Saturday, June 13, 2015

Watch the trailer for 'Mandy Fox' by Shirley Li

Mandy Fox is the alter ego of Amanda Delaney, the owner and president of a wildly successful video game empire. When Amanda mixes business with pleasure in the form of a dominating bodyguard, she'll have to face her darkest fantasies and her most vicious enemy.

Read an excerpt:
"Unlock your door five minutes before I get there, and wait for me in your living room on your knees. Your gaze should be down and I want you to clasp your hands together behind your back. Do you understand?" 
"Yes. What should I call you while we're together tonight?" Amanda knew that asking questions was expected and acceptable in the beginning of a relationship like this. Even if they would only be playing at this for one night, there were still guidelines to follow. 
"Master Brett." He practically growled. "And don't pleasure yourself before I get there."

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