Wednesday, June 10, 2015

'Bewitching the Duke' by Julia Chastain


Lust and eagerness sear red hot in the pages of this timeless romance, pitting the need for abiding love against social differences and boundaries.

Amidst a land of rolling hills and picturesque farms, common people scratch out a living shadowed by an aristocracy, fixed on expanding their holdings and wealth. It is a time of lustful ladies and scandalous men, uniting to fulfill family obligations and not for love. Women are bound to lifelong vows of marriage, hoping for a modicum of affection, while living days of servitude. Arianna Borges has a different vision for herself. From the time she was a small girl, reared in a home with parents who adored one another, her magical gifts were immature but powerful. A young witch, faced with the possibility of marrying for anything less than love, has few choices. At an early age Arianna's decision was obvious...a spell, a curse pronounced to prevent suitors from seeking her hand without the truest of intentions.

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