Monday, January 25, 2016

'Spring Rush (A Raven Harbor Novel Book 1)' by Amy Chanel

Spring Rush

Olivia Sarlin is head-over-heels and seconds from meeting the man of her fantasies. But when a sexy, dark mystery man bowls her over like china in a tea shop, her plans go awry. His unapologetic manner ignites her fiery temper. That is until the sparks between them set off an inner flame and she is irresistibly drawn to him.

There is, however, an obstacle. A wealthy but ridiculous would-be suitor places himself in their path. His malevolent heart will stop at nothing to have her, setting off a string of events that threaten to throw a wrench into her life and come between her and the man she loves.

Spring Rush is a steamy, contemporary romance with colorful characters and a splash of humor.

Don't miss the unfolding Raven Harbor Series...

Book 1: Spring Rush, Olivia
Book 2: Summer Season, Olivia
Book 3: Autumn Dreams, Olivia
Book 4: …coming 2016

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About the author:

Amy Chanel writes steamy romance novels. Life experience has taught her that people are weirder than fiction. Her characters suitcase is stuffed - its zippers are bursting. She tries to tame them to fit them into her books.

Her books in the Raven Harbor Novels include: Spring Rush, Summer Season and Autumn Dreams. Book four of this series coming in 2016. She’s presently at work on a new series of short reads: Raven Harbor Lane, which will launch in February 2016.

She’s a lover of animals of all stripes and feathers with a fondness for gauchos. Dancer of tango, carnívora, tomato whisperer... she LOVES to cook (and eat). Champagne is her kryptonite.

​She's an early riser, never leaves home without her camera. A medal-winning figure skater, Amy is living the destiny a psychic once told her she would in South America... She is now LOVING life.

If it hadn't been for the Duchess of Winshaw, she’d have been a cowgirl.

She loves to hear from readers!

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