Monday, July 18, 2016

Guardian Bears: Karl by Leslie Chase

Guardian Bears: Karl

She’s destined to be his … but is he destined to destroy her?

A dangerous hunt ...

Polar bear shifter Karl Werner is on the trail of a “werewolf” -- a wolf shifter who’s lost control of their animal. Since shifters who reach that point can’t be rehabilitated, his grim task is to execute whoever it is before they can expose shifters’ existence to the wider world.

The job takes him to Mayfair, a town on the edge of the desert. The climate makes his bear miserable … but when he finds his fated mate, it generates a whole different kind of heat. If only the curvy, green-eyed brunette weren’t so standoffish.

A terrifying suspicion ...
Allison Lewis has never responded to a man the way she does to Karl. The ex-Special Forces man is huge and muscled and fills her with longing -- but the reason why he’s come to Mayfair chills her to the bone.

The nightmares she’s been having all point to one horrifying conclusion: that she’s the “monster” he’s hunting. How can she trust the man who’s been sent to kill her … let alone give in to the fire between them?

An agonizing dilemma
When Karl realizes the truth, Allison runs away -- but she’s got human hunters after her. Karl has to find her before they do, and then accomplish what’s never been done: teach an out-of-control shifter how to unite with her wolf. Can he pull off the impossible ... or will he be forced to destroy his mate?

***Guardian Bears: Karl is a steamy standalone, full-length bear shifter romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhangers.***

About Leslie Chase

I love writing, and especially enjoy writing sexy paranormal romance. It lets my imagination run free and my ideas come to life! When I'm not writing, I'm busy thinking about what to write next or researching it - yes, damn it, looking at castles and swords counts as research.

If you enjoy my books, please let me know with a review. Reviews are really important and I appreciate every one!


Twitter: @lchasewrites

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