Friday, January 1, 2016

'Through Becky's Eyes' by H.E. Kline Book Trailer

Caught in the cesspool of the inner court system, Becky Lawrence can’t believe her dream job, Assistant U.S. Attorney, is turning into a delicious nightmare, thanks to her new boss, Zach Woods. Though he’s married and they disagree on policy and procedure, there’s no doubt they’re in one accord when it comes to sex. Crazy hot sex that makes your hair stand on end sex!!! It wouldn’t be so bad if she could keep her emotions out of the equation, but love is slowly filling her heart for her handsome boss, making Becky shake and quake when Zach sexes her up with those hot, dark eyes of his! As they fall deeper into sex and sin, Becky receives the shock of her life. With a heavy heart, she realizes her perfectly imperfect life is crashing around her. But how could she ever imagine being bad may bring her the greatest good?

The Boston Globe calls it: “A Gripping and Powerful Erotic True Crime Thriller,” Midwest Book Review calls it: “A Must Read!” and “One of the Top Books of 2015!”

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Read an excerpt:
“Zach stood swaying staring at her wet cheeks: ‘Come on,’ he whispered as he helped her to stand. He led her into her bedroom knocking his shoulders intermittently into the walls as he staggered, and he locked the door as her bathrobe fell to the floor. She stood naked beside her bed staring at her round belly: ‘Look at me,’ she said as she cried ... Zach stood in front of her as his right hand gently felt her baby bump: ‘I’m looking at you,’ he whispered as he sat on the edge of the bed and pushed his face gently against her abdomen, ‘you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.’”

Author Bio:

Before becoming a fulltime writer H.E. Kline specialized in transcribing expert, medical, and scientific testimony. Kline is a Registered Professional Reporter, Registered Merit Reporter, and Certified Realtime Reporter currently registered with the National Court Reporters Association. Kline creatively intertwines nonfiction into imaginary contemporary romance, mystery, science fiction, and horror in a concerted effort to give a "voice" to those whose voice may have been forgotten or lost in translation.

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