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'A Fistful of Fate' by Debora Dennis


A Fistful of Fate

Would you die for love...twice?

A blacksmith wrongly sentenced to death in 1806 for the murder of the woman he loved.

A woman tormented by recurring nightmares of her ancestor’s murder two hundred years later.

As Rebecca searches for answers in the past, William needs to win her love and earn her forgiveness to undo the witch’s curse that bound him to Clayton Creek all those years ago. Can two souls finally reunite or will she repeat the past and die once again for the man she loves?

Read an excerpt:

One murderous nightmare haunted her sleep. One innocent woman shot in the back in 1806 by the blacksmith, William Montgomery. The blood of her ancestor, Rebecca Beauregard, tainted this town, and she knew the only way to end her tormented nights would be to raze the place of her death once and for all.
Becky stood and scanned the area for the stranger. He was nowhere in sight. Her assistant, best friend and confidant, Nicole Cooper, flashed a look that clearly said she'd noticed Becky's behavior. Eyebrows raised and the wagging of Nicole's finger had Becky grinning and feeling like a schoolgirl caught stalking her first crush. With Reginald safely tucked in a corner schmoozing in his usual fashion, Becky was sure he wouldn't notice her slipping out the door. She put down her cup and left.
She hiked up her skirts and walked down the old wooden stairs. By the time she reached the porch and inhaled the fresh night air, she'd only begun chastising herself for acting on impulse. This wasn't like her at all. She would certainly get an earful from Nicole later. But, for some reason, she just couldn't stop herself.
"That Merriweather is a tad long-winded." A deep voice came from the shadows, startling her briefly before she recognized it as her mystery man's. His New England accent was more pronounced than before, his voice warm and inviting, like the humid air that surrounded them on this starry night in the middle of a historic village.
He leaned against a whitewashed column at the end of the porch. His tall frame, a relaxed form with arms crossed over his broad chest, was a vision of confident masculinity. She took a deep breath to clear her head.
"Long-winded and full of himself, I'm afraid." She sighed. An odd rush of heat burst up her neck to flush her cheeks. She brushed off the warmth rising in her veins to the air temperature.
The hem of her skirt swept the weathered porch planks when she moved in his direction. "I'm Rebecca Prescott, schoolteacher for this experiment. I prefer Becky."
"William Montgomery." He removed his hat, revealing thick sandy hair, and inclined his head. "Friends call me Will."
An icy chill constricted her heart at the sound of his name. Did he just say "The blacksmith?"
"At your service, ma'am." He nodded his head again.
"You've chosen an interesting character to portray." She paused to fight off any memories of her nightmare that surfaced with just the sound of his name. She swallowed a caustic comment, not really wanting to offend him. "You do know the real William Montgomery was hanged for murder in 1806?"
He stepped closer, the worn boards creaking under his boots. Black hat held close against his chest, he looked down at her with a soft smile. "Can't judge a man till you've walked in his shoes."
He was so tall she had to tilt her head back to look at his face. His powerful body filled her field of vision and his lips were bracketed by an adorable set of dimples. The closeness triggered a spark of attraction. Not unpleasant at all, but strong and unexpected.
She cleared her throat, trying desperately not to seem like an insipid teenager. "I'm not judging anyone." Well, not this William Montgomery anyway. The original had already been found guilty and hanged.
Shadows played across his rough-hewn jaw, his eyes shining in the light from the lantern hanging over his head. She shivered under his scrutinizing stare and wondered how someone she'd met only moments before could have her insides twisted with a few simple words and one glass of punch.

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About the author:

Debora Dennis is a native New Yorker and has been an avid romance reader since she first discovered Barbara Cartland on the shelves of her middle school library. A true believer in second chances and it's always the right time to fall in love; she writes spicy time travel romances and lighthearted contemporaries. She never leaves home without her NOOK, and always has a book on the table beside her bed. An eternal optimist and firm believer that love really can conquer all, every story she writes celebrates romance!

She loves to hear from readers and to connect via social media.

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