Duo Novel)' by Tawdra Kandle



When her friend Julia needed help forming a revenge plan against her ex-boyfriend, Ava was happy to lend a hand. She never expected that in the course of making Liam pay, she'd be the one to fall hard. . .for the one person who was absolutely off-limits. Crushing on the guy who humiliated her best friend is definitely against the girl code.

Besides, Ava has goals. Her life is all about graduating with honors and landing the perfect job. And Liam Bailey—sweet-talking, complicated son of a well-known local politician—isn't part of those plans.

But Liam doesn't give up easily. And he doesn't intend to let their friends' opinions, his parents' disapproval or Ava's past get in the way of what he wants--Ava's heart.

**My thoughts**

I went through a gamut of emotions toward the characters while reading this book. I found the situation to be somewhat familiar, as I remember dealing with such men and craziness in the good ole college days. That bad boy who broke your best friend's heart, yet was so appealing to you...

I didn't like Liam for a long time. He did Julia wrong in the first book, 'Best Served Cold.' All of the stories about him being a player made me wary of him. Again, I have seen men like this before. Plus, his persistence, while some may find endearing, could also be annoying. I think he knows what he is doing, but his past makes it seem more trustworthy. Eventually, though, I did come around to him.

I really liked Ava. She is strong and determined. Her back and forth regarding her feelings for Liam made me want to scream. In the book world, it is so much easier to quickly make up your mind. But the vacillating felt so much more realistic than other books. The heart wants what it wants and can often be in direct conflict with your head. One may rule over the other at any given moment in any given situation. Perhaps it made me crazy because I saw so much of myself in the situation?

That doesn't mean that it making me crazy was a bad thing. In fact, that was one of the "realest" books I have read in a long time. The situation is familiar. The characters are familiar. Ava telling her side of the story in first person only helped to draw me even more into the story, placing me directly in her shoes. Her thoughts were my thoughts. Her actions were my actions. I got it.

'Just Desserts' is a great compliment to whatever you are doing to relax. This is probably the first one of Tawdra Kandle's books that I haven't read while enjoying margaritas, but it was still a fun read. It helps to have read 'Best Served Cold,' but it isn't totally necessary before enjoying this tasty treat. If you read this one first, you will definitely want to read the first one to figure out what had gone so wrong!

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About the Author

Tawdra Kandle has been a writer since the invention of the pen. Her first published work appeared in Child's Life magazine when she was 13. After a brief, thirty-year hiatus, she published a young adult quartet, The King Series. More recently, she's released contemporary and paranormal romances in both the adult and New Adult genres. Tawdra lives in central Florida with her husband and children, of both skin and fur types. And yes, she has purple hair.

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'Evelyn Behind Bars' by Loren Davis


Evelyn’s sex life is nonexistent, until she secures her spot in a federal penitentiary. Incarceration affords her some much needed time to sort out her issues with her body and self-image, in addition to satisfying certain carnal urges. Between the ensemble of hungry prison guards and her circle of lesbian friends she’s got no shortage of distraction, but will life behind bars lead her down the path to redemption or darkness?

