Wednesday, June 10, 2015

'Educating Jonathan (Jonathan's Sexy Cougars Volume 1)' by Miranda M. Powers


When Jonathan's dad passed away a few months after he started college, he had to scramble to find a job to pay for his education.

His college counselor recommended that she had a friend who owned a house cleaning company, which could offer him a job with a flexible schedule so that he could maintain his school work.

Jonathan gratefully accepted the job, but little did he know, this job came with a few extra perks.

After Mrs. Dallas seduces him, Jonathan becomes very popular with all of her cougar friends.

Read an excerpt:
“Here you are.” Laura walked down the hall, a pair of sweats and a t-shirt in one hand, a glass of lemonade in the other.  
“Thanks! That looks amazing. The lemonade.” Jon thought Laura looked good, too, but maybe that was the way she was staring at him. The interest flattered him to no end. 
“Don’t you clean up nice?” she said, her gaze taking him in from head to toe, lingering right where the towel wrapped around his belly. She had the prettiest green eyes; he hadn’t noticed that before.  
“I try.” Jon had no idea what to say next, so he took the lemonade and gulped some down, which was a bad idea. Some of it went down the wrong way, and he choked, a fit of coughing overtaking his body.  
“Jon! Oh, poor baby.” Laura took the glass from his hand, then grabbed his arm with her free hand and dragged him into the guest room by the bathroom so he could sit on the bed. “I’ll get water.”  
“No, I’m fine.” He cleared his throat a couple of times. “Seriously. I’m good. Just a huge idiot, that’s all.” She stood right in front of him, her breasts pushed up in front of his face by her bra. The deep scoop neck of her tank top showed she had nice smooth skin, tanned, her breasts a lot fuller than the ones girls his age sported.  
“You are.” She put a hand on his cheek, smiling down at him, and the whole world tilted to one side a bit, the very feel of the air changing around him. Charged. He’d never understood what that expression meant until now, when she rubbed her thumb over his lower lips, her smile curling into something sensual and catlike. “I want to kiss you, Jon. Is that crazy?”  
“Yes?” Definitely nuts, but when she pressed her mouth down on his, he liked it too much to care. Laura didn’t fumble or work to find the best position for their mouths to meet. No, she was no college girl who had no idea how to kiss. This was a woman who knew her own mind.
She slid her hand into his wet hair to hold him in place and pressed his lips open with her tongue. Jon let her in, tasting lemonade and maybe lip gloss. Something like cherries. She kissed him as if he were a feast and she was starving, as if she needed him like air.  
Jon slid his hands around her waist, holding on to her hips, and he strained up toward her, wanting more contact. The cloth of her tank top felt scratchy against his bare chest, and Jon made a frustrated noise before tugging at it. He had this need to feel her skin on skin, and he didn’t want to wait.

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