Tuesday, August 18, 2015

'Suicide (A Stepbrother Romance)' by Darlene Jacobs


I stand at the edge of the ocean with my toes buried in the sand. I remove my clothing one piece at a time. No one is around. I'm alone on this beach, so I feel liberated. It's a relief to have finally made the decision to leave this world the same way that I came into it.

No one would miss me. My mom remarried and now has a shiny new stepson to brag about named Jake. I can't stand Jake. He's an alpha male about as perfect as perfect comes. He's a star rugby player, and on the Dean's list.

Suddenly, I'm yanked by the arm, thrown over the shoulder and brought back to shore. It's Jake. As I lay naked in his arms, my eyes transfixed on his pink, smooth lips that curl up at the corners.

Why do I suddenly want to kiss him?

Read an excerpt:
We walk to his car, and sure enough I see my suitcase in his back seat. He opens my car door for me. I stand there wondering what the hell he's doing; wondering if he wanted to get something out the front seat first. 
"Haven't you had a man open a car door for you before?" I said no. I'm so used to just climbing in. I had no idea Jake was so damn old-fashioned.

But I have to admit, I like it. I like feeling special. 
I roll down the window and stick my head out; the same way Buttons does it. My wet hair clings to my shoulders. I try to brush it back with my fingers, but I just make more of a mess of things. 
Jake reaches over my lap and brushes past my inner thighs before he opens the glove box. "Look inside," he tells me. I do and find a comb. I use it to tame my tangled curls. 
"I've always loved your hair," Jake confides as we make our way down the road. "The way your curls bounce up and down, reminds me of... never mind."

Jake blushes and tries to change the subject. I've never seen him embarrassed before.
But now I am curious, "Reminds you of what, Jake?" Jake takes his eyes off the road for a moment as he stares into my eyes with a deep piercing stare; the type of stare that curls your toes and wets your panties. His eyes jump from my chest to my eyes and back again.


About the author:

Darlene Jacobs is an emerging author of romance books with breezy erotica moments. Between reading, riding horses and learning about fine wines, she creates characters who long for romance with a bit of naughty thrown in for good measure.


Twitter: twitter.com/StepBroRomance
Facebook: Facebook.com/DarleneJacobsBooks

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