Read an excerpt:
Chapter 4

THANKFULLY LIFE in a medium security women's prison doesn't always feel like prison. In addition to the frequent sexual encounters I was having with the guards, usually two to three times a week, there was my job. As much as you'd like to just sit and around and stew they make you work, and for me that meant teaching. For three hours a week I assisted the teacher, another inmate named Dawn, in teaching basic accounting and finances to a revolving group of women. She read the lesson plans, I printed the materials and did the grading, pretty easy stuff. Everyone has to have a job, whether it's working in the kitchen, the laundry, the library, or teaching. And everyone is allowed an hour a day of instruction, if they want it. All the teachers are inmates, so the system is self-sustaining, but the quality of the instruction often uneven. 
Dawn was friendly but distant. I had seen her hanging around the lesbian crowd so I assumed she was one too. The line between heterosexuals and homosexuals wasn't severe, but it was there. People in prison, like people on the outside, tended to stick to their own. But we're women so we're much more accepting. I never detected a sense of hostility towards the lesbians as a group, that came on the individual level. Some people just don't do different. 
She was very pretty, and there was something very natural about her beauty. It came from her eyes and her smile. She must have been about forty years old. She had brittle pale blonde hair that was cut halfway down her neck. She kept it pulled back against her head so that it flared out at the back and surrounded her head with a kind of dense straw cape. Her lips were thin, her skin dry and clear. She had soft green eyes. 
I was sitting alone in the lunchroom one day when she sat down across from me. We had a window of about an hour and a half when we could eat, not everyone was crammed into the room at the same time. It had been almost two weeks since my so-called friends gave up on me. I looked up and gave her a pleasant smile, expecting she had something work related to tell me. But I was wrong. 
"Prefer to be alone?" she asked. 
"No, it's ok." I tried to think of a reason why I was alone but I couldn't. 
"You've been here about five months?" 
"And two days. Does everybody keep track?" 
"Depends. Do you play poker?" 
"I don't know how." 
"Me and some friends play in the afternoons, the booths in the back of the library." 
"I've seen you. I'm in there a lot." 
"You should come and play with us sometime. It's just for fun, everybody's at a different level. You can just watch at first if you want." 
"I like card games, I used to at least, been a long time since I played." 
"Come by sometime." 
"Thanks for the offer."

She lingered for a moment then smiled and left.

I wasn't too surprised by Dawn's offer. I had been ostracized, I knew it, and everyone else did too. But I was proud, so I didn't want to appear too eager. I may have been acting without regard to my situation, namely that I shouldn't piss off the other girls lest they think I was getting special privileges, but I couldn't help it. I had never had much attention from men, so it felt nice. And I was proud. One thing my parents instilled in me, a powerful sense of self. I went after what I wanted, I served my self. I grew up on the poor end of middle class, and my parents worked hard to get that far. I wanted success, comfort. I guess I'm a fighter. 
Did I think that Dawn was making a pass at me by inviting me into her group? No. I figured she felt sorry for me. I had no idea how she would end up affecting my life.

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Author Bio:

Loren Davis has a recurring dream about being in the ocean with a hungry shark. He'd like to think that dream sharks aren't pure evil and that he's got a chance, but only time will tell.

Aside from writing he likes to daydream, cook (and eat) BBQ, and read poetry. The best things in life, he believes, take time to digest. He hails from the American South. His new favorite musical group is Sara and Tegan.

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Five complete sweet to sensual stories from five multi-talented authors in settings to make any summer occasion more special. Included are:

Meet Me In Seattle by Markee Anderson

Madysen Duke has been coerced to participate in a reality show with her teacher friends. But little does she know, her high school flame is also along for the ride, with intentions much different from hers. Even though she's out for the money, he's trying to thwart whatever crime is happening right before their eyes.

Arrow Through The Heart by Stephanie Burkhart

Summer vacation and the Fourth of July brings Ella to New Hampshire while participating in a tennis competition. Logan is an innkeeper's son who bumps into Ella and invites her for an ice cream. Attraction flares and they enjoy spending time together, but each has their own plans for their life. Then disaster strikes Ella. Can a summer attraction truly become a lasting relationship?

Taking Liberty by Gerald Costlow

Liberty "Libby" Bell is a waitress at a roadside diner, trying to hide from an abusive ex-boyfriend who refuses to leave her alone. She strikes up a romance with Roger, a hunky local fireman, and seems to be getting her life back into gear. Then her ex-boyfriend tracks her down.

Will she be forced to leave Roger and run away again, or see the ex- boyfriend and risk a violent confrontation?

And if that isn't enough to handle, suddenly there's a serial killer in their midst.

Marcy’s Struggle by Larry Hammersley

Marcy Mason is in her final year of graduate school, pursuing a PhD in chemistry. She has brains and looks, but struggles in the romance department. She met Ross Franklin in undergraduate school when she was a senior; he was a freshman and second-string quarterback. Her problem – she was hung up on Leroy Doyle at the time.

Leroy is married and moved away, but Ross, now star quarterback, isn't convinced she’s over Leroy. When Leroy arrives on campus to give a lecture, Marcy must make all the arrangements. After contact with Leroy, Marcy admits to what she’s known all along—she’s over Leroy and wants Ross in her life. Can she convince Ross to look past their different backgrounds and give love a chance?

