Monday, October 5, 2015

'A Love That's True' by Jala Summers


Naomi, whose world has been rocked by a pregnancy and divorce all within a matter of months, is finally starting to appreciate her life’s new normal. But her ex-husband,Shane,decides he isn’t quite ready to embrace this new life just yet.

Before she even has a chance to calm herself after his proposition, her high school crush, Brandon Neal, emerges to further complicate matters. And unfortunately, the elapsed time hasn’t seemed to diminish Naomi’s undeniable attraction to the former jock.

Brandon Neal, also divorced and a doting father, is excited about the chance to finally get close to Naomi. But the obligations of his own life and family don’t make his pursuit of the woman he’s secretly admired as easy as he’d hoped.

Soon, they are forced to deal with the reality of their situation. And when the consequences of choosing wisely weigh so heavily, will Naomi and Brandon be able to see through the fog of chaos around them to make the choices that can lead to a love that’s true?

Author Bio: 

Jala Summers, a lifelong fan of the art of storytelling, enjoys creating fiction which allows her to explore the complexities of everyday life and the intricacies of human emotion.

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