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'Splitting Karma' by Lashanta Charles

Women's Fiction
Date Published: October 21, 2014

Taylor Williams didn't grow up with the loving parents, white picket fence, and a dog. She’s struggled to get where she is and knows that with all she's endured, life can only get better. At 28 years old, she hails as one of the country's top divorce lawyers and is ready to slow down and start a family with her husband. The only problem is he shuts her out and has treated her like everything but a wife since the night he came across her and his boss in a compromising situation. In spite of her innocence, she's determined to make it up to him.

Isaac Warren is bad business; the kind of bad business that requires focus and determination in order to stay alive. It’s also the kind that caused him to shut himself off from serious relationships after the brutal murder of his fiancé three years ago. Now his cold exterior keeps him at bay from everyone except those he considers family and right now that list doesn't have room for anything more than the occasional tryst and nothing more, especially not with the highly acclaimed lawyer he's accidentally stumbled upon.

*This novel is only recommended for readers 17 and older*

Read an excerpt:

My eyes flew open as I quickly sat up in the bed. What was that noise, a door slamming? I scanned the dark bedroom and waited for another sound. The voice I heard shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did.
“Where the hell is my dinner?” Aaron’s voice boomed through the house.
I scrambled from the bed, falling to the floor, my feet tangled in a mess of sheets and blankets. Ignoring the pain in my wrist and hip from my ungraceful fall, I slipped my robe on and practically ran down the flight of stairs.
“Taylor, get your ass down here! A good wife wouldn’t let her husband go hungry!”
I spotted him standing in front of the open refrigerator, his back to me. Without a word I made my way to the oven where his food was already fixed and waiting. I could feel his eyes on me, tracking my every movement as I slipped in front of him and grabbed a beer from the fridge. I refused to meet his eyes. Instead I stole a glance at the time on the microwave. It was a quarter past three. Working late again, huh? “I made you shrimp carbonara. I hope you like it,” I said as I placed the beer and food on the island in the center of the kitchen. Finally meeting his eyes, I pulled the stool out for him. He said nothing, simply stared at me. My heart pounded in my chest. Why wasn’t he responding? “I kept it warm for you,” I said as I closed the refrigerator and took his hand. Without protest, he let me guide him to his seat. I tried to give him a quick peck on his lips, but he turned his head away. A smirk played at the corner of his lip. My lips settled for his cheek and I stepped back. “How was your day?” I asked.
“I want to take a shower when I’m done eating,” he replied.
And just like that, I was dismissed. I took my time going upstairs, hoping he’d call me back. I could at least get a hug, right? I knew that would never happen, but that didn’t stop me from lingering on the stairs. The only sound that came from his direction was the fork as it scraped the plate and the occasional soft thud from him placing his beer bottle on the counter after he sipped. By the time he made it to our bedroom I had a fresh pair of boxers and pajama bottoms laid out for him and the shower was the perfect temperature. He undressed as he made his way past me in silence. I quickly scooped up the trail of clothes he left in his wake. While he showered I tossed his towel into the dryer, so that it’d be warm for him when he used it.
“Dinner was actually very good. I’m impressed,” he said when he finally emerged from the bathroom.
“Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.” I tried not to be, but I was mesmerized by his body. At 32 years old, he looked just as good as he did when we first met and he was only 25. His smooth, brown skin pulled tight against muscles that teased me with their presence. Not big and bulky, but just right for his 6’ 4” frame. His wavy hair was always kept cut low, cropped close to his head. Beautiful brown eyes stared back at me from behind dark lashes. If he’d smile - which I knew he wouldn’t - I’d see perfect teeth lined up behind those thick lips. He glanced at the boxers on the bed then smiled smugly as I gave them to him. I snapped my mouth shut, realizing he knew I was admiring him.
“Take that off,” he commanded.
I glanced down at the nightie I wore under my robe then back at him. My confusion allowed him a moment of amusement. With that same smug smile locked in place, he removed the towel that hung loosely from his waist.
“Your turn,” he challenged.
My heartbeat picked up its pace again as I hesitantly removed my clothes. He closed the gap between us and let his fingertips skim across my chest. I fought the urge to touch him, while silently begging him to touch me more. I hoped against all odds that this wasn’t as far as he would go. He hadn’t made love to me in months. He still blamed me for his embarrassment. He blamed me for his boss’s actions. My only crime was accompanying my husband to his firm’s annual charity banquet in the evening gown that he picked out for me. I looked beautiful in it. It gave me curves where I knew I had little to none. It gave me a confidence boost that I knew I didn’t even need. Well, at least not at that time. Right now a confidence boost would be greatly appreciated. When Aaron’s boss, Bryan, told me he wanted me to help him with some of the evening’s presentations, I was flattered and honored. I agreed to retrieve the notes for a speech he had forgotten in his office, but when I got there he cornered me and tried to kiss me. I’d never been in a situation like that, so I had no idea what to do. When I pushed him away and slapped him, he came back even stronger. My body froze in fear as his hands gripped every part of me that he could touch. When he tried to force his tongue into my mouth I bit him. He laughed and went for my neck. Over his shoulder I saw Aaron and the two other partners from the firm standing in the doorway. One of the other partners, Kaleb, asked what was going on. I tried to tell them he attacked me, but he assured them it was just an innocent hug. He said I’d had a little too much wine – I only had one glass and I didn’t even get to finish it - and he’d caught me when I tripped. A hug was my way of thanking him. Aaron hadn’t said a thing. He only stared at me, rage carefully concealed within his gaze. Of course he hadn’t said anything. He was up for a promotion to become a partner at the firm; his lifelong dream. He’d given Bryan and the others a tight smile before reaching for my hand and telling them he had to take his drunken wife home. That was six months ago…six long and lonely months.
“I can’t even make love to you anymore,” Aaron whispered as he slipped an arm around my waist, pulling me closer him, my body flush against his. The erection that should have been pressing against me was nowhere to be found. For Christ’s sake, we’re both naked!
“Aaron, please? You can.” My pleas fell on deaf ears. He let me go and slipped his boxers on.
“Wake me up at seven,” he said as he climbs into our bed.
“You know I didn’t betray you, Aaron.”
“Taylor, I’m going to sleep. I have a long day ahead of me.”
“Aaron, please? Just talk to me. I didn’t do anything wrong. You can’t keep shutting me out like this,” I pleaded. I was innocent. I was there for him. I was put into that situation because of him. I’m his wife. He was supposed to protect me. It didn’t matter if his career was on the line. His marriage should have been his priority. I should have been his main concern. Instead he blamed me. He told me I was lying; Bryan would never do anything like that. Instead of protecting me when I needed him, he turned his back on me and made me out to be the culprit. I didn’t think I would survive that. I still don’t think I will. “Aaron?” Silence was my companion.
The promotion decision wasn’t supposed to be made until two months later, but the partners announced Aaron as the recipient that following Monday. I pushed my feelings aside and became the supportive spouse; celebrations and lavish outings with my husband and the man who attacked me. Posing for pictures, being nice, and accepting keep quiet gifts like the perfect little wife. Aaron had shunned me since then. I made it my mission to get him to forgive me, but it still hadn’t happened. Six months is a long time to bear the burden of an act you didn’t commit. I put my nightie back on and climbed into bed. Although I longed for it, sleep abandoned me.