The Garden by Jory Sherman

Summer brings forth fresh vegetables in the garden and with them, the ultimate fight against insects and wild critters to protect those vegetables. Harvey enjoys his garden, especially the corn – watching it grow, providing food for his beloved wife Ruth. Then, something unusual happens in the garden and his corn begins to disappear.

Enjoy an excerpt from Taking Liberty:

Libby turned the key to her little mobile home, realizing this was the first time anyone, man or woman, had been invited inside since moving here a year ago.

"It's not much," she said, waving at the tiny living room and attached kitchen common to all such units. "I can ride my bike to work and back in good weather and being a waitress doesn't give me enough income for anything better."

"I like it," he said, looking around. "Cozy. If I ever move out of that drafty old house I was raised in, I'd love to find something smaller. But then I think about having to pay rent..." He shrugged.

"Grab a seat on the couch," she said, heading for the refrigerator. "I have diet Coke and some orange juice that's not too old. There's milk, but it's past the expiration date, so I wouldn't recommend it."

"Orange juice is fine," he said.

"I can make a pot of coffee. I think I have an old jar of creamer in the cupboard."

"No, no, juice is fine."

She poured the juice, turned, and had to stop for a moment. Seeing him relaxed in her couch, legs stretched out under the coffee table, looked so...natural. Like he was meant to be there. She felt happy being around him. Am I...falling in love?

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Markee Anderson makes her home in northeast Wisconsin, surrounded by Packer fans, snow, and cheese. Along with her husband, they have three adult children and two Boston terrier babies. She writes under different pen names, all at:

Come visit her at:

Stephanie Burkhart was born in Manchester, New Hampshire. After graduating from Central High, she joined the U.S. Army. She spent eleven years in the military, seven stationed in Germany. She left the Army in 1997 and settled in California. Stephanie has been married for over twenty years and has two boys, Andrew and Joseph. She now works for LAPD as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher.

Come visit her at:

Gerald Costlow lives in Michigan and has published several novels and numerous short stories and novellas over the years. He's currently publishing a romantic-supernatural series with Publishing by Rebecca Vickery.

Larry Hammersley is 76 and has been married to Sue for 51 years. He has two children and five grandchildren. Larry enjoys jogging, amateur radio, occasional woodworking, and is active in his church. He's been writing for 39 years.

Come visit his blog at:

Jory Sherman began his literary career as a poet in San Francisco's famed North Beach in the late 1950s, during the heyday of the Beat Generation. He has been published widely in literary journals. His first book of poetry, So Many Rooms, was published by Galley Sail Press in 1959.





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'More Than Passion' by JoMarie DeGioia

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Geoffrey Kane, Earl of Kanewood refuses to feel anything more than passion. Four years ago, his fiancĂ©e betrayed him and he has no desire to experience that again so when he meets the beautiful Rebecca Kingsley, it’s passion at first sight. And only passion.

Rebecca has led a very quiet life working for her father at a small country inn. When she meets Geoffrey she falls in love with him right away. But she’s only the daughter of a baronet and men like Geoffrey never marry country girls like her. Do they?

When Rebecca’s father tries to marry her off to a wealthy old man, Geoffrey intervenes and marries her himself. He wants her very much but he couldn’t possibly love her. Love is for fools. At least that’s what he tells himself. But a sinister enemy soon threatens to destroy all that Geoffrey holds dear, forcing him to face the truth. His marriage depends on it . . . And maybe even Rebecca’s very life.

Now enjoy an excerpt:

The Raven’s Inn was surprisingly elegant. The brick structure was trimmed with dark green, its long windows sparkling in the late afternoon sun. Rebecca Kingsley was straightening the beautifully-appointed parlor of the inn. Her father, Thomas, insisted that all the rooms look fine. His father had been a baronet, but all that was left of the family fortune, as it were, was the inn. As a younger man, he’d traveled in the social circles of the ton and claimed to know what the gentry and lesser folk alike looked for in food and lodging. Many travelers stopped at the inn, and they expected service and accommodations as fine as any in London, or so Rebecca’s father insisted.

