Monday, August 17, 2015

'Broken Halo: Erotic Bible Verse 1 (The New Orleans Dark Erotica Bible)' by Matthew Rune


Vincent is a man torn between two worlds. Past and present; love and family; dream and reality. He thought walking away from his dark and sordid past was for the best. Wracked by regret and forbidden temptation, he longs for her scent - honey and jasmine - with every breath he takes.

Jessie is a slave to her father and the family business. She lives only to serve. Her personal Hell is an existence without Vincent by her side - or beneath her. She knows, though, that their romance will one day destroy them both, should it ever be allowed to blossom. Maybe it would be worth it, even if for just one night.

The most forbidden fruits always taste the sweetest.

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