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The White Room by C.M. Albert Release Blitz

Welcome to the release blitz week for C.M. Albert's latest book The White Room. You can get all of the specs below, as well as check out an excerpt before your purchase your own copy on Amazon. And then be sure to enter the giveaway!

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Title: The White Room
Author: C.M. Albert
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Flower Work Press
Cover Designer: Alivia Anders of White Rabbit Book Designs
Editor: Erin Servais of Dot and Dash LLC
Publication Date: April 17th, 2018
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

The White Room

The rules are simple:

No Names.
No Commitments.
Two hours.

They’re put into place to protect us—exclusive clients lucky enough to afford the cost of playing. But everyone knows some rules are made to be broken. When hearts and bodies collide, even the best intentions slip away…exposing the real reasons why we seek the White Room in the first place. Will the White Room set you free? Step inside and find yourself.

Exclusive White Room Excerpt from USA Today Bestselling Author C.M. Albert
“Stand for me, Wendy,” he commanded. Her sundress dropped to the ground and Asher took in the shape and delicate curves of her body as she stood before him, completely bare except for her long double strand of pearls. “My God, you are beautiful.” 
Vironica stepped out of her sundress and kicked it gently to the side. She ran her hands down her chest, over her pert breasts, and to her stomach. It was slightly curved from the birth of her daughter, but she was trim, fit for her age. Her legs were long, and made to look longer in her high-heeled wedge sandals with complicated straps running up her taut calf muscles.
“Dear God, please leave those on,” Asher said, pulling her close. “Those, the pearls, and that fucking sexy braid are going to give way to many fantasies long after today,” he growled. 
Her lips curved into a knowing smile. “A woman has to have a secret weapon or two,” she murmured. “But one of us is overdressed,” she said, wetting her mouth with her soft pink tongue as it slid over her full lips. 
She tugged at Asher’s baby blue tie, loosening it and sliding it out from under the starched white collar of his button-up shirt. “Don’t you look adorable in your derby finest,” she said, eyeing his frame appreciatively. “You come from good stock.” 
She smoothed her fingers up and down his biceps after she dropped his tie to the sofa. He leaned over to pick it up. “Not so fast, Wendy. I have something in mind for this.” 
She rubbed her naked body against him and shivered. “Tell me what you want to do with it,” she whispered before finding his mouth. She bit playfully at his lower lip, her hands trailing up the hard muscles that lay beneath his crisp white dress shirt. 
He grabbed both of her wrists and held them in one of his large hands. “First,” he said slowly, wrapping the tie around her wrists and securing them, “I am going to tie this so your hands are bound.” He yanked the tie to tighten the knot he’d formed. Her wrists weren’t going anywhere. “Then, I’m going to pick you up, bring you to the bed, and have my dirty way with you. Do you understand me, Mrs. Mason?”

USA Today Best Selling Author C.M. Albert writes heartwarming romances that are both “sexy and flirty, sweet and dirty!” Her writing infuses a healthy blend of humor, inspiration, and romance. She’s a sucker for a good villain but is a die-hard believer in everlasting love. In her spare time, she and her husband wrangle their two kids and enjoy spending time outdoors. When not writing or kid wrangling, C.M. Albert is also a Certified Medical Reiki Master, chocolate chip cookie aficionado, kindness ambassador, and seeker of naps.

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Review of Heart of a SEAL by Dixie Lee Brown with Giveaway

Welcome to the review tour for Heart of a SEAL by Dixie Lee Brown. You'll be able to check out an excerpt and my thoughts before you download it on your favorite platform. You're also invited to leave a question or a comment for the author. Follow the book tour for more chances to converse with her and more chances to win the giveaway for an Amazon gift card!

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Heart of a SEAL

They’re brothers in arms, Navy SEALS risking their lives for their country . . . and the women they love.

This is Luke Harding’s story.

Six months in a desert hellhole taught Navy SEAL Luke Harding things he never wanted to learn about life and death. Only tender memories of the beautiful brunette he met a few weeks before his deployment helped get him through the torturous days and nights. Back in the States after a perilous rescue, physically and emotionally damaged, Luke’s about to plunge into a new kind of war. In a seemingly bucolic Idaho town, Sally Duncan faces real—and unpredictable—danger.

All Sally ever wanted was a safe place to raise her nine-year-old daughter. Her identity hidden behind a façade of secrets and lies, can she trust Luke—a man she barely knows—with the truth? Even as they give in to long-denied passion, a killer with a personal vendetta is setting an ambush that will leave them praying for a miracle and fighting for the future they may not live to see.