At twenty years old, Rebecca had been working at the inn all of her life. Her mother died when Rebecca was just two, leaving no real memories. Thomas refused to speak of her and Rebecca had long since given up asking. The only thing he’d say was that she took after her mother in looks. This he always said in a gruff, affectionate manner that never failed to surprise her. She supposed she inherited her fair skin from her mother, that and her thick raven-black hair. She could never see anything of herself in Thomas.

He never really gave her much notice. She worked as hard as the servants at the inn, keeping her own room as well as half of the rest abovestairs. Mary, the chambermaid, took care of the other rooms as well as seeing to the guests’ personal needs. Rebecca served the morning and evening meals in the dining room, as well, along with Emmy. Emmy was funny and kind and a shameless flirt. She never hesitated to share her experiences with Rebecca, who couldn’t help but blush. She listened, though. Closely.

Rebecca was usually free to go about her own business after finishing her chores abovestairs. But this afternoon, she polished the candlesticks and dusted the furniture in the parlor. As usual, she wore her hair plaited in one long braid coiled at the back of her head. Her simple muslin gown was a few seasons old and well-suited to her task. She paused to gaze longingly out the window toward the stables out back. Beyond them, she could see the gently rolling hills over which she so loved to ride. If she didn’t have to see to the parlor today, she’d surely be out riding her black filly.

From her vantage point, Rebecca could see two figures walking out of the stable’s wide doors. One man was slight of stature and fell in step behind the other. The man in the lead was tall with broad shoulders and dressed in a brown coat and tan breeches. He walked with a long, easy stride. Sun glinted off hair she fancied the color of honey. He had a strong profile, and Rebecca couldn’t tear her gaze away from him. What color were his eyes?

“Fool,” she chided herself. She turned back to her work, flicking her dusting cloth in frustration.

I write Historical Romances with a touch of mystery and Contemporary Romances with a touch of home. I'm also working on a Young Adult Dystopian Fantasy/Adventure series and a hot Contemporary New Adult Romance.

I'm a member of Romance Writers of America, Space Coast Authors of Romance and From the Heart Romance Writers.





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'Her Heart's Desire (The Match Broker Series #2)' by Lisa Watson

Book 2: Her Heart's Desire

Love's his only mission

After a series of dating disasters, Tiffany Gentry isn't ready to risk her heart again. Just when she decides it's safer to stay single, the Chicago boutique owner meets Colonel Ivan Mangum. The gorgeous military hero is an expert in security. Yet Tiffany has no defense against Ivan's sensual maneuvers….

Ivan knows that Tiffany should stop looking for Mr. Right—she has already found him! From romantic city nights to a passionate tryst at his mountain retreat, Ivan uses every seductive weapon in his arsenal to prove he's her true soul mate. But when their future together is threatened, will this soldier find a way to turn his dream of love into a mission possible?

Read an excerpt:
“You know, when I came to celebrate, this wasn’t what I had in mind.” Ivan handed his grandmother her ice cream, and then parked his SUV alongside the ice-cream parlor. “Hey, I’m sick of sitting around watching television all day,” Cecile Mangum replied. “It’s my birthday. I wanted a change of scenery, and you’re the only one of us with a driver’s license. I really appreciate you taking me to my favorite ice-cream parlor, honey. Of course, if you prefer that I take the wheel I…” 
“Oh, no, you don’t, Speed Racer. I can manage.” 
Ivan’s grandmother snorted. “I go through one little red light, and the whole community is up in arms.” 
“GiGi, you almost caused a four-car pileup behind you. Not to mention the couple on the park bench.” 
“Hey, they moved, didn’t they?” 
“Luckily for you, they were still able to,” Ivan pointed out. “Not everyone that old is that limber.” 
“Presumably that’s why you’re here. I do appreciate the visit,” she replied. 
Ivan reached over and squeezed her heavily veined hand. “It’s my pleasure.” 
“I love my gift. How’d you know I like owls?” 
“I didn’t.” His thoughts drifted to Tiffany. “I had some help trying to find something nearly as wise as you.” 
“Scoundrel.” She chuckled. “And where’s that other rascal?” 
“Cole had to work late. He’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Work indeed.” She took a spoonful of her chocolate sundae. “My grandson is probably out chasing skirts. Mangum men have always been charmers. You know, when your granddaddy was alive, he could charm me right out of my—” 
Ivan quickly put up a hand to stop her. He took a healthy sip of his milk shake. 
“Saints preserve me. You aren’t sitting next to the Virgin Mary, you know. It ain’t over till it’s over.” 
Ivan looked decidedly uncomfortable. “Next subject, please?” 
“Fine. If you don’t want to talk about my love life, how about yours?” 
“There’s nothing to tell, GiGi. I’m not seeing anyone.”

