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Meet Teresa Gabelman, Melanie James, Gena D. Lutz, D'Elen McClain, contributing authors to 'Romancing the Paranormal'

Meet four of the authors whose brand new stories are in the upcoming boxed set 'Romancing the Paranormal,' now available for preorder!

Teresa Gabelman

Being a wife to a wonderful man who was my high school honey and a mother to a 17 year old son who is my world and working 40 hour weeks takes up a lot of my spare time. Even with all of that I still find time to read my favorite authors and find new ones to give me a break from reality. My love and passion for the written word sent me on a journey 18 years ago, a journey to be able to do what my favorite authors do for me and that is to take someone away from the daily grind and send them into a world where they can root for their hero’s, hate the villain’s, love and well be kind of jealous of heroine, laugh, cry and be bummed when ‘The End’ comes too quickly. 18 years ago I wrote my first book. 17 years ago I had my son and life happened. It’s time to travel the road that I had to detour from for a time and achieve my goal, my dream and hopefully my reality.

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Melanie James

Melanie James is a Western Pennsylvania native who spent several years in the Chicago area before being dragged to the frozen land of Northeast Wisconsin she has called home for the last 9 years. Not that she minded, Chicago is nice to visit but she didn't care for living there. She prefers living in the country or small towns than in or around a big city.

Melanie is married to the most wonderful husband a woman could ask for. She has two fabulous kids that keep her on her toes and she wouldn't trade them for the world or even consider selling them on e-bay. Most Days!

She has two dogs and one sassy cat (see the pet page for their personal bios). There may be a guinea pig in the house somewhere too!

When she's not writing, she works part time in the IT world (shhh don't tell anyone, she really is a tech geek). She is also working on her graduate degree at the University of Wisconsin Stout.

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Gena D. Lutz

Gena D. Lutz lives in the blistering heat of Arizona with her husband and four kids and two very high maintenance dogs, a Chihuahua and Australian Shepard. When she is not busy writing, Lutz can be found watching the classics, like Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, marathon style. Lutz enjoys reading, riding horses, playing poker and looks forward to the day she can travel the world.

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D'Elen McClain

Since I dislike writing information/bios about myself, I’ve decided to list a bunch of random facts you may or may not know. I’ll add to the list whenever I think of something interesting.

1) I owned a bookstore for 20-years ages 21 to 41.

2) I have three daughters (I lied and said I had a son and two daughters in the Bad Luck books).

3) I love animals from mammals to spiders especially if they have fangs.

4) My favorite breed of dogs are Rottweilers. I’ve been blessed with five in my life.

5) I was very shy in school.

6) I was a high school cheerleader. (No you cannot unfriend me because of this)

7) On October 19th, 2014, I will be married for 35-years.

8) For my midlife crisis I attended the police academy (age 45) and survived.

9) I’m a fangirl of so many authors I can’t list them.

10) I’m Dyslexic and didn’t read until the age of twelve.

11) I’m addicted to books. Severely addicted!

12) My youngest daughter accused me of loving my dogs more than her when she was young. I told her I did love the dogs but there was a big difference. If my children were starving we could eat the dogs. I wasn’t willing to let the dogs eat my children. Looking back, I might have been fibbing.

13) I’m a conservative liberal democrat

14) I believe the naked human body is beautiful and could care less if people walked around nude. Yes all people–tall, thin, fat, droopy!

15) My favorite food is steak.

16) I was the lead detective on a serial killer case and got my guy. He killed three people in two years. Part of the book is written.

17) I have ten grandchildren.

18) My two favorite movies are Schindler’s List and Jaws17) I have ten grandchildren

19) I love to dance (badly)

20) I clean my house when I’m angry. Since my retirement from the police department, I no longer have much motivation.

21) I’m an Army brat

22) I love to laugh even at myself.

23) My favorite books ever are the Anne of Green Gables series.

24) I read everything I can find on deadly diseases. Ebola I’ve got your number.

25) My strangest pet was a scorpion that my mother brought home for me when I was eleven. Some Air Force guys were trying to kill it and she thought I’d like it. I loved it!

26) I drink water and coffee only.

27) I still keep in contact with my friend from 5th grade though we haven’t seen each other since we were twelve.

28) I came up with the Holly Roberts’ pen name because I specialized in sex crimes as a detective and didn’t think writing BDSM would go over well at trial.

29) My real initials are DLN if you add “e” to the middle you have D’Elen. McClain is my mother’s family name.

30) I am really a princess and no one can tell me differently.

31) Smoking marijuana is on my bucket list.

32) I always bring my real-life pink handcuffs to book signings. They’ve circled the wrists of sexual predictors, murderers, and everything in between. Yes, you may try them on.

33) My husband and I eat an exclusively Paleo diet and are no fun to eat with.

