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Read an excerpt from Eleni's Journey (The Secrets That Lie Series) by Devin Devonne

Eleni's Journey

When Eleni’s parents arrange for her to marry a king, they assume she will lead a life fit for a queen. Unfortunately, Eleni soon discovers that beneath her husband’s debonair exterior lies a madman. Desperate to escape her abusive spouse, Eleni flees to the shore where she meets David, the charming and sexy heir to the English throne. Eleni finds comfort, true love, and erotic pleasure in his arms, only to have her cruel husband shatter her newfound hopes and sell her into slavery. Separated by an ocean, Eleni and David must grapple with the twisted betrayal, dark lusts, and shocking murders that have invaded their kingdoms before tragedy destroys their lives forever. Will Eleni ever find happiness again?

Read an excerpt:

Eleni prayed the baby would be the answer to please Arkamun and stop the further beatings she would have to endure. 
Not long her pregnancy was confirmed. Eleni sought out Arkamun to share the fantastic news. Eleni arrived at Arkamun’s private chambers. She knocked three times before entering. 
“Arkamun, are you in here?” Eleni called out, entering the room. She did not have to walk far before seeing her husband sitting on the chaise in the corner; a servant girl straddled on top of him riding his erect rod. 
Eleni had heard the rumors of her husband with other women, but it was the first time she saw another woman with Arkamun. She noticed he was much gentler with the servant girl than he was with her. She felt like she was going to vomit and diverted her eyes from seeing anything further. 
Arkamun gawked at Eleni furiously for being interrupted. “What do you want?” he screamed, pushing the girl off him. He treaded across the room to his wife. “I told you not to come here if I did not send for you.” 
Eleni took a step backward towards the door. Her eyes met his narrowing eyes that bored into her. “I thought I would share the news with you; we are having a baby. I was excited. I believed you would have wanted to know.” 
Arkamun smirked, jutting his chin. “I told you never to come here unless I summoned you. A baby indeed, we shall see.” 
Eleni tried to evade Arkamun’s grasp, but he blocked her from moving with his mass. 
Arkamun grasped Eleni by her neck and dragged her out into the hall. “Stay out of my chamber room and do as you are told,” he hissed. Releasing his grasp, he flung her, sending her flying down the staircase. 
Queen Meseret found Eleni bloodied at the bottom of the stairs. She called to the servants to have her taken to her chamber room. Bandaged and bruised, Eleni remained uncon-scious for a week. Slowly Eleni regained her strength and opened her eyes. Her thoughts raced while she tried to piece together what happened. 
“You were in an accident,” Queen Meseret muttered, tak-ing Eleni’s hand in hers, and squeezing it gently. Eleni tried to sit up in bed, an overwhelming amount of pain prevented her from doing so. 
“Eleni, please relax. You should not be moving around; you need to rest.” 
Eleni looked down at her stomach. The swelling was gone. “The baby?” Eleni sobbed. “What happened to my baby?” 
Queen Meseret stroked Eleni’s forehead to relax her. “The baby is gone, Eleni. As I explained before, you were in an accident. You had a fall.” 
Eleni remembered what had happened. Why would Queen Meseret continue to overlook what her son continued to do to her? What was she trying to hide?

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About Devin Devonne

Devin Devonne was born in Chicago Ill, relocating to California with her mother when she was five years old. Assimilating in the southern California life she grew up loving the beach and warm weather. She has always been a hopeless romantic and can be found watching old musicals such as Brigadoon, Seven brides for seven brothers, South Pacific and many others.

Raised in culture she found herself loving all aspects of the arts. She is an accomplished musician, cook, writer and seamstress (loves vintage clothing).

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