Wednesday, June 10, 2015

'Her Pirate's Passion: A Mermaid's Discovery' by Bella Sharp


As Sirena watched a pirate battle rage on in front of her, she thought it would be like any other night. She would rescue a pirate from the sea as mermaids did and swim away as fast as she could. But little did she know that meeting Nathaniel, a sexy pirate from Britain, would change her live, her love and her body forever.

Read an excerpt: 
Caribbean Waters 1697

Sirena rested her body on a craggy rock jutting out from the ocean as the 
pirate battle raged on in front of her. She sighed. There was nothing unusual about that night. Mermaids often followed ships and hung about if there was trouble, because even though the ocean was a magical place to dwell, it got boring. Nothing different ever really happened. The humans always brought a little excitement to their world. While the natives inhabited the islands for as long as Sirena could remember, the white men had only recently arrived. They liked to fight. And when they fought, they often wound up close to death. So ever since the pirates began to troll her Caribbean home, the mermaids considered it their duty to rescue sailors if they happen to fall in the water, whether from accident or their own stupid wars. 

The air was cooler than normal and the chill gave Sirena goose bumps as the warm water lapped at her bare, perky breasts. A battle waged on in front of her, not too far away, the cannon fire igniting her visage and making her glow. Her long red hair reached all the way to her waist where her tail took over, smooth and curvy. The humans intrigued her, always did. Why did they love to fight so much? They fought the natives, fought each other and even fought the sea in the way they sailed, which she could never understand. The sea would always win. Yet despite their rash ways, Sirena found them incredibly enticing. She was dying to touch them and see them up close. They were so different than mermen. They had hair all over their bodies, even their faces. They were rough and masculine, whereas the mermen were very effeminate. Pirates were fascinating! But she was bound by the code of her people to rescue the men, set them ashore and swim away as fast as she could. They were to keep their existence a secret or else just let them die. This was what the merpeople swore by.

About the author:

Bella Sharp loves love. She credits her hometown of New Orleans, a very sexy, playful and romantic city for setting the stage for her creativity. Bella read her first Harlequin romance novel at a young age, when she really didn't know what she was getting into.

On a family summer vacation, lakeside, she had run out of books to read. At the local grocery store, she picked up a novel with a picture of a bride on the front and handed it to her mother.

"You want THIS book?"

"Yeah." Bella did not know why her mother gave her such a strange look.

30 pages into the novel, laying in the summer sun in her bikini, Bella began to understand why.

She tore through that book in 2 days and re-read it about 9 times in the future. Clearly, she learned to appreciate romance stories and has ever since.

Now Bella writes her own sexy tales and hopes you enjoy them!
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