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Read an excerpt:
Screaming wasn’t really Sally’s style. The best she could do at the moment was crawl out of the reach of the enraged lunatic and hope he came to his senses.

“Go ahead. Touch her again and see what happens.” The suggestion, coming from the darkness behind Emmett’s vehicle and delivered with steel-edged composure, took her completely by surprise.

Sally swung toward the new player, forgetting Emmett for the moment. The voice was all too familiar, stirring unwelcome memories. Eyes watering from Emmett’s blow, she squinted to see the man standing in the darkness just beyond her yard.

“Luke?” Sally staggered to her feet, clenching her teeth against the sick feeling that swirled in her stomach.

It couldn’t be him. Not the man she’d fallen hard for before he deployed with his SEAL unit over a year ago. Not the man who’d refused to see her when she hurried to the hospital in Bethesda after hearing he’d been rescued from a terrorist prison. Rushing to his side because she’d thought they meant something to each other, she’d quickly learned the truth of the matter. His disregard had let her know, in no uncertain terms, that the feelings had been one-sided. That man had no reason—or right—to show up at her door.

Sally searched the shadows near the street, where the voice had originated. When she finally made out his silhouette, her breath caught in her throat.

Luke didn’t spare her a glance.

“Who the hell are you?” Emmett turned to face him.

“Does it matter?” Luke’s words contained a dangerous warning that Sally had never heard before.

As he stepped from the shadow of the SUV, his military fatigues and the duffel he carried reminded her of the homeless people who’d camped on Elk Creek last fall. A knife in a leather sheath hung at his side. His face was etched with lines of exhaustion, and he might have carried himself stiffly, but otherwise he was the same man she remembered. Light brown hair, longer and a bit more disheveled than the last time she’d seen him, always tempted her to run her fingers through it…even now.

Want to read more? I have another excerpt for you right here. 

**My thoughts**
Both Luke and Sally are highly damaged people. We know all about Luke's trauma, as the book opens with that. But Sally's is a secret that is slowly revealed as the story progresses. The two of them only knew each other for a few weeks before Luke shipped out again, but the they still managed to fall in love with each other and held on to the promise and dream of that love while they were separated.

When they're finally reunited, the fit hits the shan in Sally's life. Luke grabs on to her and her young daughter Jen and takes them on a ride to save their lives. Their rapid relationship progression almost seems implausible. Yet dramatic situations can draw people together and somehow they do save each other.

There's a lot of drama as Sally's past catches up to her. And a couple of the plot twists may take you by surprise.

About Dixie Lee Brown

Dixie Lee Brown lives and writes in Central Oregon, inspired by gorgeous scenery and at least three hundred sunny days a year. Having moved from South Dakota as a child to Washington, Montana and then to Oregon, she feels at home in the west. She resides with two dogs and a cat, who are currently all the responsibility she can handle. Dixie works fulltime as a bookkeeper. When she's not writing or working, she loves to read, enjoys movies, and if it were possible, she’d spend all of her time at the beach. She is also the author of the Trust No One romantic suspense series, published by Avon Impulse.

Please visit her website:

Facebook author page:

Twitter: @DixieLeeBrown

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His Valentine by Megan Slayer with Giveaway

Welcome to the book blast for His Valentine by Megan Slayer. Please check out an excerpt of this contemporary romance and then be sure to leave a comment or a question for the author. You can then follow the tour for more chances to win the giveaway!

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His Valentine

Brandon Kidd thought he overcame his demons. He thought he’d conquered his addiction to booze and his need to be promiscuous. He thought he’d left his depression behind. Why? He met and is dating Aydin, the man who stokes his muse. But the depression and his insecurity have come back, and he’s also got to pass his annual review for his fine arts program. He’s got to get through the grueling review, open up to Aydin and have the Valentine’s Day he deserves?

Aydin loves Brandon. He sees the changes in his boyfriend and wants to help, but how do you help when you don’t know the problem exactly? To compound the problem, Brandon’s brother, Benson, has started causing trouble. Benson doesn’t want his brother to be gay, let alone in a relationship. Aydin found the strength to admit he wanted to be with Brandon. Aydin’s come into his own. Will he be enough for Brandon or will the crushing outside influence be too much to overcome?

They’ve come together for Valentine’s Day, but can the romance last?

