Wednesday, April 3, 2013

#AtoZChallenge ee cummings

As a child, I remember being fascinated by ee cummings, because he didn't like capitalization nor punctuation. It blew my mind, because those rules were being drilled into my head in elementary school. Nevertheless, we read his poetry, particularly those written for kids, I suppose.

Moving on as a teacher, I loved a book called hist whist, that I still like to break out during the Halloween season. I knew about his poetry for adults and had read some of them. I never knew that he had an erotic collection, as well. I only found out after a friend mentioned how her husband had read ee cummings during their wedding ceremony and often purchased his books of poetry for her.

cummings was also apparently an artist, with numerous drawings to accompany his poetry. Have you read them?

Blurb from Amazon:

E. E. Cummings’s erotic poems and drawings gathered in a single volume.

Many years ago the prodigious and famously prolific E. E. Cummings sat in his study writing and thinking about sex. His private brooding gave way to poems and drawings of sexual and romantic love that delight and provoke. Here, collected for this first time in a single volume, are those erotic poems and sketches, culled from Cummings’s original manuscripts by the distinguished editor George James Firmage.

    from “16”
    may i feel said he
    (i’ll squeal said she
    just once said he)
    it’s fun said she
    (may i touch said he
    how much said she
    a lot said he)
    why not said she
12 drawings


  1. I'm afraid his lack of capitals and punctuation would irritate my intensely!

  2. Ok, my head flipped for a sec. Thought this was the same guy who did the Pooh books (The voice actor)! I must admit to being with Paula here. Those lacks would far outweigh any gains. I'm also not a huge poetry fan, but maybe I'll give it a go some day. Can't say you don't like it if you haven't tried, right?

  3. I always found e e cummings interesting...

  4. I love Cummings (who really didn't lowercase his own name; that was done by others), and I remember reading this poem somewhere before. I didn't know he wrote erotica though! Thanks for enlightening me!

  5. I haven't read any Cummings. This sounds like fun though :)


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