Thursday, September 24, 2020

Elesian Dragon Mates: The Complete Series by Sammie Joyce

One young witch coming into her powers. Four smoking hot dragon shifters. Defending their way of life together.

Complete series in this boxed set.

I didn't choose the life of a coven leader. I was born into it and refusing the position wasn't an option.
When I met my dragons, my life changed for the better. Stepping into my new role became easier with their support.
But my bliss didn't last. It couldn't with the threats facing our coven and our way of life.
My sisters hated the dragons and blamed them for the violence. They didn't see things as I did and it was now my job to show strength and courage as I defended our coven and my dragons.
I wasn't sure how I'd face it all. I had no idea how bad it would get.
But I was certain that I wouldn't be alone. I was certain my dragon lovers wouldn't desert me. And when the baby came, things got so much more complicated. I was certain my life would never the the same again.

Was Rose naive? Was there any way she could be in love with four alpha males and not deal with jealousy, discontent, and uncertainty?

Will a baby complete this family or will their enemies tear them apart before they're ever together?

Read an excerpt:

"The dragons are all descended from the Bond family, but fortunately, they have been dying out for a while now; obviously, we do everything we can to keep them from breeding. Such acts only happen when one of them manages to slip from our control. Currently, all of the dragons in existence are male, which means that they will die out within a generation.”

Rose raised her hand.

“Yes, Rose?”

“Can’t they breed with human women?”

“No. Such offspring are not able to survive. The human and dragon genes seem to be incompatible.”

Rose wanted to ask if they could breed with witches, but decided to keep that question to herself.

“Their leader, Atticus Bond, was killed in the Great Rebellion, along with three others. There are now ten left, divided between the three covens.

“Even as reduced as their numbers are, they are still powerful enough to destroy the world if we let them get out of hand. Only the brute force of our magic can keep everyone safe. The Great Rebellion was particularly bloody even for a dragon uprising, but it had characteristics that are recognizable in all scenarios throughout history when the dragons have slipped our control.”

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Releases October 5, 2020

Available in KU!

Sammie Joyce absolutely loves all romance! All. Of. It!

Paranormal romance became her favorite and she decided that she had to write about her passion. Mixing the paranormal with every day life for humans is fun!

Sammie loves to travel and she's always looking for paranormal inspiration in every place she visits. England is a favorite spot to gather new ideas. Her in-laws are there and she usually finds time to slip away to explore on her own when she's there.

Now living in Texas with her husband, Sammie loves to write outside on her deck when it's not too hot!

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