Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sex Confessions of a Ride Share Driver by Brian David Michaels

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Sex Confessions of a Ride Share Driver

Brian David Michaels is a part-time Ride Share driver. He drives to relax from his normal job as a writer. Usually, Brian works the late evening hours just to unwind. He finds the time in the car alone between rides as very relaxing.

From his first day as a Rideshare driver, he was propositioned by ladies for sex. But Brian just laughed it off. But as time went on, he realized that he was missing an opportunity. Random casual sex with no strings attached. And to think for months all this NSA sex passed by him.

Soon after this revelation, he makes his first move. He accepts an offer. These are the stories of Brian's sexual adventures. Here in this first installment, we meet the first of many ladies. Join us here for book one and live the life of love, sex and fantasy.

About Brian David Michaels

Brian David Michaels is an author. Brian mostly writes in the science fiction genre. He bases the majority of his stories on his work as a telemetry analyst for a US high tech contractor.

Brian has lived all over the world, but now calls Washington, DC his home. Brian also once lived on a desert island with only 12 other people. It is here that his real writing abilities flourished.

Brian is now married to Sophia; a young lady he met only because he spoke Russian. His loving wife, Sophia is his motivation to write daily. Brian writes just a few hours each day and spends the remainder of the day as Brian, the dad. His writer hat is left at the computer.

You can find Brian, most days in downtown DC relaxing in one of the parks, or just walking the streets with his family. If you see him say hello.

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