About the Author:

LaShanta Charles was born and raised in the small town of Orangeburg, SC. She has always been an avid reader of all genres, but Urban / African American Fiction has always been her true love and is what inspired her to pursue a writing career. In high school, she began letting her classmates read the short stories that she would write and based off of their feedback, her passion for writing pushed her to become a published author. She published her debut novel, Lovely Lies, in 2013 and released the sequel, Lovely Lies 2, in February 2014. Currently she is preparing to release her third novel, Splitting Karma, along with other projects. In recognition of her work, LaShanta was named National Black Book Festival's 2013 Best New Author and was nominated for 2013 Breakout Author of the Year through the African American Literary Awards Show. Lovely Lies was also awarded Most Underrated Book of 2013 for the Literary Scream Awards.

She lives in Killeen, TX, with her husband and two children. She is pursuing a degree in English at Drury University and also serving in the US Army. Her hobbies include spending time with family, traveling, eating, and of course, writing. Her motto is “strive to excel, not to equal.”

Facebook: Author Lashanta or Lashanta Charles

Twitter: @twiety01

Instagram: LashantaC


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Welcome back Deborah A. Bailey, author of 'Hathor Legacy: Burn'

Welcome back to Books to Light Your Fire! We last saw you in January. In addition to working on this sequel to 'Hathor Legacy: Outcast,' What have you been up to?
I'm glad to be back! Time has gone by so quickly, hasn't it? A few months ago I published Secrets of a Great Resume. And I started work on an audio version of my short story collection, Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales.

