Friday, June 12, 2015

'Be My Hero: A Gay Romance' by Alexander Dokov


Jason Stratford is a bit of a loner. He likes comic books; especially those with sexy women in them. On his first day of college he encounters someone who is actually maybe worth talking to. Another comic book fan – and not just some wannabe – this man is a real enthusiast. Jason and the man, Caleb Jackson, hit it off immediately over their shared interests and similarities.

A rich friendship is born, and Jason becomes closer to Caleb than he has to, well, anyone. Will he question whether his feelings might run deeper than friendship? And how will he react if Caleb makes a pass at him?

Join Jason on his quest to confront his own sexuality. Be My Hero is a gripping tale of friendship, love, blurred boundaries, and comic book conventions!

It´s not the gender that matters, but the person.

A comic book fan turns straight to gay in this romantic gay short read.

Read an excerpt:
They walked over to Caleb’s car and drove over to the convention center. The two of them were excited, and Jason could feel the tensions start to dissipate immediately. 
When they got there, Caleb got out of the car. Jason put his mask on and got into a sort of crouching position. Caleb chuckled at the sight. 
“You are a really good Spider-Man. I like this,” he said. 
Jason smiled through the mask. The two of them walked inside, and after they got their tickets, they roamed around the convention floor. Jason liked this a whole lot, and he thought that it was cool dressing up and making people happy. Apparently, he was really good too, because they kept getting stopped for pictures and many kids loved the way that they looked. 
Jason and Caleb went to check out the merchandise. They each bought a couple of superhero shirts, and Jason also got this cool Iron man water bottle. Jason looked around at the other stuff. 
“What are you looking at?” Caleb asked. 
“Oh, just this statue. I would love to get it, but it’s expensive as hell, and I’m shocked it’s even here,” he said. 
Caleb took a look at the tag. It was a couple hundred dollars, but Jason knew that it would probably be the last of his spending money. 
“I’ll get it for you,” Caleb said. 
Jason was confused; why was this guy doing that. Caleb did so, giving the statue to Jason.
“Why did you do that?” Jason asked. 
“Cause you wanted it, and I wanted to be a good friend to you. I’m so happy you came out here with me. I feel like you do care,” Caleb replied. 
Jason blushed at those words. He never thought he would end up making someone happy being here. He honestly felt at ease when he was around Caleb, and in a way, he felt more calm and collected than he ever did before. 
The rest of the con was amazing. Jason and Caleb both met new people, they talked to other fans, and overall Jason felt like he could finally come out to people and have a great conversation with them. It was amazing as well to connect so well with Caleb. It was like they were almost the same. Jason didn’t get why, but he felt something stronger for this man than he had ever felt for anyone before. It was strange, but in a way he liked it. 
The con went on for a couple more hours, but it was evening time and they wanted to get home. Jason and Caleb got into Caleb’s car, the tensions dissipated and the happiness present. Still, Jason could tell there was something Caleb wanted to say. Although it was pretty calm right now, he knew something was wrong. 
When they pulled up to Jason’s house, Jason turned to Caleb and smiled. He pulled his mask off to look at the other man. 
“I had a great time,” Caleb said. 
“Same here. Thanks for inviting me,” Jason replied. 
“No problem,” Caleb said. 
The silence was present between them, but after a moment, Jason felt something strange against his body. 
A pair of soft lips were on his own. Jason got nervous, moving around a tiny bit, but for some reason this felt almost…natural in a way. Jason didn’t get it. He thought he liked girls, but apparently when he kissed this man, something confused his body and made him continue to kiss Caleb. 
After a moment, Caleb pulled away, smiling at Jason. Jason was blushing, unable to say a word. After a moment, he spoke. 
“I… I’ll see you Monday,” Jason said. Jason walked out of the car and to his house, dazed and confused. What did Caleb think of him? And what did this all mean? He needed answers, and he needed them fast.
Just 99 cents 6/12-6/13!

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