Sunday, August 7, 2016

Yes, Women Cheat Too by Miecy D. Dellahoussaye

Yes, Women Cheat Too

A tell all fictional novel of how far a woman will go to cheat. Along with various reasons and excuses they gave for doing so.

About Miecy D. Dellahoussaye

Hello, I am from Southeast Texas. Some would call me a late bloomer, only because I never liked going to school. At one time I felt life wasn't worth living. Until God Blessed me by showing me through a few people, that my life was worth something. Finally finishing High school, I later had my first child. And that prompted me to want more. Taking a few courses in college (with my child on my hip, talking about an early childhood education), Trade schools, and completing each course. Six children later. My children were leaving the house one by one. That's when you find out just how much your children need you. When it is all "Mommy I need help". Try telling them, call your Daddy. It makes it hard when he elected not to have a membership. My oldest attends a known university, and is scheduled to graduate soon. My middle son is now attending the same university. The others are doing well. So, here I am, with a written book. And having it published it to help get my son's through college. I believe Moms have to do, what we can to help our children reach their goals. It's a Mother thing. Dad's are welcome to join. I really had fun writing this book. It was a great learning experience for me. Oh, yeah my favorite things to do are spending time with my family, working out when I can get one of my son's to be my motivator. I love Jazz, it's fun as well as soothing. Crazy about Frankie Beverly and Maze. The Isley's are great also. And being a grandmother is very rewarding. "Mo-mo, loves you".

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