Thursday, July 17, 2014

'Time's Embrace' by Deb Stover


Time’s Embrace includes the novels Almost An Angel, A Moment in Time, Another Dawn, and a never-before published short story sequel to Another Dawn.

In Almost An Angel, Fate has given Hilary Brown one more chance at life. After Zach Ryan walks into her afterlife, will he lead her to Heaven’s gate or is he the temptation that will pave the path to Hell?

In A Moment In Time, hairdresser Jackie Clarke finds herself suddenly a saloon singer in the middle of 1891 Colorado. She just may fall into the arms of a miner with a heart of gold, if all goes right…

Another Dawn starts with Luke Nolan on the night of his scheduled execution. After meeting a beautiful young doctor named Sofie, the two are sent back in time more than a century after a freak explosion. After she loses her memory, Luke falls in love with her. Will their love survive the future?

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About the author:

At the tender age of four, Deb Stover declared her candidacy to become the first female President of the United States. She took a detour to play Lois Lane, and penned her first Letter to The Editor at age eleven. The Lois Lane gig suited her, so she stuck with it for a while, but in the end she couldn't bring herself to blow Clark Kent's cover for the Big Story. Then she fell in love with and married her own real American Hero, so Superman was free to continue fighting for justice (seriously, what is Clark doing about the dearth of phone booths these days?).

Considering her extensive personal experience with real heroes, redirecting her passion for writing from journalism to Romance Novels seemed a natural progression. Since publication of Shades of Rose in 1995, she has received dozens of awards for her work, which includes over twenty titles in a variety of languages and formats.

A native of Wichita, Kansas, Deb and her family have lived in five states, but after her Hero Husband's death, she made the decision to follow the Yellow Brick Road back to be live near her Hero Dad in Kansas. After all "there's no place like home."

Of course, there's still the unfinished matter of her presidential campaign, but first she has many more stories left to write....

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