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'Blood Eternal (The Blessed Book 1)' by Toni Kelly

Blood Eternal Blurb:

He’s her judge, jury and executioner. She’s his only chance to truly live.

Savannah Michaels is in desperate need of cash…for all the right reasons. Determined to leave behind her hospital debt and the nightmares of her past, she answers a classified ad to be a paid travel companion in Italy. Of course, she hardly expects her employer to be a tall, handsome and moody vampire.

Luke Evans has a very good reason to seek revenge against the world’s greedy souls. After all, greed cost him his wife and mortal life two centuries ago. His latest ploy, classified ads, is working out well. Until he meets Savannah Michaels. She is not what she seems and even worse, hasn’t the slightest idea just how different she is.

Suddenly, Luke realizes playing judge and jury over his victims comes at too high a cost, especially when his latest victim may be the love of his life...and the death of his race.

CONTENT WARNING: Vampires with sexy accents; may lead to seduction.

She coughed a nervous laugh as he eased forward, one hand still wrapped around her waist while with the other, he tucked her hair behind her ear. He moved to kiss her and the darkness around them only made this knowledge more thrilling. Back away. 
“Savannah.” He crushed his lips, moist and soft, over hers. 
Butterflies fluttered deep within her core. This was wrong and could only lead to more pain. But how could she deny what felt right and good? Her mouth opened to him, inviting him in. Then she floated, flying through nothingness and yet filled with everything. Her hands moved behind her, found a grip along the wet wall. It didn’t matter she couldn’t see. As long as she could feel his lips, his hands. He nipped her jaw, and another breeze whistled around them, coaxing the tips of her breasts into hardened points as they pressed through the thin material of her dress. Clasping the zipper pressed against her back, she tugged it down, freeing herself enough to slide the fluttery sleeves off her shoulders. She cupped the mounds of her breasts, enjoyed the weight of them in her hands. “Kiss me here.”

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Author Bio:

Toni Kelly first discovered a passion for writing at the tender age of six when her mother would “publish” her scribbled tales using trusty old word perfect. Gradually, stories of geese and golden eggs became poems and essays until one fateful night nearly a decade later when Toni snuck a romance novel from her mother’s room. The cover’s backdrop was scenic with mountains and a lake but the couple of focus really caught her attention, a beautiful woman with long, wavy red hair and a stunningly handsome male enveloping her in his arms. Needless to say, several nights of reading later, Toni was in love with the characters as well as the romance genre itself.

So, after years of reading thousands of novels—romance as well as other genres—and several attempts to write “stories” for leisure, Toni decided to make a go of her passion and write her first full-length paranormal novel about a race of fallen angels. Why paranormal? Although Toni reads the entire spectrum of romance from historical to sci-fi, something about the impossibility of the creatures and situations fascinated. Perhaps it was those nights spent watching movies like The Never Ending Story, Willow, Legend and The Princess Bride, that fostered a hunger for the extraordinary.

When Toni is not writing or thinking up new plot ideas, she loves traveling and experiencing different cultures, languages and traditions. Many times these experiences provide inspiration for her writing. In addition to this, Toni is bilingual in English and Spanish and currently working on teaching herself Italian whenever time permits.

Thought to walk away with: Some of the most beautiful parts of life and this earth can be found at the most inopportune of times and in the most unusual of places. Always walk with your heart open.

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