Wednesday, December 2, 2015

'The Black Chapel (The Chapel Series #1)' by Marilyn Cruise

What would you do if a sexy billionaire asked you to marry him just for his money?

Scarlett hates her new job as a stripper, but she can’t quit or she’ll lose her house and won’t be able to afford to pay for her dad’s chemo. One night, the handsome billionaire Michael Manning visits the club and shows interest in Samantha—Scarlett’s stage name. Scarlett is immediately attracted to Michael, but she refuses to date anyone she meets at the club.

The next day, Scarlett’s friend drags her to church, and to her surprise, Scarlett meets Michael again. He doesn't realize she’s Samantha from last night (she wears a mask while performing) and asks her out. But Scarlett would never have guessed what kind of a scandalous, yet utterly irresistible deal he’s about to propose...

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When Marilyn Cruise isn’t busy trying to find the right words to describe the amazing sexual connection between a man and a woman, she is busy raising her three children. As a former ballerina, she loves to choreograph love scenes, and as a former Mormon, she finds it fascinating to write about women who are just learning about their sexuality and exploring new ways to find pleasure. Writing is Marilyn’s passion, and finding new and exciting ways to connect heart to heart, body to body, and soul to soul, is her life’s mission.

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