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Romancing the Paranormal

Stephanie Rowe - Shadows of Darkness (Order of the Blade)

Haunted by a tormented past that has come to reclaim him, a former assassin must choose between saving the world, or protecting the one woman who can touch his heart and redeem his soul.

Robyn Peterman - Fashionably Hotter Than Hell

Book 5 of the Hot Damned Series

Victoria Danann - Konochur: Wolf Lover

In the middle of a war with dragon shifters, a human widow of a werewolf may get another chance at love, but feelings of guilt threaten a blossoming attraction to the one wolf everyone thought was untamable.

Kym Grosso - Lost Embrace

Dominant vampire leader, Kade Issacson, is devastated when his fiancée, Sydney Willows, is nearly killed by a demon and her transition into the supernatural tests the limits of their bond. Deep in the heart of New Orleans, they struggle to keep her alive while searching for an escaped killer who promises to end Sydney’s life once and for all.

Dakota Cassidy - What Not to Were

Claudy Conn - Harley-Awakening

Harley is a Hybrid that doesn't want to serve revenge up cold. She wants to serve it up now and she wants serve it up HOT.

Teresa Gabelman - Forbidden Hunger

A shifter without a pack, Janna Lawson goes in search of the man who her mother died trying to protect. What she finds is Garrett Foster, a man who has the power to decide her fate and causes a hunger inside her that is forbidden to them both.

Melanie James - Gertie's Paranormal Plantation

When you run a shelter for paranormal creatures, you can’t afford to let your guard down. When carefree—and quite naïve—witch Gertie O’Leary welcomes an enchanting new guest to the plantation, she finds herself caught up in an ancient struggle. Marie Laveau and the gang will have to pull together once again to save Gertie’s love life. Love, lust and laughs await on the Paranormal Plantation.

Gena D. Lutz - Sonnet Vale: Paranormal Hunter

Paranormal hunter, Sonnet Vale, has the unique ability to hunt and kill vampires. But a chance encounter with a handsome stranger is about to change everything, teaching Sonnet what it's like to be hunted and possessed.

D'Elen McClain - Fang Chronicles: Tyboll

A grumpy bear shifter, a stubborn she-bear shifter, and more growls than a bear clan can possibly handle. Will the two kill each other or discover they make the perfect mated pair?

Julia Mills - Her Dragon's Heart

Jace MacQuaid, the youngest Dragon Guardsman since the original knights has just found his mate, Melanie Whelan…the one the Universe made for him…the light of his soul. Of course, to claim her he will have to fight a force so dark not even the oldest of dragon kin has the answers. Fate really stepped in it this time.

Brandy L. Rivers - Seductive Solutions

When Toryn’s trusted friend begins failing, he’ll search for a way to free him of the destructive bond. Isa might have a solution for Scotty’s problem, if Toryn can help her find the courage.

Cynthia St. Aubin - From Hell to Breakfast

He's a supernatural bounty hunter with a broken heart and a loose zipper. She's a succubus with a smart mouth and a long rap sheet. When her crimes become his problem, they're in for one hell of a ride.

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'Forever Faithful' by Isabella

Life is what happens when you make other plans, and Nic and Claire have just found out that life and the Marine Corps have other plans for their lives.

Nic Caldwell has served her country, met the woman of her dreams, and has reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. She’s studying at one of the nation’s most prestigious military universities, setting her sights on a research position after graduation. Things couldn’t be better and then it happens; a sudden assignment to Afghanistan derails any thoughts of marriage and wedded bliss. Another combat zone, another tragedy, and Nic suddenly finds herself fighting for her life.

Claire Monroe loves her new life in Monterey. She’s finally where she wants to be, getting ready to start her master’s program at the local university, watching her daughter, Grace, growing up, and getting ready to marry the love of her life. What could possibly derail a perfect life? The Marine Corps.

Will Nic survive Afghanistan? Can Claire step up and be the strength in their relationship? Or will this overseas assignment and a catastrophic accident divide their once happy home?

About Christine Svendsen

Christine Svendsen is the founder and chief executive of Sapphire Books Publishing, a leading United States publisher of LGBT books. She is the winner of the Golden Crown Literary Society Award for her first novel Always Faithful. She was also a finalist in the International Book Awards and received an honorable mention in the 2010 Rainbow Awards for Always Faithful and again in 2012 for America Yakuza II: The Lies That Bind. Today, Christine publishes books through her company and writes under the pen names of Isabella and Jett Abbott.