Currently I'm working on a pair of paranormal romance novellas featuring an entrepreneurial lion shifter and his non-shifter mate. I'm finishing up book 2 and if I stay focused (sometimes that can be a challenge) I'll get them out before the end of the year. Maybe I'll get to visit again after they're published! :)
Is there going to be a Book 3?
Yes, I originally planned for a trilogy. I have a few ideas for what will happen in book 3, but I haven't created an outline yet. The way I left the story at the end of book 2, there will be a lot of changes coming up for the Guardian organization.

Nadira and Jonathan's relationship will continue to grow stronger, in part due to their psychic bond. So, they will be a very solid team going forward. But though I love a happily ever after, you know there will be challenges along the way.

I've also introduced a few secondary characters who may get stories of their own. An author friend of mine suggested that I write a few shorter novellas in between books 2 and 3, so I might do that featuring the secondary characters.
What are the challenges in writing a sequel?
Well, for me the challenge was in creating a new story while referring to events from the first book. You have to bring new readers up to speed.

When I wrote book 1, I did the worldbuilding as I went along. I tried to explain as much as I could about Hathor, but some readers felt that they didn't have a good enough sense of the backstory.

I think as authors, we know our world and our characters, but we don't always get that onto the page. In book 2, I filled in as much of the backstory as possible, without doing a lot of info dumps (and slowing down the story).

However, there are always going to be situations where I want the reader to come to their own conclusions. For instance, in book 2 I introduced Mikal, another Guardian who knew Nadira from childhood. There are things about him that might seem obvious to the reader, but Nadira can only see things based on the information she has. While the reader sees her POV and Jonathan's. As a reader, you have more information--and you might come to a different conclusion than she does.
What are some of the pleasures in writing a sequel?
If you've already created a world and the characters, writing a sequel is like reconnecting with old friends. When you start a new story, you have to build up interest in the characters and in their world. While at the same time you're introducing them to the reader. With a sequel, there's information that's already been established, so you can keep moving forward.
How did your feelings change toward the characters and their situations as you continued their story?
That's a very interesting question! Last week I finally read book 2 as a reader (and not as an editor or writer). Then I read book 1 again. I could see the progression and character growth between the two books.

In book 1, Jon and Nadira have a lot of conflict. I wanted Jon to have alpha traits, so he had to be a bit prickly. He was used to doing things his own way, and being a CEO's son, he had means and a position in society. Nadira had a position too, and powers that set her apart from average people.

In addition, she went through the trauma of being separated from her parents. Jon was raised in a loving, supportive family. Right away there was conflict because their world views were different.

By book 2 Jon and Nadira have learned to work together, and their connection adds another dimension to their relationship. Jonathan is less arrogant, mostly because he's grown a lot during the time he's been with Nadira on Hathor. Something else that helped to change his personality was that in book 1, he found out some family secrets. That knowledge gave him more compassion and understanding.

In the first book, Nadira was more independent and didn't have a lot of trust. Not to say she's not independent in this book, but she's learned to open up more and let people in. Her relationship with Jon has taught her that she doesn't have to do it all alone. And she's found that being vulnerable doesn't mean you're weak and helpless. So she has a better understanding of herself.
What do you think you have learned about your craft in between these two novels?
Great question! As far as I'm concerned, if you want to be a better writer, you have to write. That's what helps you to develop your craft. For years I wrote short stories, and had a certain comfort level with short pieces. It was very intimidating to dive into a longer work.

I'm grateful that I had help from a writing mentor for both books. It's good to have someone who's on the outside who will ask questions. I was too close to the work to think about the points she brought up.

When I worked on the first book, I was focused on trying to be perfect and pick just the right word. I think I spent too much time on the technical things, instead of letting myself enjoy the process.

In book 2, I went with my feelings and just wrote the story as it came to me. I had an outline, but there were many times when I deviated from it if I found a better route to take. I was much less concerned with perfection, and more with staying in a creative flow.

I think a reader who picks up both books will be able to see the difference. Not that one is better than the other, but the feeling is different. Sorry, I don't have a better way to explain it!
-You have previously won awards for your short stories. Congratulations! Can you tell us about those experiences?
Thank you! I submitted two of my stories to contests at the Philadelphia Writers' Conference, and I was very pleased that both stories won awards. In addition, I entered a story in a competition held by US1, which is a magazine based in Princeton, NJ.

I didn't even know my story had been chosen until I received the award check!

When you're acknowledged in that way, it's a good feeling because I got validation that my work was good enough to be selected. But at the same time, it's easy to get caught in a trap of always looking to be validated outside of ourselves.

If we don't get a certain number of reviews, if there aren't enough 5-star reviews, or if this one or that one doesn't acknowledge us, we feel bad. At the end of the day, we have to believe in ourselves and work. Just tell the best story you can, and when it's done, start the next one.
You told us before that the best writing advice you ever received was to write every day. It can be a struggle to figure out how to carve out the time. How did you make it a habit? How has it improved your writing?
What I've found is that once I get into the regular habit of writing, I don't want to stop. I want to do it all the time. I'll bet most authors feel that way. It's something you have to do, because it's like oxygen. But sure, it can be a struggle to find the time.

Right now I'm on a contracting assignment as a technical writer, and this project requires me to be in an office everyday. After working from home for the past couple of years, it's a big change. It’s a challenge to manage my personal work, and commuting takes about 60-90 minutes out of my schedule.

It's easy to end up dropping the things that don't seem as important. But in this case, my fiction writing is important to me. It's not just a nice little hobby, it's part of my business and I have to take it seriously.

Having a regular writing habit is like having a regular exercise routine. It's not something you can do once in a while and expect to see results. I think writing regularly will help you to improve in the same way that regular exercise will help improve your endurance and your strength.
What is one of your greatest achievements?
Well, since we're talking about writing, I'm going to say that one of my greatest achievements is to have written and published my 2 novels in a year and a half. It was a dream of mine to write a novel, and it's exciting to see it come true.
What is still on your "Bucket List"?
Let's see, I'd like to learn how to play piano. I've taken lessons in the past, but if you don't stick with it, you lose it. I'd also like to travel and visit different countries. Friends of mine have visited the UK on a few occasions, and after seeing their pictures, I'd love to visit those places myself. My list seems to get longer and longer!
What message would you like to send out to readers?
I'd just like to thank them for picking up my books. There are so many books being published and readers have an endless amount of choices. I really hope they enjoy my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. And I'll add that even if you've never tried a SF Romance before, give it a try. There are so many terrific writers in the genre, and many different types of stories.
Is there anything else you would like to add?
I want to thank you for hosting me, and thank you for doing your part to help authors get their books out there.
You are welcome! Thank you so much for your time!

Visit Deborah A. Bailey's Amazon Page

Hathor Legacy: Burn
by Deborah A. Bailey



On the planet, Hathor, an old threat re-emerges that may destroy the fragile alliance between the Guardians and Novacorp. When Nadira is called to investigate a rash of fires throughout the city, she discovers the Deshtu, another group with PSI powers who have been purposely kept in the shadows.

Working to uncover the source of the fires, Nadira learns the brutal truth about the origin of the Guardians. The Guardian Elders have plans to make Nadira more powerful, and she may be forced to sever her psychic connection to her lover, Jonathan Keel.

When an unexpected ally gives Jonathan information about the Deshtu that connects them to the fires, he becomes a convenient scapegoat for the opposing factions. Nadira puts her life on the line to solve the crime, while the Elders make their move to remove Jonathan from her life forever.

As time runs out, the Guardians prepare for a clash with Novacorp that could plunge the planet into chaos, and a final betrayal forces Nadira to risk everything to save herself and Hathor.

Read an excerpt:
Up ahead at the corner, she saw lights and transport vehicles passing back and forth. They could get one and head back to the apartment. She was in no mood to return to the reception. Not after what she'd just seen and felt.

"What the hell could be the reason to set these fires?" Jon asked, picking up the pace as they neared the corner.

"The officers think the Guardians are doing this. They believe Varyn's story."

At the corner, they hurried to the transport stand and got into the first one of a long line of shiny, blue and black vehicles. Once the doors closed behind them, she pressed her palm against the clear ID plate. "Take us home."

"Affirmative, Sentry Nadira." After retrieving her data from the system, the transport pulled into the traffic lanes, heading towards the apartment building.

