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Eleni's Journey (The Secrets That Lie Series) by Devin Devonne Trailer and Excerpt

Eleni's Journey

When Eleni’s parents arrange for her to marry a king, they assume she will lead a life fit for a queen. Unfortunately, Eleni soon discovers that beneath her husband’s debonair exterior lies a madman. Desperate to escape her abusive spouse, Eleni flees to the shore where she meets David, the charming and sexy heir to the English throne. Eleni finds comfort, true love, and erotic pleasure in his arms, only to have her cruel husband shatter her newfound hopes and sell her into slavery. Separated by an ocean, Eleni and David must grapple with the twisted betrayal, dark lusts, and shocking murders that have invaded their kingdoms before tragedy destroys their lives forever. Will Eleni ever find happiness again? 

Read an excerpt:
The crew loaded up on new supplies and made repairs after coming through the previous storm, leaving part of the rudder of the ship unusable. The extent of the damage extended their time on the Canary Islands for a week due to repairs. 
Back out at sea, the voyage continued smoothly. The day was clear and blue. The birds were out flying high above the ship, and the dolphins escorted the Lady Fantasy into the depths of the ocean. 
A great day to be at sea. 
David paced up and down the deck, checking his list to make sure his crew were on task with their duties. As he per-formed his inspections, the sky filled with dark clouds turning gray and his ship rolled into a dense cover of fog. The ship shifted course on its own, steering itself into the path of the thick fog. David barked orders for his crew. 
“Get this ship back on course, and watch out for the rocks!” he yelled. 
As soon as the fog appeared, it dissipated, disappearing in-to thin air revealing an island with jagged rocks on the beaches surrounding it. As the ship came into the lagoon, one of the sailors pointed at a figure off into the distance. 
“Captain, over there on the rocks!” 
David circled the surroundings with his binoculars, then towards the direction his crew member was pointing. Standing on the rock formation, was one of the mysterious women the old man on the Canary Islands had mentioned. David dropped his binoculars to his chest. A wave of heat closed over him. 
Her long raven hair hung past her waist. She had a darker olive skin tone, a firm body, and a beautiful smile. She stared in the direction of David and his crew. The woman smiled, then lifted a horn from its resting place on her hip and blew into it. In the distance, small boats appeared out of the fog. Sweat formed on David's brow and his chin quivered. He should have warned his crew. 
Before he was even able to mutter a word, two women popped their heads up from under the waves. They joined the first female in singing the trance-like song.

“You must not listen to them! Turn away from them, do not listen to their songs. They will lure you to their shores!” David screamed frantically. 
His words did not help. Two members of his crew slipped off their pants and shoes and dived overboard. The women riding the waves in the water clutched their shirts and led them back to the shore. A third sailor bent over the side of the ship. He reached his hand out to one of the remaining women. She took his hand, yanking him into the water. 
Without warning, the ship shifted to the left. One of the sailors had cut the anchor restraints dropping it into the bay, diving into the water after one of the women signaled to him. The ship lodged itself up on the rocks with nowhere to go. Raven heads appeared at the top of the deck, and their bodies followed after. The ship had been boarded. The women continued to sing their hypnotizing songs luring more of the sail-ors to follow them back to the island. 
David dodged around in horror; most of the men had been taken. When the women had their fill of sailors to leave with them, their songs quieted, and they retreated from the ship leaving David with a handful of men.

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About Devin Devonne

Devin Devonne was born in Chicago Ill, relocating to California with her mother when she was five years old. Assimilating in the southern California life she grew up loving the beach and warm weather. She has always been a hopeless romantic and can be found watching old musicals such as Brigadoon, Seven brides for seven brothers, South Pacific and many others.

Raised in culture she found herself loving all aspects of the arts. She is an accomplished musician, cook, writer and seamstress (loves vintage clothing).

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