Friday, September 23, 2016

Sweet Trouble by Sasha Gold

Sweet Trouble


Bad blood. That’s what’s between me and the Voss family. I vowed to come after the Voss men when I got out of prison. By then they were all dead or gone. Imagine my surprise when a Voss I didn’t know about comes to town. Bailey Voss is gorgeous, sexy and way too young for me. I tell myself I’m going to stay clear but then on a stormy night I see her. At a bar. Getting hit on. When she tries to leave and can’t get her car to start I make one, simple offer.


Bad vibe. Mr. McKinley’s got a grudge against me. Why? I have no idea. But he scares me. When I run into him at the dance hall, I want to keep my distance, but I can’t. The man practically forces me onto the dance floor… but his touch makes me feel something I’ve never felt before. The attraction is potent, raw and carnal. I might be innocent, but I’ve never wanted a man like I want the man everyone calls Nicholas “Mount” McKinley.

***** Standalone Novel, No Cliffhanger, Happily Ever After ***** 
***** Safe Read, No Cheating, Some Strong Language *****

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