Find her on Facebook:

Find out more about Sapphire Publishing:

'Nothing She Ever Had' by Kaydeen A. Hutchinson

'After Party Affair' by Isabel Raven

After Party Affair

by Isabel Raven



Nineteen-year-old Becky Smithton never imagined she’d be invited to her friend, Lorna’s, birthday bash only to be humiliated. The party is over and Becky’s seething with fury, wandering outside and itching for revenge. But what can she do to get back at Lorna and her snobbish mother? A walk through the woods and a chance encounter with Lorna’s bodilicous father, Grant, presents the perfect opportunity. Seducing the dark, handsome—and forbidden—thirty-eight year old should be easy, right? But Grant is made of stronger stuff than other men and soon it’s Becky who’s struggling with frustrated desire. What’s more, her heart is doing funny things and so is her mind, filling her with sudden what-the-hell? pregnancy fantasies involving Grant. As for her body, well, it’s naked and wet, and all she wants is for Grant to dive into the swimming pool and give her what she craves—shallow and deep. After all, if her seduction succeeds then their tryst would only be a meaningless, after party affair… Right?

Read an excerpt:
I smoothed my hand up Grant’s six pack and down his iron hard biceps. “Nice,” I murmured.

His lips curled into a smile and then he caught himself and erased it. “I’m sure there are plenty of men who’d love to hear you say that,” he said gruffly. “You need to find another boyfriend.”

“Romance is overrated, but never mind, I won’t have a chance for any of that this summer, not with working two jobs.”

“Are you okay for money?” he asked seriously. “No, please don’t look at me like that or get offended. I’m not offering you charity. If you need a loan you can count on me to help you.”

I was touched, but was his offer made out of polite, disinterested concern or was he truly worried about me running out of funds? “Your necklace would probably fetch a lot of money,” I said, feigning indifference. “The pendant is encrusted with real diamonds, right?”

Grant frowned. “You would sell my gift?”

My chest did a happy little flip. ‘My’ gift, he’d said tellingly, and not ‘our.’ Despite his previous words, Kate had had nothing to do with my necklace; he’d bought it for me himself. “I would never sell anything you gave me, Grant.” I pressed a soft kiss on his rigid lips, gradually coaxing him into responding to my touch, and then we were back to exchanging longer, slower kisses, sweeter than any ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’ could ever be.

“I shouldn’t be kissing you,” he said.

I rolled my eyes. “Jesus, Grant, lighten up. What’s a few small kisses? No tongue, no foul. I like you, sure, but you’re my best friend’s father.”

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About Isabel Raven:

For Isabel there’s nothing better than writing about men and women who break boundaries to explore their desires. Sweet romance with chaste kisses and closed-door sex? You’re not going to find it in her books! She writes what she likes to read, graphic intimacy between protagonists with plenty of character. Her heroines and heroes are ordinary people with secret cravings. People who will disregard taboos and traditions to follow their hearts—with plenty of hot and sweaty sex along the way.

Pop in and say hello on FB: (there’s an extra ‘r’ between ‘isabel’ and ‘raven’

Isabel will be awarding a free ebook copy of After Party Affair to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Follow along for more chances to win!

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'Victoria's Downfall' by A. Zavarelli


Victoria Kelly has been running scared for six long years. The life she leads is a constant battle to stay one step ahead of the past that haunts her. To build up her walls and keep everyone at a distance. It’s the only way to survive in this twisted web that’s been woven for her, and there’s no escaping it.

Gabriel Maddox is a man who knows what he wants. But what he wants, and what is expected from him, are two entirely different things. To survive his harshest critics, Gabriel has had to adapt. To become cold and ruthless in all aspects of his life, including his relationships. It’s a lifestyle that seems to work for him. It’s how he stays sane. How he stays in control. How he protects himself.

But when Victoria and Gabriel collide, they ignite something in each other that they never knew existed. With dark secrets lurking around every corner, can these two overcome the obstacles that lie ahead?

Read some character quotes from the book:
I said I was sorry that I was an asshole. Not that you ran into me~ Gabriel

I always feel like I'm split in half. There is the shy, timid me who craves love and acceptance. And then there is the reckless part of me, like a willful teenager crying out for attention, and will do almost anything to get it~ Victoria

I have no idea why, but I'm grinning back at her. This temperamental, wild creature in front of me who has the nerve to put me in my place~ Gabriel

Maybe I secretly like the idea of all of New York watching while Gabriel Maddox fucks me~ Victoria

I can't help it if I enjoy the monster I've become. In fact, I don't just enjoy it. I revel in it. I want to be the monster that terrifies them. The sex is better when they hate me, because there's no hiding that in the moment~ Gabriel

He tastes like mint and possession and fire~ Victoria

She knew who I was and genuinely didn't seem to give a fuck. She spoke to me with disdain. It usually took at least a brutal hour of fucking before it ever got to that stage~ Gabriel

I think I would have to disagree Victoria. I think you would like to be owned by me. Knowing that you are mine to do with as I please. I have a feeling, that if you give me the chance, you would like it very much~ Gabriel

