Sunday, August 23, 2015

'A Question of Obsession (Of Grace and Sin)' by Leo Angelo & Austin Briggs


In this first book of "Of Grace and Sin" series, Misha finds his one true love -- and fights to save both of their lives.

Misha Sokolov (ex-soldier, successful banker, divorced, and lonely) meets Sayuri Saito, elegant, intelligent, driven, and recently separated from her husband. Infatuated, he invites her for a vacation in Hong Kong, where he woos her amidst the sights and smells of that island.

Meanwhile, Misha uncovers a criminal scheme to defraud his bank. As he gets closer to the truth, his life is threatened, and soon Sayuri's life as well. But is the enemy that Misha chases real?

The book has some steamy situations and is intended for adults.

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About Author Austin Briggs

Austin Briggs has always been obsessed with learning about other cultures; he has lived in Russia, Japan, England, Switzerland, Cambodia, Lithuania, and Uzbekistan.

He has been a soldier in the army, an officer in the United Nations, and a global manager in a Fortune 10 company. He has been both a local and an outsider, a member of the majority and of a minority, which he feels makes him able to write from the perspective of multiple characters, all of whom have various levels of status and acceptance in their world.

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