Thursday, December 22, 2016

Gay For My Nemesis by Tabatha Austin

Gay For My Nemesis

Sometimes, the man who would lay down his life for you, can be your greatest enemy.

Megalomaniac Dr. Janos Falken built his fearsome reputation from within his secret volcanic island. As the most menacing threat the world has ever seen, the reclusive genius must be stopped before his reign of terror reaches its final plan.

Agency super spy Matthew Rider’s reputation proceeds him. From his body-hugging tuxedos to his take no prisoners attitude, he is a man on a mission to save the world by any means necessary, but nothing in life has prepared him for the likes of Janos.

When men on the opposite sides of justice meet, Matthew discovers there’s more to the infamous doctor than meets the eye. In a world where espionage, egos, and the struggle for power rule, choosing what to believe is only half the battle; resisting mutual undeniable attraction will prove to be far more difficult.

Will the mortal enemies find a future together in the face of insurmountable odds?

Note: This is a high-octane, steamy, stand-alone gay romance that will satisfy readers of hot, spine-tingling spy novels.

About Tabatha Austin

Tabatha Austin is an Texas transplant settling down after finding a city she can finally call home.

She specializes in gay male erotic romance with a sci-fi or paranormal bent.

You can find out more about Tabatha below:


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