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Read an excerpt:
©2018 Megan Slayer, All Rights Reserved

Aydin sighed. Instead of focusing on the things he couldn’t change, he centered his attention on dinner. He pulled the ziti from the oven, then once it cooled enough to handle, plated a serving each for him and Brandon. He glanced over at the living room and Brandon on the couch. Until he’d opened up to Brandon, he hadn’t thought he’d fall in love. Geeky guys who cared more about lighting and special effects weren’t the ones who got the hot men. But he’d landed Brandon. If love was possible, then he wanted to fall head over heels with Brandon. Maybe he already had. He wouldn’t have posed for anyone else. He poured two glasses of sparkling cider.

Brandon appeared in the doorway. “Want help?”

“I do.” He paused. “So…do you want to talk about whatever is eating you?”

Brandon picked up the plates. “I noticed the rose on the coffee table.”

“Good dodge.” He scooped up the forks, napkins, and cider glasses. “I know it’s not exciting, but it’s kind of chick-y. I though you could use the rose for a drawing or two after tonight.” He shrugged. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day.” Brandon hurried into the bathroom. “I’ll be right back.”

Aydin sank onto the sofa. Brandon wasn’t kidding—relationships were hard. More so when one partner wouldn’t talk to the other. He busied himself with arranging the plates on the coffee table. The rose did look striking between the bowls. He wasn’t a connoisseur of flowers, but he liked the fragrance of the rose.

“Are you okay?” Aydin asked. “Do I need to rescue you?”

“I’m good.”

Aydin slid onto the floor and rested his elbows on the coffee table. He wished he were good, too. Maybe he just needed to be patient. Brandon would explain what was wrong, and they could tackle the issue together. A man could hope, right?

About Megan Slayer

Megan Slayer, aka Wendi Zwaduk, is a multi-published, award-winning author of more than one-hundred short stories and novels. She’s been writing since 2008 and published since 2009. Her stories range from the contemporary and paranormal to LGBTQ and BDSM themes. No matter what the length, her works are always hot, but with a lot of heart. She enjoys giving her characters a second chance at love, no matter what the form. She’s been the runner up in the Kink Category at Love Romances Café as well as nominated at the LRC for best author, best contemporary, best ménage and best anthology. Her books have made it to the bestseller lists on

When she’s not writing, Megan spends time with her husband and son as well as three dogs and three cats. She enjoys art, music and racing, but football is her sport of choice. Find out more about Megan and Wendi at: Sign up for the newsletter here:

Social Media links:!/MeganSlayer

Megan will be awarding a bracelet made by the author and a signed swag pack to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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When a Vamp Falls by A.M. Griffin with Giveaway

Welcome to the book tour for When a Vamp Falls by A.M. Griffin, a new paranormal romance. Please check out an excerpt and then enter the giveaway for a $10 Amazon gift card. You can also download the book on your favorite reading platform. Note some of those links may be affiliate links. This just means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

When A Vamp Falls

War of Blood and Bonds

Book One

Danya Evans’s normal everyday life is turned upside down when one good deed lands her on the opposite end of fangs. The fangs happen to be attached to the sexiest man she’s ever seen.

She knows that she should stay away from the vampire who almost kills her, but everything about Ramsey calls out to her heart and soul.

Ramsey Moreau, a Vampire who has walked Earth for thousands of years has two regrets. The first is underestimating the two new vampires who’ve found their way into New Orleans and the second is stealing blood from the trusting human he can't get off his mind. His world is mundane to say the least, but when Danya is around he finds a reason to live and love again.

He'll stop at nothing to keep her safe from harm—even go to war to protect the one he loves.

Buy Links:
Amazon  *  BN  *  KOBO

Read an excerpt:
The door opened.
Ramsey stared in awe at the beautiful woman in the doorway. Danya’s dark hair hung past her shoulders. Her bangs were severely cut above her eyebrows. Generous lashes framed vibrant green eyes. He’d thought that he’d imagined how pretty she was. But no, she was even prettier.
While he looked at her, drinking the sight of her in, she however, startled, screamed, then tried to slam the door in his face. A well-placed foot stopped her before she could.

