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A conversation with Zoey Kinsman, author of A Certain Connection

The wonderful Zoey Kinsman has come back to Books to Light Your Fire to let us get to know her a little bit better. Her book A Certain Connection comes out on May 16th. Be sure to visit her site to sign up for her newsletter. The first 50 to do so will get a free copy of the book upon its release!

What was the inspiration behind this book?
There were many ideas that motivated me to write the novel. First, I don’t believe that there are enough stories out there prominently that showcase a real, genuine and modern relationship from a woman’s point of view. Everyone is always looking for the happily ever after but, in reality, just what does it take to get there. What can the ups and downs look like? The female protagonist in A Certain Connection is plagued with deep seated issues stemming from childhood around loss and abandonment. Do they defeat her or make her stronger in her relationship with Asher Browne? Hopefully, the message in the novel will remind us all of the empowerment and resiliency that rests within.
To which character did you relate the most?
Actually, I related to both. Mel is very easily relatable because she is every woman who, when faced with challenges, tries her utmost to make a meaningful relationship work. Asher’s message resonated with me as well. Here we have a 35 year old male at the brink of success in his career after many years of pounding the pavement who finds himself in love at the most inconvenient time! Love isn’t always convenient or on time. It just is. And we watch him intensely struggle to make sense of it.
Who was the most difficult to write?
None were difficult. As I wrote, I felt guided to tell this story.
What is one of your favorite scenes?
Hard to pick but I’d say the ones up north at the cottage in the summertime and of course, the two different Christmas holiday scenes.
Will we ever see these characters again?
No comment! LOL
What drives you as a writer?
A Certain Connection is a story of hope. We all have a resilient warrior within and I think that message needs as much reiteration as possible.
What really lights your fire?
I’m a die-hard romantic! Sure, I love the usuals like candles, wine, whiskey, beaches, moonlight and mood lighting. But any Barry White music will definitely always be everything.
What are some of your other written works?
Beckoned By The Mist has just been picked up for publishing. Look for it later this year of early in 2017.
What is something on your bucket list you would be willing to share?
I’d love to travel to Hawaii, Ireland and Scotland. And there are two exceptionally talented actors that I would love to see on stage.

To your readers, I would say that writing a novel was always on my bucket list from very early on. I’m very happy to say that I actually did two to date! You are never too young or too old to have a bucket list. Follow your passion!

A Certain Connection

Magic can happen anywhere…

When Asher Browne, an actor about to hit the heights of stardom, meets Melanie in a New York bookstore, neither are prepared for the torrent of passion their meeting would unleash.

Mel, on finding herself once again single, was looking for solace on that fateful Saturday night - but instead, she found the muse who would eventually awaken her authentic self.

Asher Browne - “six full feet of gorgeous” - sweeps Mel off her feet... but would their passion for one another be enough to sustain their budding love and long-distance romance?

Separated by two cities and an age difference, they have major obstacles to overcome.

In many ways, although a love story at its core, A Certain Synchronicity is about a woman's journey through passion, pain and love to find her own special happily ever after.
Arrives May 16th

About Zoe Kinsman

Zoey Kinsman has written extensively both professionally and personally for years and now transitions into publishing with her new & exciting novel A Certain Connection. Her joy of writing fiction lies in the genre of romance, woman’s contemporary issues, living and learning.

Zoey has immense expertise writing for organizational and growth management and is a professional with experience in for front line programming, human resources, community partnerships, customer quality service, and finance, grant-writing/reporting with duties that also include the creation of policies and procedures and stakeholder relations. Zoey, as well, has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Social Work and a Masters in Public Management. She is an executive professional with expertise in child, youth and parent counseling.

As a passionate spiritualist, Zoey believes in ‘pay it forward’ and lives by the motto ‘you too can make a difference!’ “It’s important to me that my readers feel connected to the work and always take something away from it.”

She is married with a daughter and her interests are in theatre, dance, music and of course, books!

Look for Zoey’s new novel Beckoned By The Mist coming later in 2016.

Find her online:

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