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'Abandon' by Jerusha Moors

Aubrey St. Clare, Viscount Lovell, fled to the Continent when confronted with stories about the woman he loved. He has now returned to find out that what he was told is untrue. 

Lady Lucilla Blount was abandoned five years earlier. Now Aubrey has returned and Lucy must confront him to find out why he left and if he will stay this time. 

Does she dare trust her heart once again? Will they have a second chance at love?

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Read an excerpt:

As he came around a corner Aubrey stopped and grinned at the sight ahead of him. How like Lucy. Her boots were lying on the ground and she had looped her habit up over one arm. She was standing on a limb of a tree overlooking the path, reaching up to the next branch. A nursemaid and a young girl were standing nearby, their arms waving frantically as they implored her to be careful. He could see a small grey animal above her head that she was reaching for with care. Aubrey moved circumspectly until he was somewhat under her, just in case he needed to break her fall if the branch gave. He could see her trim ankles and her stockinged feet. Her back arched as she reached above her head, trying to coax the small creature, a kitten mewling piteously as it clung to the branch.
“Please be careful, my lady,” the nursemaid begged. The little girl, a pretty thing with blonde hair and blue eyes still glistening from tears was jumping up and down in excitement. 
Lucy had finally got the kitten to release its claws from the branch and was cuddling it close to her, one arm looped around the tree. Aubrey judged that he could speak without startling her.
“Hand it to me and then I will help you down,” he said. Lucy just looked at him, apparently aware that he had been there all along. She reached down with the kitten and placed it in his hand. The kitten immediately latched onto his cuff, digging into the broadcloth with sharp little talons. His valet was not going to be happy when Aubrey returned from this excursion.
Aubrey took the kitten over to the nursemaid who opened the lid of the basket that was lying by her feet.
“Oh, thank you, my lord, and my lady. I don’t know what I would have done, but Mary would bring her pet.” Mary was crouching down by the basket peering in at the kitten. Aubrey bent down next to her, aware that Lucy was still in the tree behind him.
“Well, Mary, Lady Lucilla has rescued your kitten. I think you owe her some thanks.” The little girl stood up and with a careful gravity, curtseyed to both Aubrey and to Lucy, then charmed Aubrey by leaning forward and giving him a soft kiss on the cheek.
Lucy watched their interaction, pain shooting into her heart and clenching that poor organ in her chest. Aubrey was so kind to the child. The little girl clearly adored him, crediting him for the rescue of her pet even if Lucy had done most of the work. What if, but she shook her head and blinked away the sudden tears.
Aubrey smiled and then turned to Lucy to help her down. She supposed that she could have swung down without too much trouble, but since he was here she would take advantage. There was a guilty part of her that longed to touch him, but she ignored it. He lifted his arms and clasped her waist while she rested her hands on his broad shoulders. The smile left his face as he looked up at her and his eyes grew hot as he stared silently up at her face. Flustered, Lucy pushed off the branch a little too hard and ended up pushed against his chest. He caught her and gradually let her slide down, her breasts rubbing against his hard torso. She caught her gasp by biting her lower lip and something flared in his eyes, fiery and scalding. Lucy realized that, at least for that moment, he still wanted her and a quiver started deep in her belly. His hands were burning at her waist as she hit the ground and he held her steady when she stumbled a bit.
Lucy swallowed and stepped away as his hands fell from her. She bent and slipped on her half boots, then fussed at her riding habit, straightening the dishabille and not meeting his eyes. She glanced over at the maid and young girl, kitten safely ensconced in its basket, but they were walking away, so there was no help there.

Author Bio:

Jerusha Moors grew up in Connecticut, but currently lives in Portland, Maine. Her sister introduced her to the books of Georgette Heyer and she never outgrew her love of romance books, especially from the Regency period. She hopes you enjoy her stories and books about those times and will follow her on social media.

'Ruthless (A Mafia Step-Brother Romance)' by Alexis Abbott

All I have to do is spy on Dimitri Brokov. The Dimitri Brokov. Billionaire, CEO, Russian Mobster, and my step-brother.

I can have it all. A fling with the hot, tattooed and totally off-limits jerk, half a million dollars and, best of all, the sweet taste of revenge to mend my broken heart.