"When are you going to talk to Varyn again?" Jonathan asked, as he glanced behind him.

"As soon as I can. I wanted to give her a little time. But I don't think I can wait much longer," she replied. "Is something wrong?"

"Huh? No. I just felt like we were being watched." He settled down in the seat and slid his arm around her. "It's nothing."

She remembered having that same feeling when she'd come home from the Gathering.

As a Guardian she'd tracked people before. She'd used her abilities to sense their locations and read their thoughts. Was that happening now? Were she and Jon being tracked by the people who'd set the fire?

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

As a little girl when Deborah A Bailey was watching Star Trek and Twilight Zone, she was writing and drawing her own superheroine comics. When she grew up, she continued to write and followed her love of technology into a career as a computer programmer and developer. But writing was never far away from her heart, so over the years she wrote and published stories set on other worlds and in Earth's future. Ultimately she fulfilled a lifelong dream and completed her first novel in the Hathor Legacy universe, Hathor Legacy: Outcast.

Her short stories have won awards from the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference and her work has been published in US1 Magazine and the Sun. In 2013 she published a short story collection, Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales. In her "other" life, she's a freelance writer who's published three non-fiction books and countless articles that have appeared in print and online. Visit her blog for writing tips, interviews and updates.

Deborah will be awarding a free print version of Hathor Legacy: Burn to three randomly drawn winners via rafflecopter during the tour (US ONLY), and a Grand Prize of a $45 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. A $35 Amazon GC will be awarded to a randomly drawn host.

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'Mercenary Instinct' by Ruby Lionsdrake


Skulking around in the ruins on a planet swarming with treasure hunters, slavers, and bounty hunters isn’t good for one’s health. But Ankari Markovich needs a few archaeological samples for her latest business venture, a venture that might prove lucrative enough to move her family off the impoverished planet where she grew up. Unfortunately, she has no sooner collected her samples than she’s captured by a band of brawny mercenaries. The captain might be handsome, but he’s intent on turning her over to some finance lord who has, for reasons unknown, put a bounty on her head, a ridiculously large one at that. If she can’t figure out a way to escape before she’s delivered to the lord’s home world, she could be forced into a life of indentured servitude—or worse.

Captain Viktor Mandrake doesn’t usually take on piddling bounty hunting gigs, but when his intelligence officer informs him of a criminal on a nearby planet, he decides it wouldn’t hurt to take a shuttle down to collect the woman. But Ankari Markovich is trouble from the start, nearly eluding his elite forces, then fighting and tricking his people left and right. He finds himself admiring her spirit, but according to her warrant, she’s a criminal. The safest thing is to keep her in the brig and ignore her until she can be handed off to the man who wants her.

But the situation grows more complicated when other bounty hunters show up, wanting to claim Ankari for themselves. Thanks to this woman, Viktor’s ship is in danger, his crew members are going missing, and he’s fighting enemies he never asked for in a jungle in the middle of a hurricane. He’s either going to strangle Ankari… or fall in love. Either scenario could get him killed.

Mercenary Instinct is a full-length, stand-alone novel of 90,000 words. It is part of the “Mandrake Company” series of science fiction romance stories and is recommended for readers who enjoy space-based adventure (such as Firefly) and steamy love stories (in the style of Linnea Sinclair).

Want more?

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'Holly's Crush: The Trilogy' Bree Dahlia

This is the Holly’s Crush Trilogy containing all three New Adult novellas in the series:

Holly’s Crush
Holly’s Crushed
Holly’s Crushed Out

** Warning! Contains graphic language and explicit sexual content. Adults only! **

Holly’s Crush

Holly Greene is a girl with a plan. She leaves everything behind to make a whole new life, one that does not include her ex-fiancé.
Her goal is to focus on quality alone time, make some friends, and explore her new city. She wants to revel in her youth and freedom. The last thing she needs to think about is another man, especially one with smoky grey eyes and a perfect ass.

When Holly meets her smokin’ hot neighbor, it throws her off course. Constant fantasies are not part of the deal. 

Will she be able to make her body shut-up long enough to do what her head is telling her?

** Warning! This lighthearted 11,000 word novelette contains runaway cucumbers, a trip to the porn shop, false fire alarms, and explicit content. **

Holly’s Crushed

Holly’s hot new neighbor has a problem. He’s starting to get bored with all the sexy, gorgeous women who want in his pants. Either he’s getting sick, or he’s getting too old – what else could it be?
Meanwhile, Holly finds herself becoming even more jealous and neurotic than usual, obsessing about the sexy, gorgeous women (sluts) trying to get in those pants.

