Monday, July 28, 2014

'Surrender to Ryan' by Cassandra Black


After splitting up with her son’s father, Vincent, who she still has feelings for, the last thing on Destiny’s mind is a relationship. A fling maybe, but a relationship? Never. But things may change when she meets the handsome war hero, Ryan Colby, during a long-overdue night out with her girlfriend, Porsha. Not only is Ryan handsome and oozing with sex appeal, he’s modest, kind, and a perfect gentleman -- and, unlike her son’s father, he’s a “grown-ass” man who seems to know how to appreciate a good woman.

Author Bio: 

Cassandra Black is a writer, publisher and entrepreneur. A resident of Atlanta, she travels frequently to the tropics to enjoy the Caribbean Sea. She has penned several romance novellas, a children's picture book, and a plethora of real estate and small business publications. Her joy is reading and writing stories that delve into the often forgotten trials, tribulations, souls of women. See a full list of her books on Amazon.


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