Saturday, July 23, 2016

Portalz Graphic Novels and CGI Animated Romantic Fantasy Web Series


You're a fan of romantic fantasy. You often imagine the scenes playing out in your head. Portalz gives you a new way of having this experience with its CGI romantic fantasy series, based on the graphic novels.

"Portalz" centers around a soft spoken young spellcrafter named Aaron, who is majoring in Psi Majik at a major university. Things get complicated when he falls in love with the new campus counsellor, Isabella, whom he meets after his Pulse Tech ceases to work. Isabella and Aaron soon embark on a forbidden romance, but their picture perfect love is threatened by dark, deadly secrets.

Check out the graphic novels:

The Portalz is experiencing a Rebirth with fresh new perspective, artwork and feel. In Vol 1, Impetuous, we meet Aaron Crawford, a kind hearted, soft spoken and likable young man from a well to do family. Although he doesn't mind his father helping financially, he works at his friend Devon's garage to take care of his necessities while attending a prestigious Mage University. Currently undergrad, he suddenly finds his magic hard to control and can't even "turn his tome", a simple spell that changes the color of magic books to the spellcaster's primary pulse hue. Enter the new counsellor, Isabella Krawford, a sexy brunette who hones in on Aaron's issues and tries to help him overcome these new challenges. Instantly smitten, Aaron endeavors to break out of his shell and win Isabella's heart. Aaron begins to pursue her against his better judgment, she is after all, the counsellor of the University he is attending -- or so he thinks. Turns out Isabella is really Camia Octavius, a Triad Templar Guardian who was sent there to gather intel on him to see if he is a deadly wizard known as The Covalent. In centuries past, Covalents would obtain unnaturally strong magic which corrupted into a dark energy known as the entropy pulse. Via their madness and power, most became responsible for bringing about near extinction level destruction via science and technology. Things get a tad bit complicated however, when the deadly assassin returns her feelings for Aaron and finds herself lured into a romance that could be her undoing and put the world at risk.

As Isabella reels from the revelation of her unexpected, improbable pregnancy, the covalent hunt heats up, with Aaron the Triads most likely suspect!

Issa believes she is falling prey to an immortal madness called Black Out and fears for her sanity as well as her unborn twins. Kuan meets up with Sasha to rekindle a romance that began when he was her Sensei.

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