She wants to be the one in there.

Between her new friends, Amy (self-proclaimed love psychic), Lexi (self-proclaimed nympho), and her drool-worthy neighbor, Holly knows her new life will be anything but dull.

When she reluctantly agrees to throw a birthday party for Lexi, she assumes everything’s under control. After a surprise guest arrives, Holly soon discovers it’s not. Will she be able to make it through the night without losing it?

** Warning! This lighthearted 13,000 word novelette contains bed-hopping women, vibrators, soaked white t-shirts, and a misunderstanding not very conducive for a HEA ending. **

Holly’s Crushed Out

Holly wants the past to stay in the past. She left her ex-fiancé for a reason, and she doesn’t need him sliming his way back into her life.
And when a double-date spoils and turns Holly into an idiot (her words), she also wants to forget the present.

Oh yeah, she wants her mouth-watering neighbor to ravish her too.
Sometimes you get want you want, and sometimes you don’t.

After an unexpected bit of news, Holly finds herself desperate to find a date for a dreaded upcoming wedding. She ignores the obvious solution to her dilemma, choosing to live in denial instead.
After too many unexplained coincidences, she soon discovers fate has other plans for her.

Will Holly continue to ignore all the signs right in front of her or will she finally get her happy ending?

** Warning! This lighthearted 25,000 word novella contains overindulgences, sucky wedding showers, pompous exes, serendipity, and a night to remember. **

Read an excerpt:
“Hot damn!”

Holly put her tongue back in her mouth and wanted to look away. She wasn’t trying to attract attention to herself, but it was hard not to stare.

He was the embodiment of perfection – if such a thing existed, it would belong to him. The man walking down the hall towards her possessed dark hair – just long enough to run her fingers through - and smoky grey eyes, strong jaw. Rugged. Masculine. And God, those lips…

Never mind the orgasm-inspiring lips; it was his body that made her take pause. Oh Lord, that body. He wore jeans and a black t-shirt that showed off every defined muscle; such basic clothing, but on him it looked nothing short of amazing. The vision was forever engraved into her brain – her own personal Etch-a-Sketch drawing.

He was simply…delicious.

Holly stood in front of her apartment door, rooted to the spot, knowing it was late and that she needed to get inside. Instead, she continued to watch as he made his way closer and closer just before turning to the unit directly across from her. He was on his phone and seemed preoccupied; otherwise she would have never given herself the opportunity to gawk so openly. Her body buzzed. This ideal specimen lived here.

Once he was safely inside and out of her sight, she allowed herself to take a deep breath and tried very hard to ignore the sparks flying every which way throughout her system. There was so much electricity; she was convinced her hair looked like a balloon had been rubbed across her head.

“Damn,” Holly muttered again as she went into her apartment. After dropping her keys on the table, she immediately went to pour herself a big glass of wine. She plopped down on the couch and grabbed the remote, ready to watch some mindless TV, but her thoughts kept wandering back to the guy she had just seen. Holly had only been living in her new apartment for a week, and this was the first time she’d ever laid eyes on him, desperately hoping it wouldn’t be the last. Never had there been a man to have such an immediate effect on her before and to say that it confused her was an understatement. She didn’t need lust to derail her now, not after everything she’d been through to get to this place.

A man is the reason I left to make a fresh start, and I certainly don’t need to be thinking of a new one right now.

Holly looked around the space she now called home; it was all hers and nothing could have made her happier. It was far from a palace but based on her satisfaction, it may have well been. She abandoned the remote for some music, hoping it would be more conducive for unwinding, and settled in for the evening. It had been a long day at work and even though it was Friday night, there was nowhere else she’d rather be.

