Sunday, August 9, 2015

#FREE 8/8-8/9 'His Desire (The McShannons Series)' by Veronica Maxim

A new romance from author Veronica Maxim! This is a standalone book with characters from the entire McShannon Series. No cliffhangers.

I'm one of Boston’s best prosecutors and it's about time I put Braden McShannon away. With his son's testimony tomorrow that's exactly what I expect will happen. What I'm not expecting is the stranger I met in the garden last night. He was everything I've ever wanted. But why did he disappear so suddenly?


Sure, I knew exactly what I was doing in that garden and I've always known I wanted her… When I agreed to testify against my father I knew that this would be a chance for me to finally get one night with her. I wonder what she'll think whens he finds out what I have in mind?

What happens when the smart, savvy, sexy prosecutor of one of Boston’s most notorious organized crime bosses meets her equal in his sexy son? When you’re Kenya Duncan and Shane McShannon, the sparks fly.

Find out in Veronica Maxim's new romance series!

This romance contains mature language and themes intended for 18+ audiences.
FREE 8.8-8.9

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