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#FREE read! 'The Businessman's Tie (Power to Please #1)' by Deena Ward


Part One of “The Power to Please,” a dark and sensual series about shattering loss and redeeming love 

Who knows where one night of passion might lead? 

Recently-divorced Nonnie Crawford craves a new beginning — it arrives in the form of an enigmatic, dark-eyed stranger she dubs The Businessman. He seduces her with a sizzling introduction to the thrill of sexual submission. As the days pass, she can’t forget him or how he made her feel. She seeks him out, her search leading to a BDSM club where she meets Michael Weston, a charming playboy who’s keen to seize the reins left dangling by the absent Businessman. Nonnie wanted her life to change, and now it’s changing in ways she never imagined.

This story contains explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature. 

Approximately 42,000 words, 150 print pages 

Read an excerpt:
To keep myself busy I decided to clean out my closet and organize the shelves. When I found the purse I had carried to the bar the week before, I opened it to clean out the few cosmetics I hadn’t bothered to put away that night. I pulled out a lipstick and some mascara and a pen and back in the corner a ... what was this? My hand closed around a silky fabric. I pulled it out. 
It was The Businessman’s tie. 
I stood there and stared at it like it was some foreign thing, as if I didn’t know the thing hanging from my fingers, a specimen of unknown origin. 
But of course, I knew its origin. It belonged to The Businessman. He must have put it in my purse before he returned it to me. 
I studied this physical evidence of Eros. The tie was a dark blue silk, with a deeper shade in diagonal stripes. It felt slinky and cool in my hand. I checked the label. Some Italian name I wasn’t familiar with, but that wasn’t surprising since my husband never had a reason to wear ties when he was wallowing on the couch. 
There was nothing on the tie to indicate the name of the owner. Damn. 
So why had he given it to me? 
Perhaps it was meant to be a memento, a little something for me to remember him by. Or perhaps it was a calling card that he left for all the women from his hallway dalliances, an accessorized version of a slashed “Z” for Zorro. If so, his conceit verged on the ridiculous. 
No, I couldn’t believe that was it. I didn’t know who this man was, but I couldn’t believe him ridiculous. 
In the mindless way we do things sometimes, I raised the tie to my nose and inhaled. It smelled like him, spicy, masculine and clean. I sensed him in that scent, surrounding and looming over me in the shadows. His voice, a deep rumble coming from behind. 
I remembered something he said. 
“Our kind will always find one another.” 
I thought he would take me when he said it. But he didn’t. And I didn’t understand why not. The intensity in his eyes, in his voice, as if he meant more than he was saying, I interpreted it as a command to remember his words. Even then. More so now. 
And then I suddenly understood what he meant. I realized why he left his tie in my purse. 
He wanted me to find him. 
I held the tie to my nose again and breathed in his scent. It was like a time machine delivering me back to the minutes I spent with him. I still wasn’t sure what he meant when he had said “our kind,” but I was certain he wanted me to find him.

About the series:

The Power to Please, a four-book, BDSM erotic romance
Nonnie Crawford journeys into the alluring but sometimes dangerous realm of BDSM. She yearns to submit herself to a powerful, dominant man and two Doms vie for that submission, the enigmatic Businessman and the charming Playboy.

Knowing who to trust is always a challenge, and the odds of making a mistake are multiplied when gripped by new, intoxicating desires. Nonnie’s choices prove the difference between perfect bliss and devastating ruin. Truth and trust. She’ll need both as she struggles to earn indestructible love, and to claim, with that love, the ultimate power to please.

This series contains explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature.

Titles in the series should be read in order:
1 - The Businessman’s Tie
2 - The Playboy’s Proposition
3 - His Name Is Sir
4 - The Submissive’s Last Word

~ Now Available ~
The Power to Please Collection, the complete series in one volume for $9.99

About the author:

I think nothing could be finer than having a job which demands I spend my days in worlds of my own creation.

I've completed a BDSM erotic romance series, "The Power to Please." Try "The Businessman's Tie" for free. The three other books in the series are available individually and are bundled together in a money-saving collection.

I also write sexy short stories under the name Anwen Stiles. From menage romance to steamy erotica, most of these titles can be borrowed by Kindle Unlimited members.

I live in the Midwest USA with my partner and a rowdy, plump beagle.

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