Saturday, December 5, 2015

'Romance: Weather Through' by Benjamin Sheetz


“I cannot believe it.”

“No one can.” I said to myself. Joi was freaking out more than anything, maybe it’s because she barely had enough credits to graduate in the first place.

“Are you ready?” She asked me as I smoothed out my golden honor cord against my dress. I smoothed out the bun on my head and stared back at my glowing blue eyes, I couldn’t believe I was graduating either.

“Yeah, let’s go.” Joi looked a lot more extravagant in her bright red, knee length dress against my gold, knee hiding dress underneath our black graduation gowns.

“You girls look beautiful!” Jemma, Joi’s mother told us. She might as well be my mother too. She took me in after my parents died two months ago in a car accident. Well, Joi begged her but she agreed. Joi has been my best friend since junior high. Even through puberty, boys and mean girls, she has been my person. 

“Thank you.” We said simultaneously.

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