Sunday, December 6, 2015

'Romance: Army Wife' by Benjamin Sheetz

Sandra stood in the kitchen, finishing up dinner and looking around at the place. This was their home, the life the two of them have created for one another over the last few years. It hurt to think about the fact that this could be changed over the next few months, but Sandra hoped for the best. She made the casserole for the evening, wondering what Charles was up to.

Charles sat in his office, looking over some of the paperwork that he did. He was the financial man of the house, but he also did do a bit of work on his own pet projects and banking, which was what his mind was focused on tonight. His brown hair was cut in a short manner, his face perplexed as he looked at the numbers on the spreadsheet he was making. He was a military officer, a man who could be asked to leave at any time, and the fact that it could be like that scared him.

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