Spying on Dimitri might just get me killed, but every time anger flickers into his eyes, I move a little closer. Every time he touches me, I get a little hotter.

I'm supposed to be in control, but I keep going back for more. His hands on me are addictive, the danger he's in thrills me. And when he ties me to his bed so I can't run, we share more than a night of passion; we share a purpose. A mission. One that threatens everything we thought we knew.

About the author:

I'm Alexis Abbott, and I love bad boys, gritty backdrops, and super steamy sex! Sign up for my mailing list to be notified of new releases, sales, giveaways, and lots of other fun stuff ;)

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'Summer Burns (Celestial Springs Salon)' by Candice Gilmer

The last thing military widow Summer Bettes wants in her life is a new man. Correction, a new military man, though they're all over Barrum, Kansas.

She’s convinced herself she works hard enough between taking care of her daughter, trying to maintain control of her asthma, and styling hair in the salon her mother owns that she doesn’t need to add a man into the mix.

When Matthew Hennessey walks into her life--or rather, back into her life, she starts to question everything.

Her husband's rival on the wrestling mat in high school, Hennessey never forgot Summer. She always held a special place in his heart. So after serving with her husband overseas, it was only right that he pay his respects to the widow when he came back state-side. He only wants to do right by her.

Unfortunately his desires are eclipsing his logic, and doing right by Summer is harder than he thought.

Read an excerpt:
I’d been a hairdresser for over a decade--even when Jake and I moved from base to base, I could always find work, and it was the same sounds, no matter what salon I worked in. All the traveling made the familiar environment more home than anything I had for a long time.

Stepping around the corner, my hand bumped the little patriotic flag table topper that sat on the edge of the reception desk. Mom put it there when I married Jake--it was the only patriotic decoration that remained up year round. Now, though, it had other accompanying red, white and blue pieces that filled the reception area, even though Fourth of July was last weekend.
The receptionist, Mikelanne rubbed her ready to pop, pregnant tummy and gestured to the man who stared at the retail shelves near the door with a grin on her face. 
I paused. 
The guy was in fatigues.

He turned around, and had his hat in his hand. Immediately my eyes darted to his shoulder, and recognized the stripes for Sergeant, First Class. 
My heart pounded.

A man in fatigues hadn’t come to see me since, well… that day...

I had to force myself to cross the reception area. This wasn’t a repeat. It couldn’t be…
I met the Sergeant’s eyes.

He took a step. “Mrs. Bettes?” 
I nodded. “Sergeant.” Somewhere my insides jumped into gear. I held out my hand, and he shook it. 
“I, uh,” he paused, closed his eyes for a second, and then opened them. “I came to pay my respects.”

I blinked, then my brain kicked in. “Of course, thank you.” Why else would a man in fatigues be visiting me?

He squeezed the hat in his hand. “May I speak with you, privately?”

Candice Gilmer Bio:

USA Today and NY Times bestselling author Candice Gilmer leads a dangerous double life as a mommy and a writer. In between boo-boo healing and fixing broken toys, she writes stories usually to the tune of children's television shows.

Growing up in the Midwest, Candice stays close to her family, especially the ones with basements when the tornadoes come around.

All in all, she stays very busy, but really, she wouldn't have it any other way.

Well, maybe a little less children's television.

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'The Soldier's Lost Love' by Kristen Flowers

I lost the only love of my life years ago. I can’t lose her again…

I never wanted to stay in my small hometown. I was adventurous, independent, and I wanted to see the world. But if I’m being honest…

She drove me away…


She was my high school sweetheart and I was crazy about her. She was beautiful and perfect in every sense of the word and when she was taken away from me it tore my world apart.

So I left and joined the military.

Now I’m back in town on leave and when Claire gets invited to a neighborhood party a million emotions from the past come crashing into me like a freight train.

Claire, the girl I used to be in love with, is now Claire, the woman. And she’s still every bit as beautiful and perfect as before.

She’s the only woman that can make a six-foot soldier built like a brick house weak at the knees with a jittery heart.

I’m used to fighting for what I want and there’s nothing I want more than her.

But our days are numbered, I’m only on leave…

And before long, I’m forced to question everything I thought I knew about myself…

The moment I saw him my heart stopped. After so many years, seeing him live and in the flesh was almost too much. He looks so different now.

