Saturday, August 8, 2015

#FREE 8/8-8/9 'Control' by M.P. Lodi

An Erotic Romantic Suspense Tale Set in The Real Life Fantasy World Of The Wealthy

She Meets The Faceless Man Of Her Fantasies

Jen and Jackson couldn’t be more different. She's an unemployed woman of 22 who grew up in the shadows of the wealthy. Wanting something more out of life but worrying she will never get the kind of man she always dreamed of. He has grown-up as the pampered heir to his father's fortune, always living the life laid out for him by others. When tragedy strikes, they meet and realize that they've met and known each other for years. Neither will ever be the same again.

M.P. Lodi is the author of the Bound Erotic Romance Series. 

When not writing she is reading, playing with her three cats, is addicted to coffee, never wants to get up in the morning and hits the snooze multiple times. Nothing says procrastination like hitting that snooze button over and over. She is also addicted to cookie dough and can't understand why people actually bake it. As Smeagol from Lord of the Rings might say, "You're ruining it."

M.P. loves steamy romance novels and leather boots. Long ago she realized that pleasure that is against her will is always hotter and more satisfying. That goes for fantasy and her relationships. Her books are written for women and men who want an easy way to introduce fantasy exploration into their lives. She hopes that you enjoy reading her books as much as she enjoyed writing them for you. 

M.P. lives in Miami and is originally from New York City.

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