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'Rising Up (Finding Me Book 1)' by JJ Harper


Rising Up. A romantic erotic novel

‘Looking at myself in the mirror and trying to clean my broken skin I realize that I no longer recognize myself. What happened to me, when did I become this battered and bruised wreck?’

Heidi has to change not only her name but the country she lives in to survive, with the help of her best friend they flee. As Imogen, she tries to start her life again, away from the constant abuse that had become her life. She takes her first steps as a new woman and when she stumbles on a man that has the power to heal her, and help her overcome the horrors of her past her is she brave enough to let him?

After catching his girlfriend cheating on him Mason hides away to lick his wounds and injured pride.

I reflect back on the wasted years and reiterate to myself ‘No more women’.

Until an unnerving feeling to get out again overwhelms him, so for the first time in six weeks enters his local bar and watches as two girls walk in for the first time.

The connection that flows between Imogen and Mason is physical as well as emotional. So as their body’s called out to each other, she hesitates. Has the violence from her past taken away her ability to trust and to desire again? Or can this handsome stranger reawaken her dormant passion?

‘How can my body react to somebody like this? I don't even know him, but hell my skin feels like it's singing out to him.”

‘I notice two girls walk in, and just like that the twitchy feeling in my gut is back and a shiver runs down my spine.’

As they embark on their new relationship Imogen begins to feel free of her past demons and embraces feelings she thought lost as Mason explores her body.

Then when her past catches up with her, Imogen and Mason have to find out if is she strong enough to not only face her old demons but be brave enough to fight for her new life.

Is she tough enough to rise up from her past and follow her heart to a new brighter future? Will the man sent to save her wait while she finds her strength again?

“How can I be a part of you when I can’t even find any part of me?”

This is a contemporary new romance novel, please be aware this story is not always a pretty one. It involves violence and scenes of non-consensual sex. Therefore is recommended for readers aged 18 and over.

Read an excerpt:
After about half an hour I suddenly feel my skin prickle and the hairs on my arms stand on end and I know that Mason has walked in, I try not to look around but can't stop myself and although I can’t see him yet I get the feeling he knows I’m here. How can my body react to somebody like this? I don't even know him, but hell my skin feels like it's singing out to him.
"Maddie, they're here." I whisper.

"Where? I can't see them." Her eyes roam around the room.

Suddenly Lake's voice penetrates and I hear him telling her to be nice to me. Fuck that! I get up and stride up to the bar not noticing anyone around me staring and being 6' 5" people always clear a path for me. Waiting to be served I feel her hand on my arm and I before I can stop myself I turn to her and kiss her hard. 
Kissing her is like nothing I've ever experienced before, it feels like sparks are flying all around me, I run my tongue over her bottom lip asking for entrance and as she sighs her mouth opens and I stroke my tongue into her mouth finding her own. As they start to dance slowly with each other her hands creep up to my chest and clutch the fabric of my shirt pulling me hard against her. I start to nip her lower lip between my teeth and a groan builds up in my chest until it's bursting from my mouth into hers. With my hands still in her hair I start to pull away as I suddenly remember where we are.

"I love you too Mason but I don't love me, hell I don't even like myself anymore. I need time find me again. He took the last piece of me in that room! He forced the last piece of self-respect I had when I knew you were able to watch what he was doing to me. I've tried to move on from him, I reinvented myself and found you in the process, and shit Mason I love you so damn much but I can't be with you right now." Looking up at me I can see that the fire has left her brilliant eyes and have turned them blank and empty.

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Rave reviews!
“What a touching story of someone broken, "rising up" and becoming the beautiful, loved woman she truly was! ” Melissa J. Johnson 
“Such an intense background, with so much love through it all…This is such an amazing book! Definitely a must read! I hope there is more!” Damaris Zepeda

About the author:

I live quietly in a small village in South Lincolnshire with my husband and my dog. But after being forced to stop work due to chronic illness I became a couch potato when I discovered Kindle!!

I started writing as a way of keeping my other half happy after the constant Kindle downloads that were depleting our bank account

Rising Up started as a hobby with it being written on a laptop perched on my knee, my iPod playing constantly in the background. It is still playing constantly and at many times certain songs became a muse for the writing. This is why there is a play list at the end of the story.

As the characters developed I knew they had their own stories to tell so the series idea began to form, and the Finding Me series evolved. Each story leading the main character to develop and find themselves. Book two My Turn is ready to go to the editor now.

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