With his smooth deep voice, a tight t-shirt stretched full of savory muscles, and a touch that sends hot tingles across the skin—what girl wouldn’t have her breath stop and her heart thunder inside her chest?

But he’s not just any man.

He’s Kurt.

And we have a history.

I always regretted our past. He made me feel cared for. He made me feel loved.

But our lives are so different now. I have a budding career in our hometown and he lives a thousand miles away.

Now I have a million questions racing through my mind…

Do second chances really work?

Can we be together if the world is tearing us apart?

But the one question that terrifies me the most

Will this last?...

The Soldier’s Lost Love is a romance novella filled with true passion and fiery emotions that run deep. It explores the world of second chances, long lost loves, and damaged pasts. If you’re looking for a romance filled with fire and passion, this is the book for you.

Want to turn the heat up a little more? You’re in luck! There’s FREE BONUS STORIES in the back by spicy romance author Megan West.

#FREE 'Run to You' by Lucy Cook

Annalisa had a problem. She had a past, a dangerous past that threatened to destroy her and everyone she loved. She had to keep on the move or risk losing everything.

However, romance found her in the perfect shape of Liam. What is she to do ?

Author Bio:

Lucy Cook is a first time author who loves reading romance books, and now writing them, about people trying to find love despite damaged lives. She lives in Wisconsin with her much loved animals.

'Return of the Jerk (Sweet Life in Seattle Book 2)' by Andrea Simone

"Steamy and fun, an irresistible story of one woman’s obsession and the jerk-like object of her unrequited love..."

Wedding cake baker Blair Thomas loves her life. Her business is thriving, her Seattle condo has a great view of the water, and her refurbished ‘65 convertible Mustang “Isadora” is the coolest car ever. She barely even thinks about that jerk she married five years ago. The one who abandoned her after four months of marriage. The one who left a note on her pillow saying, “See you later, babe.”

Seriously, who does that?

So what if she was once obsessively in love with him. He’s her best friend’s older brother and for years he barely even knew she was alive. He never loved her, and he only married her because of a drunken mistake. At least she’s over him.

Definitely over him.

The only problem is Blair never got around to divorcing him so technically they’re still married. And after five years of traveling the world—Nathan “Road” Church—has finally decided to come home. He arrived on Blair’s doorstep this morning, and now he’s in her bathroom taking a shower. The nerve of him! Oh, and did I mention he’s still hot? Blair doesn’t know what to do.

The jerk has returned.

Warning: Contains one sexy jerk, humorous situations, a heroine with obsessive compulsive disorder, cussing and swearing, steamy love scenes, and references to a part of the male anatomy that doesn’t crow like a rooster – but certainly rises in the early morning.

Author Bio

Andrea Simonne grew up as an army brat and discovered she had a talent for creating personas at each new school. The most memorable was a surfer chick named "Ace" who never touched a surf board in her life, but had an impressive collection of puka shell necklaces. Eventually she turned her imagination towards writing. Andrea still enjoys creating personas, though these days they occupy her books. She currently makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two sons.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

'Reasonable Doubts' by Evie Adams

"If f----g was an Olympic Sport, I'd have more gold than Michael Phelps."

Attorney Jacob Hughes has a perfect life winning mult-imillion dollar cases by day and seducing the most beautiful women in the city by night.

Everything is perfect until he has to work on a case with Laura Miller and the two worst things that can happen to a man happen to him.


She walked around the office like a Christmas present, beautifully wrapped, tantalizing, full of promises that all your deepest wishes will come true. That all you ever wanted was inside.

But the bow was too tight; the wrapping too difficult to open; the perfect present wrapped in duct tape and zip ties is no gift at all.
But you still have to try right?


I know Jacob Hughes.
I know him from his socks to his haircut.
His big d---- swagger and f--- me eyes.
I know every delicious inch.
I know he needs my help, and I know he won't like it.

Reasonable Doubts is a sexy standalone Contemporary Romance with a HEA, and a long, hard road to get there.

For a limited time it includes MARCUS : A Mafia Bad Boy Romance.

About the author:

Romance junkie, day dreamer, slow typer. I root for a good story, always.

I try to write seductive, sex-positive stories. My heroes are always beautiful, troubled alphas and my endings are always happy.