Sipping her wine, she sat back and let her mind drift over everything that had brought her to this point. It felt exhilarating to be starting a whole new life, one that did not include her ex-fiancé Brian. After three years dating, and another three long years living together, she had finally come to the conclusion she just couldn’t do it anymore. They had seemed compatible enough; they rarely argued, so that wasn’t the problem. There was just something about him she couldn’t put her finger on. He was well-liked, generous (to an extent), and God knows he had more money than he knew what to do with. He also could be arrogant at times, and he had this way of making her feel she was not quite good enough without ever saying a word. On top of all that, she didn’t feel any passion with him. When she began having panic attacks over the thought of spending the rest of her life with him, she knew she had to get out. Once the decision was final, and as soon as she was able, she moved out of their place. She didn’t expect a scene from him and that’s exactly what she got. No tearful good-byes or begging her to stay, but he was vain enough to tell her she would never find anyone better than him and that she’d regret her decision sooner rather than later.

She seriously doubted that.

The wine was starting to make her eyes droop, so she placed the half-empty glass on the kitchen counter and went into her bedroom. Holly lay down on her bed and closed her eyes. She was so happy, so full of possibilities that came with having a brand new job, living in a brand new city, having a brand new life that was all her own. She wanted to savor the experience of being alone for awhile and was definitely not ready to be distracted by another man, no matter how fine his ass looked in those jeans. If only her body would shut-up and do what her mind was telling her, she might be able to follow that plan.

Buy links

Author Bio:

Bree Dahlia resides in the Midwest, a place known for its steamy summers and bitterly cold winters.

A fan of the sultry heat, she can be found playing outdoors until the temperature drops. Once the cold hits, she spends her time reading or writing next to the fireplace with a hot drink in her hand.

Specializing in strong spirited women and the hot alpha males who love them, her stories range from lighthearted romances to sizzling erotica, with many shades in between.

Love in real life does not always have a happy ending, but that is what her psyche craves and what is most often reflected in her stories.

Check out what Bree Dahlia has to offer!

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'Violca's Dragon (Dragon Ruby Series)' by Leilani Love

Violca’s Dragon
by Leilani Lane



Violca knows life can change instantly. Her parents died suddenly, leaving her to raise four younger sisters and keep them safe ~ even from the golden-eyed stranger.

Chase knows the Grey sisters possibly hold the key to his fate. He is determined to to get close, protect them and bring them to his Dragon King. What Violca doesn't know is that once a dragon decides he wants something, there is no stopping him from getting it.

Read an excerpt:
Opening the door, she steps onto the patio and smiles at Eryk. Her eyes are drawn to some movement behind him and she looks up to see Chase walking in from the woods. He is wearing his pants low on his hips and no shirt. Her breath catches as she notices his rippling muscles and the light traces of a six pack on his abs. When her eyes finally roam up to his face, she feels her cheeks heat up. His self-satisfied smile tells her he saw her checking him out.

Eryk clears his throat. “Good morning.”

Violca swears she must be beet red. She smiles at Eryk. “Morning, I just wanted to invite you guys in for eggs and sausage.”

Scott peaks his head out of the tent. “Did you say sausage?”

“Yep, do you want to join us?”

“Hell yeah,” Scott replies, crawling out from the tent.

Violca’s eyes widen. Scott is also in only a pair of jeans, no shirt, and Violca smiles thinking Linda and the girls would be mad to find out that she is the first to see him with his shirt off. She hears a growl and turns to see Chase watching her. “Be careful, I think there is an animal close by,” she says, wondering where that sound came from. “It shouldn’t be too much longer.”

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Leilani Love is a proud mother of two very active boys. A military wife she loves getting to meet new people wherever they move. She loves to read books crossing many genres. Her love affair with dragons started when she was young and one day dreams of having her own dragon and black panther.

Facebook Page:

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

'Hell's Bounty' by Kayden Claremont

Hell’s Bounty
by Kayden Claremont



Raven Hart, a succubus bounty hunter for Hell, is on a hunt. With her query in sight, she hits a brick wall, or rather the very hard chest of a giant sexy man. She might have lost the prize for now, but she's a winner when the hottie wants to get physical.

Marcus Dionysius, a Nephilim working for Heaven, has one mission—to prevent Hell’s beauty from stealing souls meant for the higher plane. But he soon realizes he’s met his sexual match. She’s naughty enough to tempt his senses, but her innocence means he can’t walk away when she needs him most.

Working together to discover who’s snatching souls from Heaven, they realize the true danger is falling in love.

Read an excerpt:
Raven looked over at him. “Marcus, this is the coroner, Doctor Hill. Doc, this is my new partner, Detective Marcus Dionysius.”

Marcus extended his hand to the doctor, but he just paced back and forth, ignoring the proffered handshake. “Oh, my dear, you shouldn’t see this.”

