Thursday, November 17, 2016

Postcard Angel: An Innocent Girl Becomes the World's First Pin-Up by Neil Mach

Postcard Angel

Set in 1917 this sexy novel follows a young woman who is drawn into the world of erotic postcard modeling. At the London photographic studios she discover's her sexuality and becomes the sweetheart of the trenches. She also uncovers shady deals, deceitful characters and a world filled with danger.

About Neil Mach

Neil Mach was born and raised in Surrey, England.

With a career spanning 30 years working in the public sector and more recently as a popular music journalist, Neil is a reliable guide to what is going on in the music business. As an author he concentrates on comedy + literary humor. Neil enjoys telling his stories from the heart. Light & cheerful tales often focused on relationships, loyalty & duty.

He lives with his wife Sue and their blue cat Leo in a small bungalow on the river bank near Windsor Castle.

He has two daughters, Tanna and Perdie.

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