“You. You.” She grunted as she pressed her body against the other side of the door.
When that didn’t work she kicked at his foot, trying to dislodge it. “No. No. No. You aren’t real.”
He glanced down at his body. “I’m very much real, sweetheart.”
Her eyes fluttered closed. “This is all a figment of my imagination. I am delusional. This is a symptom of anemia. One. Two. Three.” She took a deep breath, then opened her eyes again.
He gave her a wicked smile. “Still here.”
Danya screamed.
Ramsey cupped his hand over her mouth and wrapped an arm around her waist, drawing her body close to his. She smelled of vanilla and brown sugar. He leaned in to take another languidly whiff. Delectable.
She opened her eyes wide, and panic was behind them. He didn’t allow himself time to enjoy how her soft body was against his. He had to get her back inside before she had everyone on her floor spilling into the hallway to see what all the commotion was about.
Ramsey walked her back into her room and used his foot to kick the door closed behind them. He stopped only when her back was pressed against the wall. She shook with terror.
First attack her. Then scare her to death. Perfect.
A sharp pain hit his palm. He pulled away from her mouth to see the red bite mark. “You bit me.” Her bite didn’t do any damage, and the pain was gone already. His body worked quickly to make the repair. It was confusion that made him pull away. He hadn’t expected that.

Another pain, worse, like lightning, hit his groin. He doubled over and backed away.
Being kneed in the balls felt the same whether he were human or vampire. It hurt like hell. “Why did you do that?” he asked in disbelief.
The scared woman that she’d been just moments before was gone, replaced by spit and hellfire. She balled her fists and took a step forward to kick him in his chin. He’d let her beauty distract him but recovered quickly and caught her bare foot mid-air and pushed it, slamming her back against the wall. Before she could react, he was against her body again and in her face.
“Why. Are. You. Trying. To. Hurt. Me?” His nose was less than an inch from hers.
Her stare turned icy. “Because. You’re. Trying. To. Hurt. Me.” She punched his sides then winced. “Ouch. What the hell are you made of? Steel?”
“Dammit. Stop that.” He pinned her hands above her head.
She wiggled in vain, doing nothing but making his body react to hers. He lifted her arms higher, raising her to her tiptoes. She tried to knee him again, but he blocked her by maneuvering his hip and sliding his leg between hers.
He tried to ignore her warm heat spreading over his thigh. “I’m not here to hurt you.”
She stopped struggling long enough to glare at him. “Really? What do you call this or what you did last night?”
He let out a curse. “If I let you go do you promise not to attack me again?”
He didn’t believe her. “I only came to make sure that you had recovered from last night. I didn’t mean to take as much blood as I did.”
“Everyone thinks that I’m crazy because of you.”
“And for that I apologize.” She relaxed a little. “So can I let you go now?” He really wanted to keep her where she was, pinned against him, and take her. And if he didn’t create space between them that’s exactly what he would’ve done.
She gave a short nod.
He let go of her hands and stepped away and kept going until he was against the wall, giving them both space. He needed it so that his cock would go down, and she needed it so that she wouldn’t feel threatened anymore. He also wanted to put room between his balls and her knees.
“You bit me,” she said again. “Why? I was just trying to help you.”
“And you did, by giving me your blood.”
She held up a finger. “Let’s make things clear. I didn’t give you anything. You took it.”
Yeah, that sounded about right. Hearing her say it made him feel even worse. “If I had asked?”
“The answered would’ve been no.”
“It was a life or death situation. Without you I wouldn’t be standing here now.”
She snorted. “And that’s a good thing?”
“That I’m alive? I should think so.”
“Alive and coming back to finish what you started?”
He raised a questioning eyebrow.
She pointed to her neck. “To kill me.”
“I hardly have intentions to kill you.”
She crossed her arms and leaned against the wall. She looked causal, even relaxed, but
her muscles were tight. She was getting ready for a fight.
“Thank you for saving me.”
“I could’ve died. You left me with a hemoglobin of 4.4!” Then she pulled her eyebrows together in thought. “What is it supposed to be normally?” she mumbled.
“Humans should have a hemoglobin of—”
“I’m not asking you, mister,” she snapped.
“Ramsey Moreau.”
“That’s my name.” She clenched her jaws. He let out a light chuckle. “Nice to meet you,
Danya Evans.”
She took a step to the side, sliding further away from him. “How do you know my name?”
He winked, giving her a devious smile. “I heard your conversations with the officers last night.”
“Creep much?”
“And I suppose that you couldn’t have found it in your heart to corroborate my story to save me from the humiliation of being labeled crazy?”
“Ah, no.” She cursed under her breath and kicked at the carpet. “But if you would let me,
I’d like to make it up to you.”
She turned her head. “And how could you do that? You can’t give me my blood back.
The transfusions took care of that.”
“I want to take you out to eat.” That hadn’t been his plan, but suddenly he didn’t want to leave her. Yet.

