Tuesday, January 19, 2016

'Going Home for Bad: A Bad Boy Navy Seal Romance' by Penny Owen

It's the week before May's hometown wedding and she is getting revved up between the sheets. But it's not her brainy fiance Ralph on her mind; instead, she's fantasizing about Blake, the hometown bad boy with whom she had countless steamy trysts before heading off to college twelve years ago. When she and Ralph head back to Madison, Virginia for a backyard wedding, May can't help but wonder whatever happened to Blake.

She quickly finds out on her first day at her childhood home. He pulls up to the house in a tight t-shirt with more muscles and tattoos than she could ever have imagined. While seeing Blake revives an undeniable sexual tension between the two, May has trouble remembering what is was that made her fall for Ralph. Will she settle for Ralph's safe yet complacent attitude, or will Blake's gruff, throw-down demeanor force her to change direction at the last minute?

Cum and find out.

Read an excerpt:
May laid down beside her fiance. He was already asleep. She was desperately horny. Beneath the covers, she pulled her nightgown up and lowered her panties.

There was only one man she could ever fantasize about while masturbating.
And it wasn’t Ralph, the man she was about to marry.


Blake was a bad boy. Frequently fought. Worked on cars and made them loud and fast.

Always rolled his shirts up his arms to show off his ‘guns.’ 
She heard he even smoked before and after school. 
May, on the other hand, wore long respectable dresses. Shirts that covered her cleavage. Never anything too tight.

She was always on time to class, and turned in all of her assignments the day they were due. 
So how did they even get together? 
It was hard to say. It happened gradually over senior year, and then exploded after graduation.
But no one ever knew. It was between just the two of them. 
It began to simmer after Christmas when she went to a party with some of her friends before school started back up. He was there. Hunting cap on. Fitted flannel t-shirt. Huge, shiny belt buckle keeping tight jeans on. He had apparently just won a fight earlier that day against a football player from a neighboring school, but they said it was no contest. Easy to believe since the only sign he had been in a fight was a scraped knuckle or two on his right hand.

God, he had pecks even then. When she saw him, he was doing one of his party tricks— flexing his chest back and forth like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It got a rise out of both the boys and the girls, making everyone laugh. They asked him to do it again, and he complied. He tried to walk away, but they demanded another encore. One after another, and he did it every time. Stood up proud and straight, with a slight smirk on his face as he did. 
He saw her watching. She may have had her mouth open, she couldn’t remember. But he talked to her that night. Her. The teacher’s pet. Miss Goody-Two Shoes. 
Needless to say, she started going to more and more parties after that.

About the author

Penny's goal is to combine fantasy and reality in both her writing and everyday life. You could meet her characters on the street, but never guess what goes on in their lives behind closed doors...

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