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FREE 12.5-12.8 The Alpha Warlock Shifter's Gift by Auriella Skye

The Alpha Warlock Shifter's Gift

Can a curvy werewolf and a broken warlock shifter find a love to heal each other?

The last thing werewolf Danika wants is to be forced into an arranged marriage to strengthen her wolf pack. Warlock shifter Blaine is an outcast who’s ready to leave the town of Kala West for good. When they reunite years after an unforgettable first encounter, neither can deny the magical attraction that brings them back together again.

Time seems irrelevant when Danika and Blaine reunite under the mystical moonlight, and the Florida humidity isn't a match for the heat between them. Is their second chance enough to change their fates and turn their blossoming attraction into a lasting holiday gift of romance?

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Free Dec 5-8

Read an excerpt:
She couldn’t speak, but she could feel. The water warmed suddenly as if a flame had shot right through it. Heat filled her core and expanded all the way down her limbs. 
He looked so different, but it was the eyes that told her it was him, the boy who she would have fought for, killed for all those years ago. 
His hair was curly and hung at his temples, but it wasn’t long enough to hide that penetrative gaze, one that still held her captive, but this one was no longer that of innocence. He took her in with the aura of a man with desires, a man with hunger. It was backed by something a simple touch wouldn’t satisfy. 
Common sense should have told her to move away from him, but she wasn’t operating on rationality as her wolf found another that fit her perfectly. She felt her animal uncurl itself and rise to the surface as he came closer. If he hadn’t taken her mouth in a kiss, she would have stolen it from him. Her need was too great to detain, and she could feel the restraint he gave in that kiss. 
Damn, he tasted good. Strength unfurled in his kiss that was more of a claiming than anything neat and gentle. 
No thoughts came to her as she wrapped herself around him and allowed herself to just feel.

The water bubbled slightly around them as they became one magical entity.

He felt wonderful so close to her, and she needed more. Nothing was enough to satisfy her or her wolf.

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About Auriella Skye

Auriella Skye is a USA Today Best-selling author who dreams of becoming a powerful goddess and creating a whole pantheon of sexy gods to do her naughty bidding. Until then, she happily spends her time weaving those fantasies into erotic and fun tales that she enjoys reading as much as writing. She loves creating characters and worlds filled with the wonderful stuff reality lacks. Auriella resides in Central Florida and spends her days and nights surrounded by words in their various, spectacular forms. If you ever spot her without sugar-infused coffee, she’ll kindly accept one from you.

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  1. This sounds like a great read, loving the werewolf theme mixed with romance.


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