Thursday, January 28, 2016

'Taken: All Is Fair in Lust and War' by Morgana Patrick


*A hot and steamy paranormal college romance perfect for fans of Karen Marie Moning, Julie Kenner and Sherrilyn Kenyon*

Adelaide is an angel. An angel who has fallen for a demon.

There is something about Daman though that makes her feel like she is alone even while she is with him.

In this first installment of her “All is Fair in Lust & War” series bestselling author Morgan Patrick, pits Adelaide and the demons against the loathsome vampires in a battle for control of earth. And when Adelaide is sent on a spying mission in the darkness of a vampire night, things go terribly wrong.

Seduction, treachery and combat between angels, demons and vampires fill this fast-paced, sexy story, in which Adelaide must face her worst fears and darkest desires.

Readers should be 18 or over due to mature content and language.

Read an excerpt:
"He placed his hands on her waist and gently turned her around so that she was facing the hole in the ceiling. “You see that? That’s your way out. There might be an ambush waiting for you, just at the surface…or there might not. You can take that chance if you want.” He bent over her shoulder, planting a kiss on the side of her neck. She had never been more hyperaware of her own pulse than in that very moment. “Or you can stay here with me.” He whispered, turning her back around to face him. He placed a palm on her cheek, lifting her face up to meet his lips. 
Adelaide had never felt anything like it. The sensation of his lips against hers was quite literally, electric. She could feel the tiny nerve endings at on the surface of her skin, spasm. Her hands gripped his shirt, as her hip pressed against his. She could feel his tongue press just inside of her mouth. “And I’ll promise not to kill you.” He hissed, turning his attention to her neck."

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