About A.M. Griffin:

A. M. Griffin is a wife who rarely cooks, mother of three, dog owner (and sometimes dog owned), a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She's a hard worker whose two favorite outlets are reading and writing. She enjoys reading everything from mystery novels to historical romances and of course fantasy romance. She is a believer in the unbelievable, open to all possibilities from mermaids in our oceans and seas, angels in the skies and intelligent life forms in distant galaxies.

For more information please visit

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Read an excerpt from A Gentleman's Bidding by Jean Wilde

I was compensated via Fiverr for sharing this book. I only share those books that I feel my readers will enjoy. Also note that affiliate links are present within this post. Should you make a purchase through one, I may earn a small commission to help me support my blogs at no additional cost to you.

Miss Emily Price is in desperate need of funds. With her family estate mortgaged and her young brother not yet of age, it falls to her to save her family from financial ruin. What is a lady with no title or connections to do? Auction her virginity at one of London’s most notorious brothels.

Heir to a baronetcy, James Hughes has always been caught between two worlds. His fortune and education help him pass for a member of the ton but his career as an engineer and his family ties stop him from actually becoming one. Quiet and serious-minded, he knows he needs to marry into the peerage for his sake, as well as, his family’s. But when he finds himself by chance at an auction in London’s infamous Scarlet Salon he throws his ambitions to the wind to bed the lovely Miss Price.

It doesn’t take long for Emily to lose her heart to her dry-humored, generous benefactor. But when their affair goes public in one of the most scandalous newspapers in town, Emily must decide if she must cast her feelings aside and leave James to pursue his societal ambitions, and James must decide if family and duty are worth giving up the chance of love.

Scandal, manipulation and ambition hinder the lovers’ path to happiness. Only they can decide if love is worth fighting for.

Read an excerpt:

