Wednesday, June 24, 2015

'The Right Bear's Arms' by Nora Eli


Copper-haired, curvy Katie grew up watching her mother chase one alpha bear after another, and swore that would never be her. She wants nothing to do with werebears, especially pushy, conceited alphas. When she meets sexy street musician Jake, the heat between them is instant and undeniable. He seems too good to be true, and everything she ever wanted.

Jake can’t believe his good luck when he sees Katie. She’s everything he’s ever dreamed of in a mate, and his instincts says she’s destined to be his. Jake’s a rare thing: a werebear living in the big city. He’s on the run from his past, refusing to be the alpha his family expects.

It’s destiny versus reality when Jake has to decide how he and his bear can overcome Katie’s reluctance and convince her that he’s the right bear for her, and Katie has to decide whether to let her past rule her future.

This is a sizzling hot, standalone BBW bear shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

Read an excerpt:
Jake told himself he had to stop staring at Katie’s breasts. He’d noticed her the second they’d come in, like there was a spotlight following her around the greasy spoon. Every inch of her glorious curves made his hands itch to touch her. Statuesque, curvy, and a redhead to boot, it was like someone took a peek at all of his favorite fantasies and turned them into one girl. And then she started talking and the urge to pick her up and run away with her got worse. She was more than sexy as hell, she was sharp and tough. His inner bear was awake, growling, and scenting the air hungrily. 
When he blurted out his proposal, he was only half-kidding. 
She laughed at him. Damn. “You don’t have to marry me to get me on your side,” she said.

The answer to his next question suddenly seemed vitally important. He looked her up and down, giving in and lingering on the sweet swell of her hips and the way her waist dipped in just enough, before slowly meeting her bright green eyes. “What do I have to do then? Cause right now, I’d do anything.” He let his voice drop, in hopes of making his meaning unmistakable. 
Katie shivered, and his bear let out a growl of satisfaction. “Anything?” she repeated. 
Anything.” Their eyes locked until Rafe, the jerk, kicked him under the table. 
“Can you two get a room or something?” Rafe didn’t look up when he spoke, busily pouring a small pile of sugar into his coffee.
“Sorry,” Katie said, her cheeks shading that delicate pink again. Jake wondered if the blush moved all the way down her body, then wanted more than anything to find out. Before he could say anything else, she excused herself and got back to work.
“Damn it, Rafe, I had something going there.”
Rafe wrinkled his nose and swallowed a gulp of coffee. “I know, I can smell the pheromones.”

Author bio:

Everything is better with bears (or lions or tigers or wolves, oh my)! I love writing sexy paranormal romance, from small-town love to thrilling world-spanning romantic adventures--I'm here for it all! Don't miss a single release. Sign up for my email list at!

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