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Christmas in Love: 5 Holiday Romance Series by Michelle Love

Christmas in Love

5 Holiday Romance Series and A Preview of Dirty Money

Series 1: The Billionaire’s Gift

Blaine Vanderbilt may only be thirty-years-old but he’ managed to make a fortune in the retail market as the founder of a chain of discount stores he named Bargain Bin.

The tall man with smoldering good looks has a hard heart. He’s led his life thinking there is no harm in running a business that puts others out of theirs.

Until his elderly father passes away and leaves him with the question, should he make some changes to how he’s been living?
It has Blaine wondering about all he’s done not only in his business life but in his love life as well as he’s been as cold with women as he’s been with other business owners.

Series 2: The Billionaire Bad Boy Club

Nicholai Grimm is the 28-year-old billionaire CEO of Grimm Defense & Technology.

Natasha Greenwell is the 23-year-old college student majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

One fateful night out with her roommate to a supposed fundraiser has Natasha in Nicholai’s sights.

Nicholai isn’t a man who takes no for an answer but that’s a word Natasha uses often.

In the dark world of BDSM, Nicholai tries to steer the beautiful woman into an agreement with him…

Series 3: Star Series

Aussie rocker and billionaire, Kip Dixon, has been wrestling with the idea of being a rock star while finding a woman to settle down with. The match is won as he decides there is no room for a relationship for him anytime soon. The future is about work and some play as he can find company for his bed with the snap of his fingers after all. That is until a pretty, little, country girl catches his eye and she can’t seem to stand him. From the get go Peyton Reed is anything but impressed with the rock star...

Series 4: Lucky Series

Pinks and oranges fill the sky as the sun sets behind my parent’s home. The mailbox has become my enemy, but I check it anyway. The last letter from the IRS took millions from me. I close my eyes and hope there’s nothing else from them in the box shaped like a large mouth bass.

My father was a novice fisherman, but you wouldn’t know that by the amount of fishing paraphernalia he accumulated in his lifetime. My mother was not a very good cook, but she had enough cookbooks to stock an aisle in Barnes and Nobles...

Series 5:The Dark Season

In an exclusive 1920’s Paris sex club, heartbroken over a lost engagement, Emile makes love to a beautiful woman, Seraphine, only to discover she was murdered hours before. Unable to believe that the most erotic night of his life never happened, he returns to the club on Christmas Eve and finds his dead lover waiting for him. He is overjoyed and pledges to make this mysterious, enigmatic woman his wife…

Preview of Dirty Money

Weston Calloway Handsome thirty-two year old, works hard for his father’s company. Comes from family money and, though he mostly enjoys his work, he isn’t flashy with his money. Down to earth, suave and great with women, he becomes infatuated with Dahlia and desperate to win her over when she rejects him.

Aulora Greene Aullie (like “Ollie”) for short, Aulora is a beautiful, raven-haired art student waiting tables at a sports bar. She’s a smart girl, very cynical with very dry humor, though she’s somewhat introverted. She has a few close friends and a few casual sexual relationships but doesn’t like to get close to people. Born into a rich family, her wealthy father left she and her mother with nothing when she was a teen and she resents the rich and believes money ruins people.

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