Tuesday, June 9, 2015

'BBW's Love Triangle: Annabelle's Submission (The Cruise Series II, Book 3)' by Jessica Johannsen


“How can you merely eat dinner when you are this excited?”

Annabelle gets everything she wanted and much more when Reuben beds her.

He seems to have far too much intimate knowledge of what she has always kept secret to be a stranger. Then again, giving him that kind of control makes her apprehensive.

As a strong, independent woman, there seems to be something so very wrong about calling a lover “sir”, but it’s so hot that she can’t say no.

She then sees Charlie, her first love on board, and everything changes instantly and it seems like forever.

When the love of your life comes back to you twenty years later, it’s a sign, isn’t it? Annabelle can’t imagine letting him go now.

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Author Bio

Jessica Johannsen has been writing romances since she was a little girl. She always dreamed that one day her knight in shining armor would come and she is equally addicted to fairy tales as she is to chocolate and caramel. Unfortunately, like the heroine of most great romances, the princess has some drudgery before she meets her prince and Jessica worked in advertising for many years while penning her prose at night under the covers with a flashlight. Her husband was down there too. After their ten year marriage ended, Jessica found herself 38, single and kissing frogs once more. What happened to romance, she wondered? As the bad dates continued, she thought, what does a big, beautiful girl have to do to flag down a handsome prince?

She realized that while she was waiting around for him, she could give the rest of the world a little more romance, as well as chocolate and a few dirty thoughts, by sharing her stories. The Cruise series is the first of many more to come. Jessica recommends curling up with a good book and a bag of treats until you find yourself under the covers with your next sexy prince. When not reading, writing or snacking, Jessica can be found on the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago, salivating over impractical shoes or having a cocktail with an impossible cute frog.

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