Chapter 1

London, April 1819

“I shall check to see if my mistress is receiving visitors this afternoon." The butler closed the door to the lady on the doorstep.
To any passerby nothing would seem outwardly unusual about a veiled widow calling at a fashionable house in London’s high-end Marlborough Street. But those more intimate with the neighborhood would know that this house was no simple lodging, but rather an elite brothel house catering to the rich and prosperous gentlemen of society and the woman on the doorstep was no mourning widow.
Miss Emily Price shifted uncomfortably; self-conscious the veil . Before she could question her resolve, the butler returned.
“Follow me Miss Price. Madam will see you after all.”
Emily followed the man into the house. Removing her veil as she entered she was struck by the flurry of activity within the establishment. Maids bustled to and fro arms piled with bonnets and pressed gowns footmen polished silverware, pausing to glance curiously at the visitor. Emily ignored their stares and followed the butler to the back of the house to meet the infamous Madam Sophie.
Butler was not exactly how Emily would describe the large man escorting her. With his large frame and baldhead he reminded her more of a pugilist than a butler. he supposed it was fitting to have such an intimidating figure respond to callers in one of London’s most famous brothels.
Without knocking, the man swung open the door of what appeared to be a study and all but pushed Emily in, closing the door behind her. he room was fashionably and expensively furnished ut Emily didn’t notice much else as her attention was quickly claimed by Madam Sophie.
Over the past several days Emily had conjured up several images of what Madam Sophie would look like. Most of these were unflattering visions of a large bosomed woman in vulgar clothing and several patches on her face.
The woman seated at the desk in front of her was anything but vulgar. Slim and dressed in a fashionable blue morning dress with her blonde hair stylishly pulled into a chignon, Madam looked like a lady greeting guests in a drawing room rather than brothel owner. Age did not seem to have deterred from her beauty. Emily did not find it hard to imagine that this woman was once the most sought-after courtesan in London. Madam Sophie’s piercing gry eyes seemed to strip Emily and see straight into her soul. The infamous courtesan rose with practiced grace and an amused if not cynical smile to greet her young guest.
“Miss Price” said Madam inclining her head “how nice of you to call this afternoon.”
“Thank you for seeing me Madam” Emily nervously. “I know I called with no appointment, but time is of essence and I wished to discuss a business matter of the utmost urgency with you.”
Brows rising, “A business matter is it? Why, I’m all ears. Pray have a seat my dear and tell me what business brings you to my establishment.”
She motioned for Emily to be seated.
Seating herself, Emily cleared her throat “I’ve heard Madam that your establishment is exclusive and only caters to society’s most wealthy and respectable gentlemen.”
“Wealthy yes espectable however…” Sophie shrugged. “I cannot vouch for their character. I have rules in my salon. If a gentleman follows my rules and pays what is required then he’s always made welcome.”
“I’d like to enlist your services Madam to find a wealthy benefactor.”
Madam smiled. Emily was hardly the first nobly bred lady to show up at her doorstep destitute. Fallen ladies of society were what the Scarlet Salon was famous for.
“Miss Price, I have girls showing up on my doorstep everyday looking for employment. You are prettier and more refined than most, and you’d probably take well to the gentlemen here. But competition is fierce and alas for you I have enough girls working in the salon at the moment. I’m sorry but I cannot assist you in this matter.”
“I have no intention of working as one of your regular girls Madam I wish to hire your services and of those in your employ.”
“My services! For what exactly?” asked Madam intrigued.
“I wish to hold an auction
“An auction?”
“Yes, Madam. I’d like to hold an auction for my virginity.”
Madam Sophie sat back and studied Emily silently.
Her earlier claim that the girl was pretty was an understatement. Looking at her closely, Sophie assessed the girl to be around twenty years of age. Her muslin dress was a pretty shade of lavender, although sorely out of fashion. She wore no jewelry other than a simple gold necklace. Her honeybrown hair was a rich, vibrant color, simply styled and pulled back from her face. Her complexion was clear and her figure, from what she’d seen when the lady entered, was nicely proportioned. But what was truly captivating about the young woman seated in front of her was her face. Heart-shaped with stunning green eyes, high cheekbones, a straight nose and full pouty lips. Now that was a face to launch a thousand ships, thought Madam.
“Come Miss Price you can’t be serious,” said Madam not unkindly. “A lady of breeding such as yourself, and a virgin no less, surely you can find yourself a husband before the Season is out. Besides, you’re still young if not this year then surely the next.”
“I’m twenty-two years old Madam. And although finding a husband may appear easy for a woman of class, I assure you it is anything but. Money marries into money in the ton. And quite frankly, I have none. In fact, in the eyes of society I have nothing to offer a husband. No family connections, no dowry and a lot of debt. Besides, finding a rich husband needs time and money. Two things I can’t afford at the moment.”
Sophie did not pry further, the girl seemed clever enough. If there were any other means of securing funds through a wealthy relation or a friend perhaps, she would have already done so.
“So what is it that you propose?”
Taking a deep breath, Emily said, “I wish for you to auction me at the Scarlet Salon three evenings from today. I want you to invite your best clients, promising them an evening of entertainment and a chance to compete with their peers. The patrons don’t all have to be gentlemen of the ton, they could be up-starts or from the wealthy middle class. The more competition, the higher my price will climb.”
Biting her lip, she continued, “I also want it to be understood that I’m looking for a more lasting relationship with a benefactor, and priority will be given to the gentleman who wins the auction. I know Madam that you have the connections and resources to make such an event a success. You can make me into one of those women who can enthrall a room full of men. And you’ll know how to make sure there’s a large turnout for this auction. So given that we can both benefit from such an arrangement, how much would you propose to charge me for your services?”
“I’ve offered virgins to my clients before that’s nothing new…but never in such a public display as an auction.” Madam paused considering.
“I suppose the novelty of competing for a virgin coupled with your good looks and breeding would entice the men to bid high. Perhaps more than they normally would for an inexperienced lover. It’s an interesting proposal. One that would attract the kind of attention the Scarlet Salon is in need of during the Season. I’d agree to a percentage of the evening’s profits. The more money you go for, the better for the both of us.”
Nodding, the brothel owner continued, “I will take fifty percent of the evening’s takings.”
“Fifty percent!” gasped Emily. “Madam that’s too much. That won’t leave me with enough.”
“Oh? I expect the gentlemen will drive up the bidding to five thousand pounds. Is two and half thousand pounds not enough for your needs Miss Price?”
Emily frowned. Truthfully, five thousand pounds was far more than she’d hoped for.
“Seventy, thirty” replied Emily.
Madam smiled “Forty, sixty. That’s my final offer Miss Price.”
After a brief hesitation, Emily held out her hand “We are agreed Madam.”
“We are agreed” said Madam as she took Emily’s hand. “I shall have my man of business draft up the paperwork.”
Emily had the fanciful notion that she’d just struck a deal with the devil.

Available on KU

About Jean Wilde

I'm a bookaholic, chocoholic, binge-watching Canadian author. I've loved books every since I was a child and fell in love with regency romances when my mother introduced me to the world of Georgette Heyer at the age of 12. My background is in journalism but I'd much rather write fiction than reality. I live in Toronto with my hubby, 2 children and black Lab.