Author Bio:

Ashleigh Zavarelli is a Montana Native, currently living near the beautiful beaches of South Australia. She likes to write Contemporary Romance and Dystopian. When she isn't writing she can be found posting updates and cat photos on twitter under the name @ashzav

Social Media Links:

'Fury of Obsession' by Coreene Callahan

Fury of Obsession

by Coreene Callahan



Dragon-warrior Venom lives in self-imposed isolation. Cursed by his toxic touch, he is deadly to anyone who has contact with him for too long. Set apart from others and hounded by intense loneliness, he craves the lasting connection he believes he cannot possess. Until a chance encounter with a sultry mortal offers a ray of hope…

Evelyn Foxe is the woman of Venom’s every desire, but she’s too busy running from the Russian mob to think about love. As she accepts Venom’s offer to help her escape her precarious situation, she’s skeptical, afraid that he’s in league with those sent to harm her. But when a biological weapon is unleashed in her hometown, Evelyn is forced to trust Venom—or risk the dangers of going it alone.

Will they survive the firestorm that rages around them? And can they pull from the ashes a love that will defy all the odds and last through the ages?

Read an excerpt:
Instinct whispered in her ear, plying her with suspicion. She frowned. What was his game? He must be running one. Venom wasn’t stupid. Far from it. Which meant he must’ve known. Must’ve guessed what would happen— that he wouldn’t be able to hide his scalier side from her forever.

Or maybe he’d simply planned on lying to her . . . ad infinitum.

The thought tugged at her temper. An odd reaction. Not at all warranted. She didn’t own the right to be pissed off at him. Anger didn’t belong in the equation. She’d planned to use him for money. He’d wanted her for sex. A simple exchange. No fuss. No muss. And yet, the idea of him being dishonest with her woke something primal. Something dangerous. Something that shoved her toward the truth. The thought of Venom lying to her more than bothered her. It infuriated her, violated her sense of . . . of . . . well, she didn’t know exactly. Right and wrong? Her sense of self-worth? A healthy dose of pride, maybe? No clue. But whatever the catalyst, it lit the fuse, setting moral indignation on fire, tipping the balance, making her throw caution to the wind. 
Eyes narrowed, she scowled up at him. “Venom.”

“Almost there, mazleiha.”

“Where are we going?”

“Somewhere safe.”

“Will your dragon friends be there?”

Her clipped tone made him glance down. She glared at him.

A wary light entered his eyes. “No. It’ll just be you and me for a while.”

“Good,” she said, hot sauce in her tone. “We need to talk.”

“You gonna take it easy on me?”


He grimaced. “That’s what I thought.”


© 2015 Coreene Callahan

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About Coreene Callahan

After growing up as the only girl on an all-male hockey team, Coreene Callahan knows a thing or two about tough guys and loves to write characters inspired by them. After graduating with honors in psychology and taking a detour to work in interior design, Coreene finally gave in and returned to her first love: writing. Her debut novel, Fury of Fire, was a finalist in the New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Contest in two categories: Best First Book and Best Paranormal. She combines her love of romance, adventure, and writing with her passion for history in her novels Fury of Fire, Fury of Ice, Fury of Seduction, Fury of Desire, Fury of Obsession, Knight Awakened, Knight Avenged and Warrior’s Revenge. She lives in Canada with her family, a spirited golden retriever, and her wild imaginary world.

Visit her at

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'Mistaken Identify III (The Perfect Woman for Them)' by Sylvia Hubbard


Elena knew she wanted something different... she needed something different, but aside from the dreams she had of past wicked events, she couldn't put her finger on her true hearts' desire.

That is until she found herself meeting Pholsom Todd. A rich millionaire who needed her expertise in his business and her body in his bed. A man determined to get what he wanted and what he wanted was Elena.

Unbeknowing to Elena, Pholsom's plans for her life, her body and her heart had already been planned a long time ago.

Will she be ready for what is to come?

Or die getting what she desires?

Mistaken Identity Three: The Perfect Woman for them is a MFM series, where desire doubles in pleasure. Take a wild ride on the edge of the imagination of AwardWinning, Bestselling Author, Sylvia Hubbard.

Author’s Note: This is a standalone story. The reason this is a book three is because of the underlying story line with sub-characters in this book.

About the author:

Native Detroiter, Sylvia Hubbard, has been involved in writing, selling and producing e-books for over ten years. As a suspense romance writer, she started selling e-books before they became popular and had an early education on the technology and has had the benefit of watching the tremendous growth of social media over the past decade in the literary field. She is founder of Motown Writers Network and Event Chairperson of The Essence of Motown Literary Jam, plus the author of over 30 books, including The Internet Marketing Guide for Writers & Businesses. Her website is: