Sunday, August 2, 2015

'Cowboys Are Forever (Forever Cowboys #1)' by Hope Whitley


Marielle Stevens, a New York City girl, is having a run of bad luck. She's been downsized out of her job, lost the lease on her rent controlled apartment and been ditched by her social climbing fiance. The good news? She has inherited a small sheep ranch in the mountains of Wyoming.To Marielle, any kind of change could only be for the better at this point. So she packs up and goes west, determined to make ranching work for her. Enter her sexy cowboy neighbor and owner of the adjoining ranch, Trey Masterson. He doesn't think this beautiful redhead has a snowball's chance in hell of making a go of the ranch and wishes she'd just accept his offer to buy it, quit playing Little Bo Peep and go back to the big city and bright lights. But Marielle won't back up or back down and soon Trey is starting to wonder if she's the one who will make him take another chance on love.


Hope Whitley lives by the beautiful Tennessee River and enjoys writing feel good romance stories with happily ever after endings.

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