“Doc, I’m a detective. There isn’t much I haven’t seen.” Raven’s no-nonsense tone had no effect on the doctor. “No, dear, not this time.” He took her by the elbow and led her a few feet away from the body. Shaking his head, he continued, “This time it’s too personal. You don’t need to see this.” He pointed at the body on the ground. “It’s Stephen, my dear.”

Marcus watched shock flash across her face for a moment before she got control again. She wasn’t expecting to see her late partner. She hadn’t done this, but that didn’t clear her of the other attacks.

The captain was sleazy. Everyone in heaven and hell knew it. And everyone thought that because Raven worked so closely with him, she was part of his plan. Marcus hoped the sexy succubus wasn’t connected with hell’s mess. He moved closer to the body.

Doctor Hill glanced at him and stopped talking.

Clearing his throat, Marcus said softly to Raven, “I’ll handle this if you’re not up to it. The captain can assign another detective to work the case with me.”

Raven looked up at him, anger flaring in her eyes as she answered, “What do you think I am? Some fragile female who can’t do her job?”
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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kayden loves sexy, well-crafted stories of lust and love. Her sensuous style drives the characters in lustful romps.

Her paranormal erotic novella, Hell’s Bounty is published by The Wild Rose Press.

She is a member of Sisters in Crime International; Sisters in Crime Toronto; Sisters in Crime Toronto Executive; Romance Writers of America, Toronto Romance Writers.

When she’s not at her day job she’s crafting more tales of love or spending time with her husband and children.

Visit her at:

Email at:

Kayden will be awarding $25 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during this tour and the Review Only Tour, here.

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Catch a new thriller with Paul Kyriazi's books

Looking for a new thriller? Check out author Paul Kyriazi. Many of these also come with a free audio book download with purchase on Kindle. Click on a book cover for more information!

CIA agent James McKnight has three problems...amnesia...the Mafia ...and his addiction to the ultimate woman. Can he trust her?

Includes a free link to download the 3.7 hr. audio-book narrated by Frank Sinatra Jr. Performed by Robert Culp, Nancy Kwan, David Hedison, Henry Silva Alan Young, Gary Lockwood, Edd Byrnes, Don Stroud, H.M. Wynant & Barbara Leigh.


Thirty-eight year old Julia Rodriguez loves her young boyfriend, Robert. He loves living the high life with her. But when her money runs out and the glamorous trips end, he walks out on her. Soon after, Julia runs into her old friend Vicki Hawkins, who's now dealing blackjack in Las Vegas. Vicki also needs money and has a plan to scam a casino, so she invites Julia to go partners with her. The two women descend into a terrorizing situation where Julia's dubious past survival skills are put to the test.


My Casino Caper, (also included as a novella) happened in 1977 when EDD Kookie' BYRNES, (Grease, 77 Sunset Strip) won three million dollars in Las Vegas. Immediately, he was stalked by a thug for his winnings. In this memoir, Edd finally reveals what actually happened.

Justice is Mine, by Paul Kyriazi, concerns a bizarre Hollywood studio accident that leads a man to a mysterious woman. In Wicked Players, also by Kyriazi, two women team up to scam a casino blackjack game.

Included in this 3 novella book, is a free download of the 77 min. audio-book My Casino Caper, performed by Edd Byrnes, Alan Young, David Hedison, Michael Callan and Henry Silva.


Changing lives since 1998, this is the original course taught at The Learning Annex & SpyFest, now expanded & updated for 2012. With 354 pages of information to upgrade all areas of your life.

Chapters include: Re-invent Yourself, Bond Symbols for Change, Your Base of Operations, Your Appearance, The Bond Personality, Bond and His Cash, Your Bond Car, Bond Girls, Resort Hotels, Bond on the Job, Casino Gambling, Your Mission, Upgrading Your Image, The Greatest Adventure, The Ultimate Secret of Women, & much more.


About the author:

Paul Kyriazi has directed 22 movie stars in his six feature films and five full-cast audio-books; including Rod Taylor, Robert Culp, Adam West, Russ Tamblyn & George Chakiris. He has a BA in Film from San Francisco State University. He wrote and directed the movie 'Omega Cop' starring Adam 'Batman' West. The audio-book productions of his novels have film-quality sound effects and music, making them 'audio-movies' of sorts.