“Hmm…I hear a restless note in your voice, honey. You need to make time for romance, and don’t give me that gibberish about work.” 
“It’s not gibberish. I’m proud of what I do.”

“Yes, but can work get you a date?” 
“I have a policy about not fraternizing with my employees…in that capacity.” 
“Bah. Do you have a policy for everything? How boring is that? Ivan, work doesn’t keep you warm at night, or fill you with a burning desire to—” 
“I get it,” he interrupted again. 
“My body is old, sweetheart, not the mind. You need to find a woman who can make you happy…make your soul smile. That’s the kind of connection I had with your grandfather. It’s rare enough to find without you purpose- fully overlooking it.” 
That made Ivan smile. He leaned over and kissed his grandmother’s cheek. “Who says I’ve overlooked it? What makes you think I’d bring every girl I date here?” 
Cecile did a double take. “Every? Hell, how about any?”

Ivan stayed another few minutes, sparring with his grandmother before escorting her back to the assisted- living facility. On the drive home, he pondered her words. Some of her advice was spot-on. Ivan was stuck in a rut, and he needed to shake things up.
When it came to relationships, the challenge had been maintaining them. When he loved, he was all in. There was no in-between. Debra was the last woman he’d given his heart to, and she had handed it back with artillery shells in it. It hadn’t been loaned out since. There’d been women, but it was strictly physical, or as his grandmother put it, to get his ice-cream cone dipped once in a while. She was incorrigible. Cecile Mangum was a virtuoso at human nature, and seeing someone’s true colors. If Ivan could’ve done that half as well, he’d have saved himself a lot of heartache. 
Debra’s deception had cut deep, but it was history. Ivan had survived. Now a new woman had caught his eye and breathed life back into him. She was exciting and beautiful. 
Yes, definitely time to move on. 

About the author:

A native of Washington D.C., Lisa Watson writes multicultural novels. Having her debut novel nominated for Best Contemporary Fiction, sparked Lisa to continue creating engaging storylines, strong characters with universal appeal, and a keen sense of humor.

Lisa loves traveling, so weaving beautiful destinations into the pages of her novels as lush backdrops, or the heritage of her characters is not uncommon.

Lisa's first series for the Harlequin's KIMANI™ line, The Match Broker series, introduced readers to Love Contract, and matchmaking guru, Norma Jean Anderson, aka The Love Broker. Her goal is to have her son, Adrian, and everyone in his immediate circle of friends, happily married—period. Look for book two in the series, Her Heart’s Desire in May 2014, and book three, Love by Design in October 2014.

Lisa works at a technology consulting firm, is the co-publicist for RT BookReview Magazine's annual RT Booklovers Conventions, and the host for Reader’s Entertainment Radio show.

Married for eighteen years, with two teenagers, and a Maltipoo, Brinkley, Lisa lives outside Raleigh, NC and is avidly working on her next series.

Connect with Lisa on Facebook (NCLisaWatson), Twitter (@LisaYWatson), Goodreads, Pinterest, and at

Lisa's links:

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'Shift Happens (Carus Series)' by J.C. McKenzie

Shift Happens
by J.C. McKenzie



Andrea McNeilly's job as a government agent is not asking questions, but then a routine assignment turns into a botched assassination of a Master Vampire's human servant. Answers become a priority. Her search to discover the truth is riddled with obstacles, the largest being an oversized Werewolf who resembles a Norse god. Andy can't afford the distraction he offers, because if she fails, she faces eternal enslavement.

Wick's job is to monitor Andy, but he prefers more intimate activities, none of them G-Rated. His choices, however, are often not his own. His ability to help Andy is limited by his bond to the Master Vampire.

Facing many trials and challenges along her path to redemption, Andy learns the value of her freedom might be set too high.

