Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'Love/Life: Hot in Houston' by Renee Curtis

Title: Love/Life: Hot in Houston
Author: Renee Curtis
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance 

The Hawthorne sisters have it all: beauty, wealth and all of the trappings of high society Houston. Jasen-gorgeous and smart. She's captured the heart of small town boy, Diesel. And she intends to give him more than just her heart in return! Sooner rather than later. Adrienne-the blonde bombshell. Her want-it-all-now attitude makes her irresistible to her rocker boyfriend, Jackson. But it also has the attention of a married man. Will she make the right choice when it comes to love? Their twenty second year will prove to be one fabulous, wild ride that will leave you wanting more. Because nothing makes Houston hotter than the Hawthorne sisters.

Read an excerpt:
Jasen walked around the marble island and offered Tori some wine.

“Red or white?”

“White.” Tori pulled out a stool and sat down. “I wanted to tell you something and hope that it is not upsetting to hear.”

“Sure. What’s up?”

“I probably should let your father tell you. But, we’ve been seeing each other… as more than friends.”

“I had kind of guessed it, actually. He was vague about his whereabouts, but PJ told me that hehad been in Fort Worth a lot the last few months. I think it’s great.”


“Well, yeah. Look, he and my mom haven’t been happy for a long time. I was hoping that it was you and not some twenty-something he met in a bar! That really wouldn’t work for me.”

“That means a lot to me, Jasen. I know you love your mother, but you also love your father.” “He’s happy with you. I see the twinkle in his eye when he comes home. You’re everything he ever wanted, my mom just got in the way and complicated things for you two.”

Jasen walked around and gave Tori a big hug. She really was glad that her dad was happy. Jackson still hadn’t come back and didn’t pick up when Jasen called the second time. She decided to try sending a text.

Please come back to the penthouse. I know things are bad, but do it as a favor to me. Jasen

She ran upstairs to change, too. Tori was still sitting at the bar sipping her wine with a thoughtful look on her face. Jasen hoped things worked out for them this time. Her mother would never forgive her for taking her father’s side, but she couldn’t forgive her mother for the drinking or her own indiscretions.

Jasen knew about the affair her mother had/was still probably having with Sergio. She found photos of them from her mother’s vacation in Spain last summer. She had found a whole bevy of things while looking for the firebox that held her birth certificate: receipts from places Maggie had bought him clothing, hotel rooms for Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Gomez Garcia, all paid with Maggie’s credit card that was paid with Jay’s money.

About the author:
Born and raised in Longview Texas, Renee' is the youngest of six children. She began reading at an early age, and that love has yet to fade. Her favorite book as a child was Charlotte's Web by E.B. White and as a teen The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. She later found Jackie Collins, John Grisham and more recently Olivia Cunning. Her bookshelves overflow with their well developed characters, clever, sexy, exciting story lines and beautiful locales.

Though becoming a writer was never something that she endeavored to be, it did come to her in the form of a dream. After getting encouragement from some friends in 2008, she set about writing "love/life"as a romance story for the new millennium. Four years, a divorce and a spectacular new relationship later, she finished a quasi romance/erotica story of the Hawthorne sisters and their sin-sational lives.

In her spare time, Renee' enjoys golf, movies, hanging out with friends and spending time with her family. Her all-time favorite movie is A Time to Kill starring fellow Longview alum Matthew McConnaughey. Others include Boondock Saints and all of the Daniel Craig 007 movies.

She loves music, and her Ipod is a mix of indie, alt, pop, and maybe even a country song or two (think fellow Texans Steve Earle or Pat Green). Television is a rarity, but comes in the form occasionally of BBC America's Top Gear, Duck Dynasty or the brash and funny Daniel Tosh of Tosh.0. She also lays claim to the title of #1 Dallas Star's hockey fan (just ask to see the tattoo for proof).


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