Saturday, August 15, 2015

'Losing it to the Billionaire: The Naughty Bet' by Diana Quippley

Book Blurb: 

Fabian Rockard, the billionaire playboy, finds himself settled down with a teenage daughter of his own – one who, in fact, has just graduated school along with the rest of her four, very attractive friends. The nineteen year old girls are all quite eager to begin their first year of college together – and Fabian couldn’t be happier.

But, his life takes a startling turnabout when his wealthy, lewd friend, James Fancyfoot, describes a conversation he heard in which the young lasses all took a vow to maintain their purity until college. Mr. Rockard thinks little of this at first, until his scheming pal devises a naughty bet for the mature man to take one last adventure into the world of debauchery…

The wager? Deflower all of his daughter’s nubile best friends – or forfeit his own daughter’s innocence to James Fancyfoot himself!

Losing it to the Billionaire is a tale of lust and passion. This is not your standard, happy-ever-after story… make no mistake! This book is filled with explicit, detailed, mature content. Large manhoods and wet, ahem…

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