Read an excerpt:
A large black wolf trotted into the clearing to confront me. He had a white-tipped snout, white boots and mitts and would have looked cute had he not been the most intimidating Werewolf I’d ever seen. Standing tall and solid, power rolled off of his body. His eyes bore into mine. I sniffed the air. The strong Werewolf scent of rosemary swirled around me, strong and seductive, laced with sugar. A weird fuzzy sensation spread out from my chest. Whoa.


My other form growled low, demanding release, straining against my skin. The energy of the wolves built—layers upon layers of excitement and impatience. The air pulsated with anticipation. They could sense the imminent kill.

Let me out! My other form repeated, throwing her power against my built up walls, howling in defiance.

When the energy of the Werewolves surged, I finally released her. My wolf form flowed out fast, wiping out the feline in little more than a heartbeat. Smaller, weaker and the size of a natural wolf, a Shifter in this form was no match for a Werewolf, especially a dominant one. I had time to meet the eyes of the Alpha for only an instant before the pack leapt forward. My limbs shook. It went against every instinct ingrained within me, but I rolled onto my back—submissive.

Buy Links:

AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Born and raised on the Haida Gwaii, off the West Coast of Canada, J.C. McKenzie grew up in a pristine wilderness that inspired her to dream. She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.




Facebook Page:

Facebook Account Name: JC McKenzie

Twitter Page:

Twitter Account: @JC_McKenzie


The author will be awarding one autographed print copy (US or Canada - digital copy substituted for international winners) plus a $25 Amazon GC to one randomly drawn commenter during this tour and the Reviews Only Tour.

'Darque Desires' by Raymond James Garreth Blythe


****Warning – This Book is for Adults****
It contains adult language, sexual content, and BDSM activities depicted between consenting adults.

Darque Desires is the first book in the Desire Series. This is a domination and submission romance series dedicated to exploring the D/s lifestyle as a component of the BDSM universe. It involves spanking, domination & submission, bondage, role-play, domestic discipline and polyamory themes in an erotic romance. It is not a bondage 101 primer, it is a full length erotic novel that explores elements of domination and submission on a day to day basis.

Dominic Darque is content with his life. He is a business owner and entrepreneur. Successful both professionally and personally, he is a dominant personality in all normal and several non-normal respects. Unfortunately, he is currently alone, and that is not something he tolerates. Therefore, he has been seeking someone new in his life, a sexually submissive, intelligent, and attractive woman. So far, that has been a fruitless search due to his standards and desires, but that is about to change when an angel in a black knit dress falls into his life

She is younger by a large margin, beautiful in a heartrendingly fresh way, smart and educated; and he soon learns, sexually submissive and responsive to him on a level he has rarely seen in all his years. He introduces her to his world and ways. To his delight, she grabs it as an infant grasps its first rattle. The relationship takes off like a rocket and the first two days are a nonstop exploration of their budding D/s relationship. The relationship blossoms from a passion-fueled sexual romp into a full-blown total power exchange of Domination/submission with her becoming his sexual slave in every conceivable way.

However, this is not anything she has ever really experienced before and like the icebergs in the ocean, 90% of its substance remains concealed beneath the waves. As things are unveiled, she becomes more enamored of this lifestyle that is not a lifestyle, but a life, according to Dominic; she wants more and more of it.

However, there is an issue, she has a lover currently, and not one she is willing to abandon, even for Dominic. Luckily, for all involved, her girlfriend is also interested and attracted to this lifestyle. Soon a crossroads is reached, and decisions must be made; decisions that will change the life of all three of them going forward.

As the series unfolds, it will take them from desire to temptations and eventually into craving of taboos rarely spoken of and even more rarely understood and embraced by modern society.

Read an excerpt here.

Buy links

About Raymond James Garreth Blythe

Raymond James Garreth Blythe (1964 - ) was born in the imagination of a bored teen back in the '80s and became one of a half dozen aliases, nom de plume and nom de guerre's.

He grew up all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. He has been: a student, a taxi driver, a roadie, a wanderer, and a lover of all sorts of women, food, and drink.

In this particular niche he has 20+ years of experience in the BDSM lifestyle, shuns the local 'community' for the most part because, he hates politics and prefers that his relationships and his life stay private.

Please feel free to drop him a line anytime, buy a book, write a nice review, or invite him out for a drink.


Twitter RJGBlythe