Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ash (The Dogs of War) by Meg Jackson

Ash (The Dogs of War)

From bestselling author Meg Jackson...

Ash is the President of the Dogs of War, but he's kept his past a secret from the rest of the town, even those closest to him. His family runs the North Carolina chapter of one of the most powerful motorcycle clubs in the south, The Southern Sons. He was next in line to take control of the club, but after his mother's death he wanted no part of the lifestyle that killed her. Now, he's in the exact position he'd tried to avoid. 

Cyn has finally gotten the courage to return to her hometown. With her sister turning tricks for the Devil's Due and her brother dead at their hands, she knows that she'll never find peace until she makes things right. She plans on getting her sister back from the Devil's Due's clutches, and finding some way to avenge her brother.

Their love, and the tension between the gangs, explode all at once.

Read an excerpt:
“Hold this,” she ordered, disappearing into the bathroom. When she returned, she was holding antibiotic cream. Slathering it onto her fingers, she lifted them to his cheek, where an open wound was leaking blood. Before she could make contact, though, he grabbed her wrist. Grabbed it too damn hard. Her eyes opened wide, fright and lust fighting inside her. The last time he'd grabbed her like that...

“Don't,” he growled, making eye contact with her for the first time. “Don't touch me.”

For a moment, Cyn was shocked into silence.

But only for a moment.


She demanded it, the question not really a question at all. She knew why. And ever since the day before, when he'd held her so damn tight and they'd remembered what had been between them, she couldn't forget.

The energy in his eyes now was equal to the energy he'd pummeled into her when he'd taken her virginity.


His voice, all grit and gravel, trailed off.

“Because you need me,” she hissed, moving her hand to his cut, the pain of the astringent hissing over his bare flesh. He still held her wrist, and now his grip tightened. 
“Yes,” he said, wrenching her hand around her back and lowering his face to hers. “But not in a good way, Cyn. You get it?”

His breath was hot on her face, against her lips, their mouths so close. Their eyes, open to each other, were power lines, everything flowing in between.

She would be his release. His outlet. She would take his rage, turn it into ecstasy.

She would do it because she needed it as much as he did.

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